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Eclipse or Maven add /target to gitignore

I’m using Maven and Git with a Java EE project (EAR, EJB and WEB), in Eclipse the workspace is rebuilding in loop beacause something adds “/target” to my .gitignore. This is my gitignore : *.class *.settings *.project *.classpath target # Package Files # *.jar *.war *.ear /target /target /target /target /target /target … (more and […]

Create Eclipse Project from Android Git

I’ve downloaded one of the open source Android Applications (the music application) from the Android git, and I’m trying to create a new project from the source. Creating a new project using that existing source doesn’t work giving me an “invalid description error”. Any help?

Arrow up and number on Eclipse meaning

I’m working on a project using Eclipse with Maven and Bitbucket. Right now I can’t do any commit, I mean even if I press the commit button, I can’t see it on Bitbucket. Furthermore, next to my project’s name I got a symbol with an arrow up and the number 2 next to it. What […]

Need help understanding the Git icons in Eclipse

I’m trying to work through getting my project to commit – but I’m getting errors. I’m looking at the synchronization perspective and do not understand what all of the file icons mean. Can someone give me a good reference to tell me what each of the icons mean? Such as: Blue arrow pointing to the […]

Eclipse History view blank

After updating to Eclipse 4.5 Mars the History view always remains blank, no matter if I drag a file from the Eclipse Navigator or select Team >> Show History from the context menu. I’m using both Git and CVS – the problem is the same. I found this entry in the .log file: !ENTRY org.eclipse.ui […]

Egit's Team context menu has only one option: Apply patch

I’m sure that I inadvertently checked off a box somewhere which caused this problem where all of the other options are missing: fetch, push, merge, etc. On my other machines, when I right click on a project and select “Team”, I’ll get all of the menu options. On one laptop, all I get is a […]

'git' cannot be made visible because all of its children are in unavailable action sets

I have this problem and I have no idea how to get the Git section on the toolbar. The image below shows the specific error : Thank you for all your answers!

JGIT Pull NoHeadException

When is try to execute the following method (uses JGIT library) private void pullRepo() throws IOException,GitAPIException, WrongRepositoryStateException, InvalidConfigurationException, DetachedHeadException, InvalidRemoteException, CanceledException, RefNotFoundException, NoHeadException{ Git git = new Git(localRepo); git.pull().call(); } I get the following runtime exception: org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.NoHeadException: Pull on repository without HEAD currently not supported at org.eclipse.jgit.api.PullCommand.call(PullCommand.java:161) Does someone know how to solve this? The […]

How to push the Tag to GitHub from Eclipse?

Here are the steps I have followed to push my Tag to GitHub Remote Repository. But not able to get Tag on other user’s eclipse. (I have successfully uploaded my Repository and able to commit the changes.) Right click Repository in Eclipse Package Explorer. Go to Team -> Advanced -> Tag Filling up all details […]

How to disable git 'Push Results' dialog in eclipse

After a push to upstream git operation the eclipse IDE shows a helpful dialog which provides information about the push operation (shown below). Is there a way to prevent this dialog from popping up?

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