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nodegit – how to get lines added/removed in a commit filewise?

I am new to nodegit. I want to see most recent 10 commits for a repo, files changed and changes introduced in respective commits. I have got list of 10 most recent commits, but I am stuck on getting commit details. Here is the code that I am using var nodegit = require(‘nodegit’); var repoPath […]

Commit option in source control does not work properly in Xcode

I have created an application, and I want to commit it to GitHub as as soon as I implement a new option. What I have noticed is that when I use the commit option under source control in Xcode, some commits appear in the GitHub website, while others don’t, following is a clarification The following […]

Git 3 branches merge with every 2 branches having no conflict

I am discussing about git merge issues with a colleague of mine. And I come to a question. There are three branches from a same branch: b1 b2 b3. The three branches have unique modifications(commits). But everyone of them can be merge into any other one without conflict. Then there mustn’t be conflicts when merging […]

Git: Weird phenomenon in commit conflict

I’m new to the git world and here is a very weird commit conflict problem which is happening to me all the time. I use git through eclipse. It is pretty weird so I try to explain it simply. Here is what I’ve done checkouted source from remote to local branch made some change to […]

I have added a folder with say 10 files and committed the changes.

Now I have removed 5 of those files and I want to amend these changes to the last commit.I havent pushed the commit..Am using gerrit. However when I do git status it shows me Changes not staged for commit->the 5 files which are deleted and untracked files ->which are irrelevant. I want to commit only […]

Commit is in git tree, but does not appeared to be applied to code

So I’m trying to figure out a weird issue where a commit was made, merged into our master branch, but then in the following commit the code tied to that commit appears to just disappear. The commit hash is 4516ce019 and on github the commit is still on the tree, as well as on my […]

How do I match code to Git commit, and create branch?

I have a git repository on my “DEV” machine. A while ago, I copied some code to my PROD machine. Since then, there have been many commits in my DEV machine. However there may have been a couple of ad-hock code changes on my PROD machine that was never committed or “Brached” out. Question: How […]

Git status shows local branch ahead by X commits – should only be 1

I’ve been searching and trying the various solutions here on stack and other forums but can’t seem to get this issue resolved. Git: Branch is ahead by X commits. Doesn't help doing git pull Why does git say I am 40 commits ahead when I seem up to date and a push-pull (no files) fixes […]

Tried to remove files from git, now branches are diverged and I can't push the changes

This is the first time for me using git (on bitbucket.org – if that makes any difference) and I committed a few audio files to the repo which I obviously don’t want there. I added then added the paths to the .gitignore to find out that this will only ignore further changes. So I stumbled […]

git commit logs CREATE and COPY multiple times with curly brackets – Why?

Recently I analysed the commit log of my local repo and noticed the following and I would like to know what is happening here. Can anybody give an answer or a pointer to a web site explaining this? Let’s say I have the following file structure: /path/a.txt /path/b.txt /path/c.txt /path/d.txt When I commit it, I […]

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