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Git “leaky” branches?

We usually do feature development on new branches and then bugfixes on the master branch. This time, for some reason, one of the feature branches had a leak where it was merged back into master when it shouldn’t have. From the screenshot, you can see that we have the feature branches sms_open and 121217. 121217 […]

Re-base sub-branch off master

still wrapping my head around GIT… I created a branch off another branch by mistake. Looks like this: c1…c2 / b1…b2…b3 / a1…a2…a3…a4 Meant to do this: b1…b2…b3 / a1…a2…a3…a4 \ c1…c2 I assume there’s some way to fix this but after some time with the docs etc. I’m not seeing it. Thanks!

Creating branch inside a branch in git

In my repository, I have a master branch and then a staging branch coming out of master branch. Now I need to add a third branch that should come out from staging branch. That means I need a branch coming out of another branch. Can anyone help in this? The syntax I used for creating […]

Git – Cannot delete remote branch

I made a git branch unintentionally named “0.2” which is also a tag. So I tried to remove it from origin: $ git branch -rD origin/0.2 Deleted remote branch origin/0.2 But then: $ git fetch origin * [new branch] 0.2 -> origin/0.2 Here is the error I got wwhen pushing: $ git push –force origin […]

How to maintain physical branch folders for git as available in TFS?

We have a huge product and that has many features, each features take very long, so we are maintaining short lived feature branches in TFS. For example, MAIN/ PROJECTMGT EMAILMGT etc.. And once complete, they are merged back to MAIN, and each different development team works on different branches. Merge Process Since each team works […]

How to delete “origin/origin/master”

This question already has an answer here: How do I delete a Git branch both locally and remotely? 37 answers

git How to merge a branch into the master branch by completely overwriting master branch

I started work on the master branch. Almost one year ago, I created another branch dev in which I made some changes. From that time on I continued work on dev branch. Now I want to merge dev into master which results in lot of conflicts. I want to merge dev into master by overwriting […]

Git strategy to use in deploying white label instances to different sub domains.

I have a situation where which git strategy is suitable to use? Situation : We have one application which has a git repository. In which we follow the branching strategy, Branch : develop : used by all developers to implement the features Branch : testing : where the code developed till current gets deployed to […]

“This branch is 1 commit ahead, 1 commit behind master” in Github while using “A successful Git branching model”

I am working in a clean repo with just a single file. I am the only developer. I want to do the develop-release-master workflow in A succesful git branching model so I did: Note: Please bear in mind that I have the fast forward off by default, so consider all the merge commands as merge […]

GIT: How to protect the branch from being removed by other developers?

After the first release of our product, we will be switching to a different branches for the main development and feature development. Is there a way to create a branch in such a way, so that we can protect it from being removed (accidentally or on purpose) unless you’re a specific user (based on role […]

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