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How merge (or rebase) two branches to develop in special situation

My current state of tree looks like: Q-W-E (Br2) / —-A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H (develop) \ X-Y-Z (Br1) Now, I need merge these two branches to develop (in other words develop should contains mentioned two new features (branches Br1 and Br2)). The problem is that before merging Br2 I should merge Br1. The cause is: Br1 contains some […]

Remove a tracking from a git branch

I have a “feature/admin” branch that is tracking multiple branches (origin/feature/admin and development, the latter being local) – I want to remove the local tracking (so my local branch only tracks the remote branch origin/feature/admin). I’ve tried removing it with git branch -dr development, but… error: remote branch ‘development’ not found. Any suggestions?

Git fatal: cannot lock ref

I’m trying to create a branch on the current branch on my Ubuntu guest. Unfortunately I keep getting this error: git checkout -b origin/feature/IF-53-change-validation-window/Tommaso fatal: cannot lock ref ‘refs/heads/origin/feature/IF-53-change-validation-window/Tommaso’: ‘refs/heads/origin/branch’ exists; cannot create ‘refs/heads/origin/branch/Tommaso’ I tried git gc –prune=now as suggested here link, but keep getting the same error.

Team-based Git Workflow

I’ve recently setup a Gitolite Ubuntu server, along with repositories and users (within groups). Everything is going swimmingly for things actually working. In my Git research, I’ve found a specific Git Model that works in the way we want it to. We were in dire need for a way to apply hotfixes to our current […]

How can I insert a commit before rebasing?

I have a history that looks a little like this right now: origin/master | A — B — C — D — E \ — F | master I want to rebase my changes (commit F) after E, but there are some fairly major issues in commit E I would like to correct first. Basically, […]

Getting out of a 2-branch mess in git

I have a mess in git on 2 branches. Frontend contains a huge chunk of ongoing development work – it should have been fragmented into multiple branches, and it’s a little messed up. Here is the situation – frontend is on the left, top of master is on the right: | frontend 1: newest commit […]

How to deal with major version branch in git

I’m just switching a development project from SVN to git and it’s the first time we’ll be using branching of any kind. I’m wrapping my brain around the git-flow approach (based on this great article), but am stuck conceptualizing how to do one thing. When we do a major version bump (say from 2 to […]

Git + Arc Diff & Repairing Diffs (Been working from !)

UPDATED PROBLEM DESCRIPTION : Thanks in advance! Working in the master branch, I made changes to a file and arc diff –create‘ed a differential to be reviewed. I then addressed another user-story, still working in the master branch, and again arc diff –create‘ed a differential for review. Two user-stories, two differentials ready for review. Good […]

Can one create a tracking branch with git-branch rather than git-checkout?

Suppose that a remote repo remote has a branch spanking_new_branch that’s not represented/referenced in any way in the local repository. I want to create a local branch that tracks remote/spanking_new_branch. When I search online for ways to do this I only find ones that are based on git checkout. Is there a way to do […]

Git: Having two different repos for public and deployment code

I have a local repo that contains all the code for cloud deployment. This repo contains lots of sensitive files specific to the cloud. All these files have already been committed to a private remote repo hosted on the deployment cloud. Now I want some way to commit that code to a public repo while […]

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