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Travis-ci: Watch and build a single branch from a Git remote repository

I am actually envountering some issues with Travis-CI. Let’s say that I have a repository on Github, with multiple branches. I just need to validate and build the master branch, and ignore any other branches. Looking at Travis docs, it seems I have to push a single .travis.yml file in every single branch of my […]

Git diff different directories across branches

I’d like to compare two branches that have diverged significantly. I would also like to limit my comparison to a particular subdirectory where the files were moved in only one of the branches. Example layout: branch-a └── sub ├── file1 ├── file2 └── file3 branch-b ├── file2 ├── file3 └── file4 Running git diff -M […]

Git branching stategy for feature branches and common code

I’ve been using the git branching strategy outlined here http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ So far its been working really well for me. The question I often find my self asking is while working on a feature branch I’ll end up needing to implement code that is relevant to the entire project. What is the best way to handle […]

Visual Studio 2015 How to merge a branch into master?

I am new to GIT, so far I had been using Visual Studio Online TFS for my version control and I am the only developer. When I created my last project I was kind of mislead into thinking GIT was the best option for this. So I checked-in my master. Then when I was going […]

Find Git commits that contain multiple specific commits

General problem: Given a set of commits, how do I find the list of commits that have all those commits as ancestors, or relatedly, the first commit(s) that contain all those commits. I can find branches (similarly tags) that contain the commits by looking for branches that are returned by git branch –contains <commit> for […]

What are some of the most common Git branching schemes/commit lifecycles?

First off, sorry if this is a duplicate, but I tried searching and all I could find was stuff on how to make branches in Git and whatnot. That’s not what I’m looking for so much; I’m trying to figure out how different people out there setup their Git branches to match their workflow. Let […]

What's the best way to manage parallel versions in Git?

I have a well established software toolkit, but which often needs small tweaks (mainly to cope with compatibilty issues from 3rd party products). I now wish to produce a “new” version (improved API), which will be based on the original – this will diverge from the existing branch over time, but for a few years, […]

git-svn – Checkout a remote branch that already exists in svn when my master is already a branch. Explain this .git/config

This is a bit of an oddball question given how the team I’ve joined is using SVN. Basically, the svn repository follows a standard layout, but trunk really hasn’t been touched in 1.5 years or so and work tends to happen in branches and branches of branches only. As such, I’ve used git-svn to clone […]

How to change git branch output order

When I type git branch, I receive a list of branches that appear to be sorted alphabetically instead of being sorted by their creation time. Is there a way to make the output of git branch sorted by date?

git root branches… how do they work?

I was reading up on http://pages.github.com/ and one thing caught my eye: If you create a new root branch named gh-pages in your repository, any content pushed there will be published to [url] I searched everywhere for information about root branches, but there don’t seem to be many resources on this. Does anybody know how […]

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