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How to share code between clients (browser, iPhone, Android)

An application has three clients (desktop, iOS, Android), based on Ember.js. The ‘desktop’ client is a mixture of ember and Rails views. The phone apps are wrapped in Phonegap. The server-side is a Rails app using the asset pipeline. There is some shared code between the three clients. What would be a good way to […]

Git: Says master is up to date, but when deleting branch it says it isnt'

I created a new branch for my 1.0.2 fixes. Once I was finished I wanted to merge them back into my master, so I used: git merge ‘v1.0.2’ But, it tells me that it is ‘Already up-to-date`, which is strange. I say, ok, that is fine, so I try to delete the branch: git branch […]

git seems confused about whether a file has changed (with autocrlf=true option)

I have this rule set in my git config: autocrlf = true this is to avoid problems we’ve had where our designers (who use mac) can’t open text files that have been saved by our dev team (who use a mix of mac and linux). One file in particular (which was created recently) is causing […]

managing two forks/branches in github

I created a repository on github, which has now been forked by a colleague, and I have read/write access on the forked repository. We’ll be working on some things in this repository in tandem, but we’ll each also write related code for personal use that does not need to be shared between us. What is […]

How to edit git config to Run Git and included Unix tools from the Windows Command Prompt

When installing git for windows, a user is asked to select from following 3 options: (default) Use Git Bash Only Run Git from Windows Command Line Run Git and included Unix tools from the windows command prompt I installed with option 1 selected, but now want to change to option 3. How can I do […]

Converting a free source control to CM Synergy

My company is using CM Synergy as it’s code version control tool, maybe it’s my own problem that I can’t hanlde this tool very nice. But in my own experience, Hg, Git or SVN is very useful for me. Is there any way to convert a opensource control archive to CM Synergy? I know there […]

git submodule and “no branch”

Let’s assume that we’ve got some git submodule in directory “submod”. Now I’m doing such commands: # git submodule update –init submod # cd submod # git branch * (no branch) master If submodule located in directory “submod” has many branches – how do I find which of them should I checkout? I know that […]

Tracking releases, branches or tags?

How do you keep track of your releases? Currently, we have 2 main branches dev release Ongoing development done by several people always happens in dev. Once sufficient amount of changes are done, code is merged into release, built from it and tagged in it. Then the code is deployed. The problem: This works fine, […]

Determine commits on a branch not on another

I have a topic branch that I’ve been working on for quite some time and I would like to see just the changes made to this branch. For awhile I was being good and merging the master branch into my topic branch periodically, but eventually I forgot and now it’s diverged tremendously. For example, let’s […]

Checking if a Git branch has been merged into master when SQUASHED?

I’d like to automate cleaning of remote branches. I want to be able to check to see if a branch has been merged into master already. Originally, my plan was to use git merge-base to see the last common commit. However, it turns out that we squash all of our branches as we merge them […]

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