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How to fully delete Subclipse plugin?

I am having trouble getting rid of Subclipse from my Eclipse configuration. I made the decision to switch to Subversive due to the m2eclipse project dropping support for Subclipse. So I uninstalled Subclipse and then installed Subversive using the About Eclipse -> Installation Details -> Uninstall method. Now, when I go to any Team related […]

SVN – how does removing a bin folder cause the src folder to be removed instead?

There was a bin folder in version control with a bunch of .class files and other junk that should not be versioned. Could someone please explain to me how the following commit: 529 svn rm –force bin/ 530 svn ci -m “Bin should not be under version control.” Leads to the following: Revision 249 Author: […]

SVN error on connecting with eclipse

When I am trying to connect SVN to eclipse I am getting the following error: any idea how to resolve it? Failed to load JavaHL Library. These are the errors that were encountered: no libapr-1 in java.library.path no libapriconv-1 in java.library.path C:\Program Files (x86)\Subversion\bin\libeay32.dll: Can’t load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform C:\Program […]

SVN Switch with relocate in Eclipse

My question can be claimed to be an extension/similar to the question posted here. basically, I need to do the same functionality using Eclipse plugin Subclipse. Subclipse has a functionality to “Switch branch/tag/revision”, however, this is limited as it treats the new url as a repository and tries to compare them. I only wish to […]

Source Control in Lotus Domino Designer

We have been using Domino on a large project for years without any real source-control (other-than server backups). So, I was rather pleased when I noted the latest Designer 8.5.3 has potential integration with SVN. I was unable get SVN working just by following the original instructions for as already noted on Stackoverflow the update […]

How can I setup subversion with ssh tunnel in Eclipse?

I have a remote server that hosts my subversion repository on a non-standard ssh port. I want to use Eclipse’s subclipse plugin as my client end to access the SVN repository. I can access the repository fine by using svn+specialssh://… where specialssh is a tunnel profile setup in my ~/.subversion/config. In subclipse I tried to […]

Eclipse SVN Synchronze workspace error – Updating Synchronize view for SVN Workspace – java/nio/file/Paths

I updated the Eclipse SVN plugins today and after that I can’t sync my workspace with SVN repository. I am using java 1.6. I tried with java 1.7 as well. still I’m getting following error in eclipse. An internal error occurred during: “Updating Synchronize view for SVN Workspace.”. java/nio/file/Paths. SVN: ‘0x00000025: Send Notifications’ operation finished […]

Should I commit files that are changed by eclipse

I inherited a java project in the form of an eclipse project. After changing the tomcat configuration (from v6 to v7), subclipse prompted me to commit the following files .classpath org.eclipse.core.prefs org.eclipse.common.project.facet.core.refs org.eclipse.common.project.facet.core.xml Will commiting them help my team members or will it mess with their workspace? What is the best practice approach to this?

Eclipse svn ignore bin

Eclipse project, I have Subversion set to ignore the bin directory, and also within Eclipse I added bin to the list of ignored resources. However, every now and then Eclipse puts a .svn directory into bin anyway. This doesn’t interfere with Subversion checkins (as the Subversion commandline client obeys the standing directive to ignore the […]

which eclipse project/workspace files should be added to source control?

I want to share an eclipse project with the rest of my team through SVN. Which files should I add to subversion? In the workspace, there are many files which IMHO are not supposed to be on source control – they are a few megabytes in size. When adding just the project, another user who […]

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