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what is the first line of git format-patch output?

when running git format-patch, the intent is to create an email representation of the code you wrote. So far so good. I’m no email expert, but it seems to me that the first line of this format-patch output isn’t in a standard email header format… From de8d128fb520416e0b029c913b3a5ce900d0320c Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 Message-Id: From: Christopher […]

PHP deployment using Git. How can I make it more automated?

I am in charge of launching web projects and it takes a little too long currently from client sign off to final launch. It is on a server which I have root access to, but it runs Plesk so that the boss can setup VirtualHosts, which means there are many sites running on it. Each […]

Android Studio cant start git, although actually can

My Android Studio is complaining about Can’t start Git: /usr/bin/git Probably the path to Git executable is not valid although I can actually use git in android studio, and /usr/bin/git works in terminal. How do I get rid of this false error Here is my ~/.bash_profile export PATH=/usr/bin/git:$PATH

How to move git commits from master to a different existing branch

This question already has an answer here: Move the most recent commit(s) to a new branch with Git 8 answers In git, how do I remove a commit from one branch and apply it to a different branch? 2 answers

How do i move my current work to a topic branch?

I started on a simple task in the main branch. ya’ know the type of task where “this is too simple even to bother with a git branch”… the inevitable result was that now I have a lot of unfinished work in the master branch and need to work on other things. How do I […]

How to use GIT PULL from the command line?

We were using a build script to automate our publishing process and it was working with SVN but now we are using Git and need to do some command line operations to pull from our remote repository. I was able to follow the guide here and using the Git bash it works great. However, I […]

Can I just copy a git repository to Windows?

I’m moving a git repository from my Linux machine to a Windows machine. I was hoping to just move the entire directory tree and find that things will “just work.” Is this the case? Do I need to do anything about line endings?

Tab completion for aliased sub commands in zsh: alias gco='git checkout'

I have an alias: alias gco=’git checkout’ How can I add tab completion as if I had typed git checkout? For my alias g=’git’ I use compdef g=’git’. I’ve been trying to use compdef but I’ve not had any success.

Can I continue working while git pushes?

I am doing my initial import of existing code into git, it is quite a big codebase so the push is taking it’s time. From what I am aware git gets the changes and then does the upload, so am I safe to continue working while the push is going, or do I need to […]

Can git format patch so it can be used with patch program?

I’d need to create simple patches from git repository that can be applied with plain simple patch command line utility. Can it be done?

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