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How to use code libraries from github?

I need some tools to read JSON from a URL. However, when I tried to use the JSONObject class, it was unavailable. I looked it up and it was suggested that I should download the required library : https://github.com/douglascrockford/JSON-java I’m unfamiliar with downloading and creating a jar of Github repositories. I have downloaded the repository […]

Git keywords for code templates

Does Git have keywords to use in code templates with Eclipse? I mean keywords as with svn. Something like $revision, $lastchangedby etc… Thanks

How do I make a pull request using EGit?

I have a local master branch and I want to create a pull request with a repo owned by somebody else. When I attempt to “push branch”, I get the following text: “can’t connect to any URL: https://github.com/jleclanche/fireplace: git-receive-pack not permitted” I’m guessing that what I’m doing here is actually trying to merge, rather than […]

Assume Unchanged files not appearing in EGit Staging View

Is there a way to find the files I’ve set to ‘Assume Unchanged’? I’ve modified several files and wanted to pull, so I’ve set them to ‘Assume Unchanged’. Now I’m finished and want to commit, but they don’t appear in the Git Staging window. I use Eclipse 4.4.2.

Synchronizing copied repository with GIT repository

I have copied repository from my team member and I want to synchronize with GIT repository. Please keep in mind that I am new to GIT and I only have URLs of the repository where I need to synchronize. I need help to connect my repository with GIT repository. I have not imported any repository […]

Egit: Right click not showing GIT commands

I can’t see the GIT commands when using right click on any files in a GIT repository. I’m using Eclipse-Luna, A fresh install, afeter trying different versions of EGIT. Thanks, Elyahu Some screen shots of the preferences:

Eclipse 3.6: Can't find Git support

I just installed Eclipse 3.6 Helios, which is supposed to offer integrated Git support, but I just can’t find any related view or perspective. I installed Eclipse for JavaEE for Linux 32 bits.

Unversioned file lost on git hard reset

I’m using git through Eclipse. I created a new file, as well as making changes to an existing versioned file. I committed and tried to pull changes, but ran into a conflict with the existing versioned file. I was unable to resolve it, so I finally hard reset back to before my commit. This fixed […]

Are Ignored Resources broken for EGit 2.1.0 and Eclipse 4.2.1?

I’ve been using Eclipse and EGit for months, and upon most recently running the Eclipse updater I’ve discovered EGit doesn’t appear to be respecting the Ignored Resources preferences. Does EGit store its configuration somewhere else? Is there a bug between these two versions?

GIT plugin installation in eclipse

I have GIT plugin folder which contains jar files. But don know how to install in in eclipse.Please help me.

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