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How do I create a new branch based on an existing Git hub branch? (Please read – tried the beginners guide)

I have a master branch and would like to create a new branch based on it, and then switch to the new branch. I’m very very new to coda/github/terminal so I don’t even know if my syntax is correct. here’s what I typed in, letter for letter, with the exception of the branch names which […]

Git, tell me when a remote branch that I am tracking is removed

Is there a good way to see when or all local branches which has been setup to track a remote branch where the remote branch has been removed? example. I track the remote branch hotfix and it is removed on remote (usually due to being merged into dev). I would like to see this somehow […]

Switching branches in GIT with uncommitted, auto-generated changes

I’m trying to switch local branches in GIT but some auto-generated, ignored and uncommitted files are preventing it. Is there a way to have these files not prevent me from switching branches? I have a common workflow. I have a development branch which has some .class files that I generate locally from source. The .class […]

Advantages/disadvantages to branches and forks

I am currently working on a project via a fork of the main repo. I am committing my changes to <fork>/master and then submitting pull requests to <upstream>/master. I have write permission for <upstream>. Am I correct in thinking that I could make this simpler by deleting my fork and simply creating branches for my […]

Maintaining a branch that doesn't contain commits relating to a certain change

I’m working on a project with Git and have come to a point where I’d like to break development into two separate branches. The split concerns a simple Change (with a capital C so I can refer back to it later) that affects one isolated part of the codebase — in one branch, I want […]

git add remote tracking branch to bare repo

I have a bare repo that was cloned from git.drupal.org. I have cloned from this bare repo to various different websites. From each of these, I push a site-specific branch onto the bare repo. E.g. if I have foo.org and bar.org, then my bare repo has drupal’s branches + one called foo and one called […]

Our git repository has a branch called HEAD

I recently noticed that our git server has a branch called HEAD. I’ve tried doing this locally and git warns me that this is ambiguous. Are there any potential horrible problems we could encounter by deleting/renaming this branch?

Git log excluding branch

Consider the following commit history: 1—R—3—5—P-> # patch-v1.1 \ \ 2—4—+—8—+—10—R-> # release-v2.0 \ / 6—7—9 # feature-foo –> time # 1 – 10 are commits # P is a patch release commit # R are major release commits # + marks a merge commit I want to generate the changelog for release-v2.0, but since […]

Advantages of branching in Git (for an SVN user)

I have a project using Git. My co-worker comes from the SVN world and hesitates when checking out a new branch on his local repository. He would work on his local master and select files to push to remote repository. How should I convince him of the advantages of branching? For example, what kinds of […]

How to show all tagged commits not reachable by a branch?

In my local repo, sometimes there are tags tagging a commit with no children and no branch name. I originally created these by branching off my main development line normally, setting a tag, and then deleting the branch. They don’t get garbage-collected because the tag holds the line open. Is there a command that will […]

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