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Merging two branches with Xcode

I am trying to merge two branches to gather in Xcode but can not seem to do it. The steps I take are the following. SourceControl > Merge from branch > pick the branch I want to get the new code from > then hit merge. What popup is a warning that states this: The […]

How can i copy a file from local commit on a different branch?

I committed a file on master branch but not pushed remote. Now i am working on feature branch and i want that file to be copied to feature branch from master branch. How can i do this?

Removing branch merged in history?

How could I remove a branch I had merged into master in the past ? From something like : master … a—> b —> c ———> d —–> e —> f —> g —> h \ / x —> y ——> z branch1 to : … a—> b —> c ———> d —–> f —> […]

How does Git get data for branches?

I was wondering where Git saves all the data from branches. Everytime you switch a branch all the data is put back in-place and data from another specific branch is just removed. Does it take longer on a slower CPU/HDD to bring back the data from another branch? How does the internal work?

git merge pull branches confusion

I have 2 branches (master and dev). Another worker has pushed a new branch called stage into the repository so that stage is now 1 commit ahead of master. I am trying to pull down stage so that I can merge it into master (and thus merge into dev), but I am having issues pulling […]

Merge changed files from feature to a hotfix git flow

I have 3 branches develop, master and a feature branch which is made with git flow feature start. Now I want to make the commits which are made from the feature to be merged into a separate hotfix so I can merge it into the master without merging the developer branch into the master how […]

Git track an upstream branch that is not origin

I have a Git project and my colleagues all fork off of it. I’d like to test out a feature one of my colleagues has built. They merged their changes into their master branch (different repo address than mine). Locally I’d like to call the branch ‘foo’ and track their branch from it. This way […]

Git, How to make my master mirror my develop branch?

After messing up with my git branches a lot, I ended up with a stable develop branch and unstable master. I merged my stable commit of develop branch into master. But still my master is unstable. How to make my master completely replicate/mirror my develop branch?

delete local branch called “remote”

I’ve done something incredibily stupid. I figured I should ask before I tried to “fix” it and accidentally make things worse. I tried to list all remote branches in my git repo: git branch remote Obviously this isn’t the correct command. Instead of listing remote branches, I created a local branch called remote. I should […]

Using Git, if during a newfeature branch, when we need to do a hot fix, should we create a hotfix branch?

It seems that, let’s say we have everything commit as “Version 1.0 done”, and now we want to add a feature, it is good to create a branch, say newfeature, so that when we need a “hot fix” or “quick fix”, we can switch between the master branch and the newfeature branch. But I do […]

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