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How should I add new files when I already have multiple branches

We have recently started using GIT and it has worked out well, but we sometimes hits bumps that we don’t know how to best solve. Right now we have multiple branches. master, develop and lots of feature branches (one or more per developer). Now we want to add a directory with some script-files, and these […]

Secondary project based on original branched project (in GIT)

We have a project that we’ve been working on for 4 years. We’re launching a similar product that will be based extensively on the other project. In fact, Project B will start with Project A’s code and then be tweaked to the specifications of Project B. We would like for all changes in Project A, […]

Git branch unknown to local clone

I have a git repository with two branches. If I clone my repo I can only see the master branch. I have both branches up to date. The problem is I don’t fully understand merging and branching. Darn it! My example can be seen here: http://github.com/rimian/rimian/network Can anyone tell me how to get this back […]

How to merge the branch with no changes into master branch in git?

Having a basic doubt in git branching and merge . Can a branch be merged without any changes into master . If so , What happens to the delta changes that exists between master and branch . Will that be overridden with master branch changes . Refer the below scenario : I have two branches […]

Failed to push some refs to remote repository (prohibited by Gerrit)

I know this might have been asked before but I would like to understand the issue. I am trying to push a newly-created branch from my local repository to the remote repository. Here are the actions that I’ve taken: Create a clone repository in my local system. Create a new branch locally (named here as […]

Changing remote git repository

I have cloned a repo into my local folders and now I wanted to change my git repository to some other url. I have already changed it using git remote set-url origin git://new.url.here and when I am doing git remote -v it shows me the correct repository in which I want to work.But when I […]

Is it possible in git to view who merged a branch if it was without a new commit?

User A committed (1) in the “master” branch. User B committed (2) and (3) based on (1) in the “feature” branch. User A merged (3) into the master branch. So now it looks like this: hash3 – (origin/master, origin/feature) commit 3 (User B) hash2 – commit 2 (User B) hash1 – commit 1 (User A) […]

Removed remote. But remote branch still shows

I’ve added a remote, so I could checkout a coworker’s code. $ git remote add coworker git@ourgitserver.local:… $ git fetch coworker $ git checkout coworker/theirbranch $ git checkout -b mycopy The code looked good. So I do some cleanup: $ git checkout master $ git remote remove coworker $ git branch -D mycopy But their […]

Merging two branches with Xcode

I am trying to merge two branches to gather in Xcode but can not seem to do it. The steps I take are the following. SourceControl > Merge from branch > pick the branch I want to get the new code from > then hit merge. What popup is a warning that states this: The […]

How can i copy a file from local commit on a different branch?

I committed a file on master branch but not pushed remote. Now i am working on feature branch and i want that file to be copied to feature branch from master branch. How can i do this?

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