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What is github 'compare & pull request'

I am working on a MeteorIntegration (feature) branch that is published. I did a git push assuming the push was going to the checked-out branch MeteorIntegration: And now I see the following on both master and MeteorIntegration branches. I read github documentation: Closing a pull request and Tidying up Pull Requests but that didn’t help, […]

git cannot delete local branch

I was trying to track a remote branch with: $ git checkout -b –track global/master and git created a branch that is actually called ‘–track’+ Now when I type: $ git branch -D –track It won’t delete the branch (I think git is assuming it is a flag/option not a branch name) I also tried […]

How to delete a remote branch using Git?

I know this has been covered before, but I have tried the following and can’t seem to delete the remote branch. aly@neon:~/workspace/3DOD_VARIANCE$ git branch -a * master remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master remotes/origin/master remotes/origin/multi_gauss_at_nodes remotes/origin/old-state-with-mean-deviation-from-centre remotes/origin/variance-branch aly@neon:~/workspace/3DOD_VARIANCE$ git branch -r -d origin/old-state-with-mean-deviation-from-centre Deleted remote branch origin/old-state-with-mean-deviation-from-centre (was 0ed90b2). Fetching origin From https://bitbucket.org/alykhantejani/3dobjectdetection * [new branch] old-state-with-mean-deviation-from-centre -> […]

How to use jenkins git plugin to build from a branch include origin or not

When building from git on master jenkins fetches and uses origin/master. When building from git on a branch jenkins fetches and users mybranch not origin/mybranch and isn’t picking up changes. I switched the branch specifier to use origin/mybranch and it seems to work. Is the the standard way to handle things or am I missing […]

Git pull origin HEAD

I was taught that you could push to and pull from a remote branch matching the name of your current Git branch by doing: git push origin HEAD or git pull origin HEAD Its always worked for me before, but it strangely doesn’t work sometimes, instead deferring to push/pulling from the master branch instead (which […]

Git-flow reopening a finished feature

I am trying to work with gitflow and A Successful Git Branching Model. Ones in a while I work on features and finish the feature with git flow feature finish my-feature While continuing to work I realize that I have something forget to add to my-feature Or sometimes I am working on a different feature […]

How the working directory is updated on “git checkout”?

Consider the following “story”: $ mkdir my_project $ cd my_project $ git init Initialized empty Git repository in /home/misha/misha/my_project/.git/ $ echo “first line” > hello.txt $ git add hello.txt $ git commit -m “first commit” [master (root-commit) 9c913a1] first commit 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-) create mode 100644 hello.txt $ git branch new_feature […]

What is the purpose of an “integration branch”?

If a branching strategy consists of n feature branches, a “master” (mainline) and an “integration” branch. What is the purpose of the integration branch? Why can testing and integration not be performed on the feature branch itself?

How to checkout a remote branch in Git?

Someone pushed a “new feature” branch to the shared repo: git push -u new_feature_branch Now, I would like to create a copy of this branch on my local machine in order to test the new feature. What would be the easiest way to do this? (Do I need to fetch / pull before checkout?)

git – confusion over terminology, “theirs” vs “mine”

I’m completely confused about what mine vs theirs means. In this specific case, I’ve got a feature branch where I just squashed about 80 commits via rebase -i and am merging this back into develop. I got a few conflicts, and I just want to use whatever code is on my feature branch. I tried […]

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