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Git: use revert or checkout to undo pushed changes?

Git is a phenomenal tool, but I have yet to wrap my mind around the best way to undo pushed changes. Here’s the situation. I’m on a branch, and have pushed several commits to GitHub. It has since been decided that I’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole, and we need to scrap several […]

How can I preserve line endings when I check out a single file to a different location with git?

I want to checkout a single file from a git repository to a different location (other than working dir) and leave my current working dir as it is. And I want git to checkout my file with correct line endings. I work on Windows but I have the same problem in Linux too. Here is […]

How many types of branches exist in git?

Struggling to understand how to work with remote branches and how many types of git branches there are I somehow got lost in differing namings and git versions. Here’s a few things that happened to me, while believing there are only TWO types of git branches: I unwillingly created a non-tracking local branch (so push […]

how to list all uncommitted changes made only in current branch in git

I am a newbie to git initially i used to work only on master branch then i read a little about git branching and i was amazed by it power so i started using branches in my workflow when i started with branching my master branch was clean nothing to commit. Then I created new […]

Git Checkout reverted code to older commit, how to revert back?

I have been working on some code, which I use git to manage. Earlier, I used commit to save a version of my code that worked. I later decided to redo the code, since it needed some new features and was designed poorly. After I got it working, I did another git commit. After doing […]

On local branch, don't want to commit changes, but need to switch to another branch

I am working on branch A and the feature/task is not done. Then I need to switch to another branch B for a quick fix. When I try to switch on another branch Git forces me to save my local changes otherwise I ‘ll lose my all local changes. I need to commit my incomplete […]

How to switch branches in eclipse without commiting changes

I’ve been using GIT for a couple of weeks now and trying to understand how to switch branches without commiting files. This is what I have done. Cloned a git repository and have a local master branch. Created a new local branch (Branch2) which is based on a remote branch. Made changes to 2 files […]

How to revert a file to a previous version without overwriting current changes?

I’m having a problem trying to revert a file to a previous commit, I know I can use git checkout to revert a single file but the problem is I have changes in that file I’d like to keep so I was wondering how to do some sort of “merge” between a previous commit and […]

Difference between git reset –hard and git checkout

Let’s say I want to undo all changes introduced by previous commits. As far as I understand, git reset –hard <specified commit> will remove all commits up until the specified commit, and undo all changes. On the other hand git checkout <specified commit> will change my directory to reflect the specified commit. So if I […]

Is there a way to do “git checkout” and *force* the argument to be interpreted as a branch name?

You type the command “git checkout foo”. If there is a branch called “foo” yet no file by that name, it switches to the branch — and if there is a file by that name and no such branch, it updates the file “foo”. But I wonder — is there a way to enter the […]

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