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Revert to a gem version based on commit

I added this to my Gemfile three days ago: gem ‘bootstrap-sass’, git: ‘https://github.com/thomas-mcdonald/bootstrap-sass’, branch: ‘3’ Today I ran bundle update, the gem got updated, and a lot of tests are broken as a result. Is there a way I can revert back to the gem as it were three days ago? I can look at […]

bad interpreter: Permission denied error when running Ruby from Git Bash

$ gem install jekyll sh.exe”: /c/ruby/bin/gem: C:/ruby/bin: bad interpreter: Permission denied when i am running gem install jeklly in git Bash,who can tell me how to change the permission. the OS is windows xp. thanks a lot! RubyGems Environment: – VERSION: 0.9.4 (0.9.4) – INSTALLATION DIRECTORY: c:/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8 – GEM PATH: – c:/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8 – REMOTE SOURCES: […]

How is a submodule that contains a gem project have its resources required from a surrounding gem project?

This is something that’s becoming a rather great frustration. I have two Ruby project repositories on GitHub. I’ll call them Project A and Project B. I set up a bunch of Ruby scripts and such inside Project B and create a submodule of that project in Project A. When I try to require the resources […]

aptana studio sh.exe”: gem: command not found

I am using aptana studio 3. I am creating an app called UBDTCE. I want run web deployment wizard an sign-in to my heroku account it asks whether to install heroku gem or not. Then I get an error message: $ gem install heroku && heroku create UBDTCE sh.exe”: gem: command not found or $ […]

Pod install private pods URI::InvalidURIError – bad URI(is not URI?)

I have a git repo on gitlab using a private pod along with other public pods, below is my Podfile source ‘git@gitlab.mycompany.com:cocoapods/cocoapodsspecs.git’ source ‘https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git’ platform :ios, ‘6.0’ target “main-project-target” do …. end I have 2 macs both on 10.10 Yosemite, and I clone my project on gitlab, and do pod install to get the libraries. […]

Is there a gem to make Git and Rails work together for more robust migrations?

I’ve heard before that Rails migrations are flawed, but I never really experienced any example of this firsthand until just recently. What I now realize is that if a migration relies on a particular state of the code, then you’re in trouble if you try to clone the repo two years later and run all […]

Find out source of installed gem

This is probably simple, but I’m stumped… So I’ve got a gem that needs a fix already installed on a shared development machine. How do I tell where it came from, so I can fork it? Just to eliminate some obvious things, it definitely is installed: $ be gem list spp_manifests *** LOCAL GEMS *** […]

How do I get the latest commit of public git repo in my gemfile?

in my gemfile i have the following gem ‘simple_form’ I want to grab the latest commit of simple_form. The current release version 2.1.0. But there are things in the latest commit that I would like to use.

How to get an application to use a local branch version of Ruby on Rails

Let’s say I want to add some new features to Rails. According to the Rails Guide on how to contribute to Rails, I should clone the main repository, create a branch, then make my changes in that branch. My question is: after I’ve done all of that, how do I go about testing my changes […]

How to start Ruby on Rails in windows 8?

I am new one for Ruby on Rails. Please tell the requirements for Ruby on Rails. I am using windows 8 (64bit) operating system. And tell which SDK is suitable for RoR in windows8.

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