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How to maintain and refer a file, single copy for many git branches?

I have a situation: My readme.md file in master branch also needs to be on gh-pages branch. If I make any changes to the file on one branch, I need to replicate them on other. Is there a way to have common git branch that can be referred by other branches? Or track a file […]

Git – Client and Server Repos

I’m setting up a Client and Server architecture. Because the server REST service will run on AWS, with autoscaling, the instances automatically pull the latest code from the Repo when they run. Because this REST service is a core part of the client, if I end up having to make breaking changes I will create […]

SSH and Git Clone

Is it possible to ssh to a remote server and trigger a git clone. ie I need to ssh to server A, create a folder /tmp/A and clone a repository with all its contents on A. The ssh keys of the remote servers are configured to connect to git. ssh root@Server git init git clone […]

Git workflow with a single NON-git teammate

Example 1: Three teammates are on a git-controlled project. A new member is joining the team, who is doesn’t know/use git yet. Example 2: There is a “stray” uncontrolled copy of a project with changes and additions, but without the version data (for instance, a copy of a project from a live server, which had […]

GIT workflow freak me out about untracked files already added by another dev

I’m looking for a solution about my team workflow on GIT. We are 12 devs working in a very simple GIT workflow where troubles appear recently on mecanism we used from the beginning of our project. Our workflow. We have branch organised like this : master <- latest distribution files | |- v1/master <- latest […]

getting update that remote branch has new commit?

Is there a way in git to get an update new commit has been made to the branch by the user? I have used a command git notify, but it only gives notification if user pulls the branch

Updating project changes in an old commit – git

I have a particular commit for my Xcode Project. I need to undo the settings change, that I made in that particular commit (not the previous commit). How do I go about this? I can update the project settings only from the Xcode project but not using the diff file. Can anyone tell me how […]

git checkout fail because of new submodule

While on development branch I am trying to do: git checkout master And getting the message: error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checkout: And it points me to a directory. The problem is that I made this directory to be submodule. But its not a submodule in master, so it […]

Maintain seperate git branches – One for heroku and another for github

I have got a project in nodejs which is on github and deployed on heroku. In that project I use a few API keys and those keys are stored in config.js file which is ignored while pushing to github. But I need those files for deployment on heroku. So my problem is when ever I […]

Git workflows / gitflow – multiple concurrent large projects

I’m trying to figure out whether I would be able to utilize a modified gitflow Git workflow, and I’m struggling with it (not sure if it’s relevant, but planning to use Atlassian Stash): We currently use CVS, and have multiple on-going large-scale projects. We do new project production releases every month or so, but each […]

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