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git-svn – Checkout a remote branch that already exists in svn when my master is already a branch. Explain this .git/config

This is a bit of an oddball question given how the team I’ve joined is using SVN. Basically, the svn repository follows a standard layout, but trunk really hasn’t been touched in 1.5 years or so and work tends to happen in branches and branches of branches only. As such, I’ve used git-svn to clone […]

How to change git branch output order

When I type git branch, I receive a list of branches that appear to be sorted alphabetically instead of being sorted by their creation time. Is there a way to make the output of git branch sorted by date?

git root branches… how do they work?

I was reading up on http://pages.github.com/ and one thing caught my eye: If you create a new root branch named gh-pages in your repository, any content pushed there will be published to [url] I searched everywhere for information about root branches, but there don’t seem to be many resources on this. Does anybody know how […]

Pull branch from Team Foundation Service to Visual Studio 2012

I’m working on a project with 2 others, and we’re using Visual Studio 2012 with Git and Team Foundation Service. I’m able to clone the repository from TFS to my machine, however I can’t get a separate development branch to pull as well, while I’m able to see it on the TFS website. Does anyone […]

Managing releases on github

What’s a good approach to handling software releases on github. My repo https://github.com/wheresrhys/jQuery-flickbook contains all the src and build files together with a built (minified) version of the javascript. But I would also like it to, once I advance to the next version release, to include a e.g. jquery.flickbook-0.5.min.js file into a releases directory. To […]

How to get git to correctly merge moved content (not only files)

I am currently looking at a lot of the content tracking features of git. It is very nice to know that git allows me to figure out code which has been moved from one file to another, but I am wondering how this feature is usable when doing conflict resolution in merges. Here is the […]

Git deleting things mysteriously (edit: actually django-storages)

The issue: sometimes, but not every time, Git deletes the static directory of a repo. We’re not sure what triggers it, but it appears to happen when either merging between branches or sometimes even just checking out branches. It does this without asking, and eats tracked files. The background: I have a (private) project which […]

How to delete “remote” branch that still shows locally?

A branch was created unintentionally. I want to delete it. In fact, I thought I deleted it last week, and it doesn’t show up in searches on bitbucket, so I’m inclined to think the problem is just in my local repo. Why does the branch still show up in my local repo after doing this? […]

What is github 'compare & pull request'

I am working on a MeteorIntegration (feature) branch that is published. I did a git push assuming the push was going to the checked-out branch MeteorIntegration: And now I see the following on both master and MeteorIntegration branches. I read github documentation: Closing a pull request and Tidying up Pull Requests but that didn’t help, […]

git cannot delete local branch

I was trying to track a remote branch with: $ git checkout -b –track global/master and git created a branch that is actually called ‘–track’+ Now when I type: $ git branch -D –track It won’t delete the branch (I think git is assuming it is a flag/option not a branch name) I also tried […]

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