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using eclipse with a remote git respository

I read dozen of tutorials how to do it. Yet I do not manage to get this to a working state that is usable at all. I’m coming from SVN where it was just a commit, then it merged automatically. If that was not possible it presented a merge tool. What I want to do: […]

Git label decoration in Eclipse EGit

I have a file which is in committed to the repository. I am using Eclipse Juno and EGit version 2.3.1… It has a strange symbol that is not described in Preferences->Team->Git->Label Decorations. An image is in the link. decoration Does anyone have an explanation? Thanks

Egit: Meaning of branches in commit

When I look in the history of my repository using Egit and clikc on a commit, I see in the panel on the left hand side: Branches: master, us1304, origin/HEAD, origin/master (and a lot more) I assumed that this means that at the time of the commit, the commit belonged to these branches. What I […]

Egit merge: abort/finish merge when no differences can be found

I have a strange behaviour Egit complains about merges it can not solve, but I can not find the conflicts anywhere – both files shown are identical. So e.g. in the remote file is: /** * Liste der Sensor Objekte, die schon in StrassenTeilSegmente zugeordnet sind */ private LinkedList<SystemObject> checkListe; in the local file is: […]

Git branching messed up

I’m using Egit on Eclipse Mac and PC to sync a project that has three branches: master dev rendersystem I’ve created the project on the Mac and when I created the two branches dev and rendersystem I’ve used revs/heads/master as the Source ref and as Pull strategy I’ve used Merge. Now I’ve switched to my […]

egit not pulling with submodulus eclipse

I am working on a project that has submodules in it. In order to update the project to the latest version I need to use the next commands : git pull and git submodule update. I have start using eclipse with EGit. the problem is when I am doing pull through the eclipse interface it […]

EGit: Cloning bare remote repository, no master?

I’m in the process of convincing my team to move to using git for version control (from svn). The major hurdle seems to be convincing them that it’s not going to be too complicated for others. To alleviate that, I’m attempting to create clear documentation. I need some help though with Eclipse/EGit, since I’m not […]

Team synchronization on working sets in egit

When I right click on any working set(In package,Navigator etc view) I am not getting synchronization option under Team Menu. See Picture below. Note that all projects in this working set are present in the git repository. Is there any way to synchronize single or multiple(group of i.e working set) projects with git repository without […]

Can I test my app in a EGit repository with Xampp locally?

I am having trouble setting up the testing mentioned in the title because of the folder structures for Xampp and Git/EGit respectively. Can anyone recommend a guide or tutorial on how to do this? Given Xampp is looking for the .htdocs/appname/ folder for testing the app but folder structure can be something like .htdocs/repositoryname/appfoldername, they […]

Eclipse Egit automatically pull changes to local branch

My repository has only one branch HEAD. My local branch is master and I’m usually checked out on my local branch. Now when I pull it won’t update my local master. I have to right click on master -> merge, then select remote branches -> HEAD and then updates will be on master too. I […]

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