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How to keep .gitignored files off my gh-pages branch?

In my global .gitignore file I chose to keep my IDE folders out of my versioning. So in my master branch are folders like .idea/ or *.iml files. If I now switch to branch gh-pages git keeps those IDE specific files and I’m ending up with /index.html, /src/.idea/, /sample/.idea/ on that branch even though I […]

Git: How to create a new branch but somewhat different project

I am going to update my Rails3 project to 4 and at the same time have a clean start project all together. So my solution is to create a new rails4 project and just transfer one by one, what I need in my previous project. I was thinking of creating a new branch for my […]

how to manage project variations as well as development flow with Git?

I have a rails website that is about to be sold to different clients with small variations for each client. In the mean while I’ll be definitely developing fix and/or modifying the “common” parts of the project. So how would be the preferred way to manage this developing process with Git? Initially I though that […]

Git merge folder by folder?

I have 2 branches “master” and “slave”, both branches did alot of changes. While merging, some folder need to be overwrite, some need to solve conflicts and some can just merge normally. What I wish is merge them part by part, folder by folder. Step 1: Merging “master” to “slave”, so I checkout branch “slave”… […]

Jenkins and Git: Local Branch No Longer Referencing Corresponding Remote Branch

I need help understanding the following: I’m running a Jenkins job to build out a project hosted in a remote git repo. I am checking out code to a sub-directory, and checking out specific local branch “test-1.1.” I have a corresponding remote branch as well. However, when I run the Jenkins build, and run git […]

Git push to repo's default branch

I have a bash script that does the following: Clones a repo; Modifies some files; Commits the changes; Pushes the commits to repo’s default branch. Now, if I clone a repo with git clone <repo> I assume the default branch of the repo is cloned locally. If I push the commits with git push, is […]

rebase multiple feature branch

Me and my friends are collaborating a project (all amateurs) and we’re having a hard time on git rebase. Our workflow is that we work on each of our own branches and every time someone finishes their work, they push it and send a pull request. After we review and give the PR the green […]

Why changing branches results in uncommited changes?

I’ve got a really odd situation… it may be because I’m relatively new to git, but this seems wrong. Every time I change branches from the command line, I get a set of uncommitted changes (different depending which branch I checkout). I’m working with a Stash repository (“Stash” the Git repository, like a private GitHub, […]

rebase conflicted, merged commits in git

I have just finished developing a new feature on its own branch (branch feature) consisting of a dozen or so commits. After running all my tests, I merged this branch into master and resolved many merge conflicts. The process took quite awhile. Only after I finished merging do I realize that I never rebased any […]

How do I manage two very similar websites with single Git repository?

I have a website that exists in two versions – language versions. They run on different server as different websites, mostly differ only in text and some configuration images etc. but it can be expected that they will differ with functionality in the future as well. Since both the websites have the exact underlying functionality […]

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