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How to move specific commit from git branch A history to git branch B from eclipse?

I am using cherry-pick but it is telling me the change has been already included. Example: I have total of 10 commits in branch A but I want to move only commits no 1, 7 and 9 to branch B. How do I achieve this in eclipse?

“Unable to find the apex source” when running test in Winter 16' version

I have this error message: “Unable to find the apex source” after running a test in the Winter 16′ version of Apex in Eclipse, when the project is located in a Git depository. I mean that the test runs. Even shows, at the end, coverage results but there is no System Debug Log information, neither […]

How to configure workspace with egit/eclipse so my changes go to branch on fork

I’m working with a github project that I don’t own. I originally cloned this project to my Mars.1 workspace for initial examination and debugging. Note that I posted a similar question to the EGit forum at https://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/m/1715162/#msg_1715162. I now know of at least two sets of changes I want to make. I’ve forked the original […]

How to correct remote GitHub repos with gitignore?

I am using Eclipse for local dev and GitHub as my remote git repo. Eclipse generates several artifacts that I don’t want in my remote repo, but I forgot to add those to my .gitignore file. I pushed everything to the remote GitHub repo and realized that the following items were pushed (again, unintentionally): myapp/ […]

Configure egit http.postbuffer for large push

I’m using Egit and when trying to push a large commit i get the following: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 411 looking that up brings me to this page: Git: error: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 411 where the answer is to run: git config http.postBuffer 524288000 How do I configure this parameter […]

First commit of a existing local repository in Eclipse to empty Github repository

I often have the situation that I’ve created a Java project in Eclipse and want to upload it to GitHub. Itself a very easy task. For this I create a new empty GitHub repository via the webinterface. Then I have to create a local repository like on the following picture: Then I want to commit […]

How to avoid committing .gitignore file in Eclipse Egit

I have a file on my local branch that I have added to the .gitignore file that is shipped with Ecipse git(Egit) but each time I try to commit and push that branch to the remote branch, I see my .gitignore showing as one of the files that has been changed as well as the […]

Renaming and app ID using Android Studio

I have tried several advises from this selfsame side with no luck, yes. The problem I run into is essentially about the .R file during the generating of the APK. Here is an error log quote: C:\Users\But Dust\Videos\qaoverflow-master\qaoverflow-master\app\src\main\java\org\qaoverflow\q2android\authentication\AuthenticatorActivity.java Error:(12, 32) error: cannot find symbol class R C:\Users\But Dust\Videos\qaoverflow-master\qaoverflow-master\app\src\main\java\org\qaoverflow\q2android\interfaces\Q2ARequest.java Error:(7, 32) error: cannot find symbol class […]

401 Unauthorized error by eclipse while cloning from git repository hosted on Apache Http Server

I have hosted git repository on Apache Http server and I have used Basic Authentication and git (git-http-backend.exe). I can clone, pull, push using command promt by providing username and password but When, I tried to clone through eclipse (mars.1) is showing 401 Unauthorized Below is my httpd.conf SetEnv GIT_PROJECT_ROOT C:/Repositories SetEnv GIT_HTTP_EXPORT_ALL SetEnv REMOTE_USER=$REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER […]

Compare files with master repo using git eclipse plugin

I need to replace my local file with my master. I am using eclipse git plugin. So i right click the file using compare with and i click index with head, it says file is not staged. What is this staged and how can i make it staged now? My second question is, suppose i […]

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