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Git: how to set remote in existing repo

One question please I have a project on git with differents branches: Master Pre Dev …. I’ve installed my project files in another server by FTP (not by git pull or git clone) ir order to create a dev enviroment. The folder of the project in dev enviroment don’t have a git repo. Can I […]

Do we really need to branch in Git?

I’m in my first software engineering class. It’s the first time any of us has worked in a team and used git and github. In class our teacher told us that you should usually branch off the master, after you finish your new feature, merge it back to the master. This is what I’ve been […]

Cannot Push Local Branch to Remote Git Repo

I have a problem with a git repo that is shared between multiple developers. A branch seems to have gone missing (kind of) and when I try to push to the remote repo with this branch I receive the following message… To git@hades:bbis.git * [new branch] dompdf0.52 -> dompdf0.52 ! [rejected] live -> live (non-fast-forward) […]

How to avoid merge conflits with multiple branch merges?

I am working on a web application with a medium sized team. We are versioning/collectively coding this project using Git. Between my co-worker and myself, I think we are about to run into a difficult merge, and I’d like to see if there’s anything we can do better before we run into trouble. We are […]

How do i fork my development repo into a new branch of my production repo using Github

I have two repo’s which I’d like to keep separate. One for development, branches are features/fixes etc, the other is a production release, where its branches are for versions. I’m still very new to version control, so I’m not even sure I’m doing it correctly. What I’d like to do, is fork master from development, […]

Git : using .gitignore with different branches

I have a pretty basic work environment but does not manage to work with Git as desired. Here is how we can describe it : two branches A and B with two files each in their working trees, the first file is toMerge and the second is toKeepSpecific. I have the same .gitignore in the […]

Git chooses wrong ancestor commit

I’m using git with a few other people. We have a central repository and then local tracking branches. Recently, we’ve come across a problem where git will incorrectly think that the last common ancestor commit of the main branch and the new branch is a commit that was only pushed after we created the new […]

Git – checkout branch – would be over written by merge

I’m trying to switch to a branch: git branch new-ui When I do this I get an error that a file would be over written by a merge. This file does not exist anymore. When I do a pull from the current branch the file does not come down.I push and get message everything is […]

How can I move my changes to a new branch after the fact?

I was working on my Rails project which is checked into Git. I read tutorials and they said for every time you start to change something, check out a branch. However, accidentally I made some changes but did not check out a branch. What should I do now? What commands can I run so that […]

How to get 'test' branch into 'master' when 'test' is a branch of 'dev'?

Looking at the network graph for a github project, I see 3 branches of interest; master, test, dev. Looking at the github network graph further, I am led to believe that test is a branch of dev instead of a branch from master. At some point, I will want to put the contents of test […]

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