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How to move Git repositories and minimize downtime

I will be moving Git repositories from an older SCM server to a new one. My main concern (other than fidelity, of course) is to minimize downtime. Here is my plan: On the new machine, clone each repository using git clone –mirror Copy over repo hooks for each repository Disallow access to old server (we […]

How to get netbeans working git?

I want to use a repository i hosted on github but it seems like netbeans uses a wrong fingerprint. So I get an Exception everytime I try to clone the repository. Its like : UnknownHostKey: github.com. RSA key fingerprint is xxxxxxxxxxxx etc. And it aborts. Any idea? Ive tried it with tortisegit and it works […]

Target location for project “ ” already exists, can not move project

when I am trying to share my project with git repository getting exception like this “Target location for project ” ” already exists, can not move project”

Is it possible to set diff/merge-tool for a specific file extension in git-extensions?

I’m just getting started on developing in LabView, it’s all new to me. And i’d like to use git extensions to handle my versioning. Since the source is in a *.vi format, I can’t use the normal diff tools, the source is binary. Fortunately, LabView comes with dedicated diff and merge tools which seems to […]

Clone a git repository and keep unreachable commits

Is there a way to clone a remote git repo while keeping any unreachable commits that may be in that repo? The scenario is this: I need to recover a branch that was deleted from a bare git repo on a server that I maintain. I have the hash of the last commit to this […]

git pull always returns “not something we can merge”

No matter what repository I am in I get this response from git pull “merge: 012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012 – not something we can merge“. I have tried uninstalling git and re-installing with no luck. git fetch origin and git merge origin/master work fine. I could very well use those commands instead of git pull but Homebrew uses […]

From svn to git, with a moved trunk

I’m trying to switch my svn repository to git. It’s an old repository, and one of the previous maintainer moved the trunk for each new release. For example, the previous repository was at: svn+ssh://svn.mycompany.com/project/release_1/trunk Now, our current trunk is at: svn+ssh://svn.mycompany.com/project/release_N/trunk When I checkout the SVN second repository, I’ve the full history, including before the […]

How to fork a branch in Git?

Alright, so I need to fork a project, clone it, and what not. Thing is the master branch is 2000 or so commits ahead of the branch I need to be using. How do I fork a branch and not the main repo. I forked it and I realized I had forked the master branch. […]

git error :Unable to look up xyz.com (port <none>) (Servname not supported for ai_socktype)

I’m getting this error message from git.What’s this mean ? How to fix?

using awk sed to parse update puppet file

I have a puppet file with a number of lines of code that has a section that looks like this: $defaultrepo=myrepo $defaultbranch=mybranch gitmod::pullstuff {‘othergitcode’: gitcommit => “b54123be540adrwer3b65872384e0101c5f94c926b81”, gitorg => “${defaultrepo}”, branch => “${defaultbranch}”, } gitmod::pullstuff {‘mygitcode’: gitcommit => “b54123be540adrfer3b65872384e0101c5f94c926b81”, gitorg => ‘awesomerepo’, branch => “master”, } It can have any number of blocks that will […]

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