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View a file in a different Git branch without changing branches

Is it possible to open a file in a git branch without checking out that branch? How? Essentially I want to be able to open a file in my github pages branch without switching branches all the time. I don’t want to modify it, just want to view it.

Git workflow suggestion

I have a private repo on github and have about 7 developers working actively on it. My repo is branched as follows – devel – developerA-branch – developerB-branch and so on What is happening now is each developer checks into his local branch, pushes to his remote and to devel. What I want to achieve […]

Git branching messed up

I’m using Egit on Eclipse Mac and PC to sync a project that has three branches: master dev rendersystem I’ve created the project on the Mac and when I created the two branches dev and rendersystem I’ve used revs/heads/master as the Source ref and as Pull strategy I’ve used Merge. Now I’ve switched to my […]

Git incorrectly indicating during merge that file has been delete on other branch

I have two branches, A and B, both of which have a file X. These branches started from one code base but have since then interweaved merges into each other because they’re branched for different implementations of the project. X has been updated in A, and also in B. When I do git merge (using […]

changed branch and local uncommitted changes

I have been working on a branch (BR1) and have made a few changes that I don’t want to commit. For example, some local configuration. I have been told that branch BR1 has been renamed to BR2. Now, this is what I did: Save the local changes $ git stash Update branch information in my […]

git beta release before live on other subdomain

This is how it is now set up: we have one bare repository, we made it like git init –bare then we have many other repositories like: johnson.sample dot com, marry.sample dot com, john.sample dot com and if we are done with development we push to bare. After this we go to live server like […]

GIT – Maintain and only sync x files

I am currently programming applications with game-maker, and I need to have two versions: -the demo; and -the full. What I want to do is create 2 branches, one for each version, while the common files stay sync so i don’t have to fix bugs 2 times. I have looked to forks but I don’t […]

Git Workflow for developing features using multiple branches

I have an app that I’ve augmented with extra debugging features which make it easier for me to develop. However , I can’t commit these changes. So I need a way to implement my feature on the “augmented” branch , and then when I’m finally done, push it to master. There are the two workflows […]

Git listing non-existent remotes

I recently made some changes to my remote repos in my Git repo config file. I renamed the remote names, changing my origin to another remote repo and renaming my old origin. For example, I had this previously: [remote “origin”] url = blah blah [remote “future”] url = blah blah I went in and changed […]

Create a new remote branch with EGit

I want to do the following things with EGit: – create a new local branch – push it to a remote repository Now, I’m a bit confused with all these options in the dialog for creating a branch. I’m not sure whether it should refer to any remote branch (as it will become remote itself […]

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