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How to invoke `git show` only for the latest fetched branches?

I’ve repository with hundreds of branches and I’d like to run git show only for these which have been recently fetched or updated as shown by git fetch, e.g. $ git fetch tester From repo:Foo/Bar * [new branch] Foo -> origin/Foo a7e70a8..a9d7805 Bar -> origin/Bar + b673629…293dc64 Baz -> origin/Baz (forced update) + 345850e…b3646a3 Qux […]

Change remote branch of repository and pull only the changes

I have a remote repository that has a lot of branches. Every time there is a new version, a new branch is created. How can I, when a new version is available, change the branch and pull the changes avoiding to clone it all again. I want to only download the new committs.

Git –bare … Why does fetch not always show the most recent commits?

I have a few GIT repos that I mirrored locally to show up in my JIRA instance, but I have noticed some (to me) strange behaviour. I have a repo, we will call this “myrepo”. If I do a git clone, and git pull, I always get the most recent commits. However, when I do […]

How does git fetch work?

From one of most followed blogs, When you do git fetch, Git gathers any commits from the target branch that do not exist in your current branch and stores them in your local repo. However, it does not merge them with your current branch. After fetching all the commits, where does git store all these […]

How to fetch and checkout in Git at once?

I use git version Is that possible to do the following using one git command? git fetch git@github.com:someone/repo.git someones_branch git checkout FETCH_HEAD -b my_testing_branch

Git read updates before pulling

Whenever I have a Git error on pulling, where “Updates were rejected because the tip of your current branch is behind” is there any way to know what are the updates that have been done on the origin repository after doing git fetch ?

Does git fetch pull data for all branches

If I am on a particular branch and I do a git fetch does it pull down all the data for that branch only or for all branches for that repository?

Specifying branch arguments to git fetch, merge, and push

If I am working on a branch of a repo, say devel, what is the difference between the following commands? In this case, I have already added an upstream remote: $ git fetch upstream devel From github.com:meteor/meteor * branch devel -> FETCH_HEAD and $ git fetch upstream remote: Counting objects: 500, done. remote: Compressing objects: […]

Can Tortoise GIT be configured to perform a background fetch?

As a development team we are moving from a centralised source control system (TFS) to using GIT. One issue developers have is with the tooling. We have been quite impressed with Tortoise GIT and I personally loved working with Tortoise SVN at another company but have found one usability issue; you are not informed via […]

How do I remove all remote git branches

I want to remove locally all branches that I can see with git branch -r. I’ve already removed all files from .git/refs/remote/*/ and appropriate records from .git/info/refs, but they are still there.

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