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Git checkout just aborts

So, I’ve freshly cloned a repo. I want to switch to a branch and it unhelpfully just aborts: git checkout II-13 … … html/icons/EJ4/AJ/ucp-ico Aborting This is on an up to date Mac. Ideas? Ideas on debugging?

git: copy a worktree of a remote branch that is not present at local

At work, I have a project that it has two different version with some common basic features. I make use of git worktree to put these versions in separate folders that I have two long-running branches beside master for each version and the master is for common features. So there are 3 folders with one […]

How to get the changes in following scenario?

I am trying to understand how git works. So I initialized an empty repo and added a file to it as following. cd /home/adnan/workspace mkdir git-test cd git-test git init touch README git add . git commit -m “initial commit” Now I cloned it this repo using the following sequence of commands cd /home/adnan/Desktop git […]

Git command equivalent

is git clone -b branch1 ssh://gitolite@host/project/testkit equivalent to git clone ssh://gitolite@host/project/testkit cd testkit git checkout branch1 ?

Git checkout by commit order

When I use Git checkout master~X, I will get the Xth merged commit, what I really want is the Xth real commit (not merged commits only). How can I do that? Thanks.

How do I checkout to a point in time (i.e. commit) of a Git branch?

I want to roll my Git branch back to a specific commit. So I run git log and find the commit SHA hash, and run git checkout <myhash>. This usually works just fine, but this time something was fishy. As I looked at git log again, I see that the latest commit is correct, but […]

when add a file to staged area, does git save the directory info?

I am curious about git add action, so I do some test. create a index 1. git init 2. mkdir mydir 3. echo “hello” > mydir/hello 4. find .git/objects ==> nothing 5. git add . 6. find .git/objects ==> only find one file ,by cat-file, I am sure it is hello do some change 7. […]

Huge Git repository checkout at post-receive hook is extremely slow

We are using Git for our project. Repository is rather huge (.git folder is about 8Gb). We are using “git checkout -f” in post-receive hook to update working tree. The problem is that checking out of even a couple of slightly changed files takes too long, approximately 20 seconds. I’ve no idea why is it […]

How do I remove a file change from a commit that has not been pushed to origin in git?

I have a file that I accidentally added to my most recent commit. I want to remove the changes, but leave the file in the repository. That is because it is a generated sass stylesheet and I always have merge problems with it. Since the server will regenerate it anyway I would really like to […]

How can I checkout specific folder and its content from a specific commit to external folder?

How do I retrieve a complete subfolder from a git (version repository to a local folder WITHOUT checking out the whole repo in the first place? I thought that this would be the solution: git –work-tree=/home/tmp/testcheckout checkout COMMITID — images/* Example repo structure with some directories: /git/project1/sourcecode /git/project1/images /git/project1/howto /git/project1/readme.txt So the example command […]

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