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Fix broken git submodule due to manual directory mv

A directory that is a submodule have been manually moved. Then the git repo is broken as it can be seen by a git submodule status –all call. It returns: fatal: no submodule mapping found in .gitmodules for path <actual-sobmodule-path> I removed everything about the faulty sobmodule in the various configuration files (.git/config, .gitmodules and […]

Transfer commits from remote to other remote

I have git repository with two remotes. Origin and edgebox. edgebox/master is three commits ahead otherwise both remotes have the same commits. Hashs are also same in both remotes. My question is how transfer those three commits from edgebox to origin? I know I can use cherry-pick or merge. But is any way to transfer […]

Fork repo for a single folder

Original problem: I am interested in forking and contributing to a public repository. Problem is, I wish to only update and retrieves updates for a single subdirectory in the public repository. First attempt: Fork the public repository Clone the newly forked repository Update .gitignore files for the unwanted folders and files Untrack and delete unwanted […]

Gitlab CI + maven: Use another repo as local dependency

I started using gitlab for CI with maven. I’de like to use another gitlab repo as a dependency for my project but i have no clue on how to do it. My current .gitlab-ci.yml: image: maven:3-jdk-8 variables: MAVEN_OPTS: -Dmaven.repo.local=${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/.m2 build: script: “mvn clean install” artifacts: name: “oslib” paths: – “target/*.jar”

How Do I Get Back Untracked Files I Stashed with Git?

I got an error that I couldn’t do a git pull this morning because it would overwrite a file that I wasn’t even using. It was an untracked file. I tried using git stash, then git rm neither would work on it. So I finally found out that I could use git stash with untracked […]

Cannot clone my bitbucket repository after doing a commit with a 3.6 GB bin file

I am a relatively new git user and have a bit of strange situation. I wanted to push a few changes to my bitbucket repository. However, I forgot to pull the updated version first as some changes were done to it by another team-member. I got an error with the push command (using Jenkin deploy) […]

Publishing multiple packages from a Single Repository

We have a single repository which contains multiple components and services(few of them are dependent on each other). Each component and service is a node package. We are using a Node script to generate Dist folder that contains all the component and services and separate node packages which are deployed to artifactory using Bamboo Build […]

Get only the content of each commit in a json ? ( git diff json)

So I’m storring on my github all the differences I get on a json file during time ( I call an api that updates each time the json and only store the differences). To give you an idea ; It’s the changes of availability, either an id is available or not. What I’m trying to […]

Composer: Strange behavior

I am farly new to composer. however I have been using it without any issues until now. My issues is that every time i run either composer update or install all files under my vendor folder gets into my untracked list in git. I also have a .gitignore to prevent the “vendor” from being tracked, […]

git author date bogus as soon as amend or rebase took place

I observe a strange behavior in my git history: I can commit as normal using git gui and author date and committer date are correctly when viewed in gitk. But as soon as I perform an amend via git gui or an rebase via the git bash, all subsequent commits have the committer date correct […]

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