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npm: install module with repo data

How can I install github project into ./node_modules/ so that ./node_modules/project folder will contain .git subfolder? I have tried: npm install git+https://github.com/user/project but .git/ subfolder was missed in the target ./node_modules/project/ folder. Probably there is some other way to develop other modules (from other repos) from main application?

Can I create new repository on github.com by shell command?

Now If I want to create a new repository on github.com, I have to create it on the website github.com. So can I create a new one just on my local machine by shell command?

Sync a git repository with three different origins on Github/Bitbucket

Imagine I have 4 repositories: [A, B, C, D] I would like to use a simple git command to update them all at the same time. I expect to use something like: git push all Any ideas?

Plumbing equivalent for `git checkout — .`

I’m looking for a scripting-suitable plumbing command (or commands) that are equivalent to the high-level porcelain command git checkout — . My initial thought would be to use git checkout-index –all –force, however this does not fully restore the working directory in the case of core.autocrlf = input: #!/bin/bash set -ex rm -rf repo git […]

Wait until a webhook is triggered

I would like to put something mid-pipeline that waits until a web hook is hit. Ideally, my pipeline will do something like: Deploy to QA Merge Request Deploy to UAT Deploy to Prod I have the “Merge Request” stage create the merge request (in GitLab). That part is done. I now want to wait until […]

Setting upstream branch to remote with different name than your local

I created a new branch off an existing PR on github using the browse branches dropdown…typed in an new branch name so it would create a new one based off the PR I was looking at. I then went locally and did a git checkout -b myBranch How do I sync up my branch with […]

How to push/pull/fetch different repositories which are belong to different user of BitBucket on one computer

We have a repository in bit bucket for (office project where i am working). Tortoise Git client is set in my office laptop to use the git repository. Now I have made my own bit bucket repository for home use (for my free lancing project at home). How can i set the username and password […]

Get list of files which are not in sync between local and remote repository using Egit

Currently I am using EGit(integrated with eclipse) to pull and push changes to GitHub. I want to know is there way using EGit I can get all files which are not in sync between local and remote repository.

Gitlab CI runner unabled to shared build sources on docker executor

I try to share the build sources on docker (and use a git fetch on it), but he always run a git clone on each run (and yes, I have configured it to use git fetch on CI/CD Pipelines settings). I just want to run a build stage with a composer update script, and a […]

GIT on Solaris 10: Version 'SUNW_1.2' not found because of .profile settings

We have installed GIT package on our Unix Server(Solaris 10). Post installation we have been receiving errors while running GIT command. acdbad1@dipva01z:/home/acdbad1> git ld.so.1: git: fatal: libz.so.1: version ‘SUNW_1.2’ not found (required by file /opt/git/bin/git) ld.so.1: git: fatal: libz.so.1: open failed: No such file or directory Killed We have gone back to unix support, but […]

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