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EGit : How to prevent fast-forward merge?

The company I work for gave me the project of moving their java project from CVS to Git. For several reasons, they don’t want to use another tool than Eclipse. So we’re stuck with EGit. I searched a lot to find a workflow adapted to our project. This one seemed quite relevant and used by […]

Eclipse Java Projects in Git

I am trying to figure out the best way to create a java project in GIT. In particular I would like to create the git repository such that when I import from git in Eclipse, the project is automatically created correctly with all its .project settings intact and all other settings setup. I.E. if I […]

Eclipse, Git and Bitbucket – Can't push – Error 401 Unauthorized

I have a problem with Bitbucket and EGit. I created a new repository on BitBucket and also a new project in Eclipse. When I try to push a commit, I get the following error message: Can’t connect to any repository: https://bitbucket.org/MyName/MyProject.git (https://bitbucket.org/MyName/MyProject.git: 401 Unauthorized) I also tried https://MyName@bitbucket.org/MyName/MyProject.git but I got the same error. After […]

How to build Eclipse JDT Core from source code via Git?

I want to build Eclipse JDT Core from source code via Git. Naïvely, I cloned git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/jdt/eclipse.jdt.core.git and tried to run mvn validate (the most basic of Maven phases) from the Git master branch but this failed with errors below. I am a Debian Linux user with Maven 3.0.5 and JDK 1.7 installed. I am interested […]

git-upload-pack not found while adding new repository to Eclipse Git

I use Eclipse with GIT plugin. I try to add a new GitHub repository, by copying the GitHub URL to the clipboard, then going to the “Git Repositories” view and right-clicking “Paste Repository Path or URL”. I get the following error: https://github.com/rothariel/aimnegochat: https://github.com/rothariel/aimnegochat/info/refs?service=git-upload-pack not found This is strange, because I already have some repositories in […]

Importing with EGit clones repository but doesn't let me import project

I just started my third repository on Github. I initialized the repository on the website with a README file and tried importing it into Eclipse with Egit. Like my other projects from Github, the import dialog worked fine and the repository was cloned. In my file explorer, I can see the folder Egit created, as […]

How to undo a Git rollback

I wanted to rollback to the last commit after making a massive error, but I managed to rollback a little too fair. The commit I wanted to reassert doesn’t appear when I enter ‘git log’ in bash (I suppose because it’s no longer in the history). Is there any way I can recover the last […]

Eclipse or Maven add /target to gitignore

I’m using Maven and Git with a Java EE project (EAR, EJB and WEB), in Eclipse the workspace is rebuilding in loop beacause something adds “/target” to my .gitignore. This is my gitignore : *.class *.settings *.project *.classpath target # Package Files # *.jar *.war *.ear /target /target /target /target /target /target … (more and […]

Create Eclipse Project from Android Git

I’ve downloaded one of the open source Android Applications (the music application) from the Android git, and I’m trying to create a new project from the source. Creating a new project using that existing source doesn’t work giving me an “invalid description error”. Any help?

Arrow up and number on Eclipse meaning

I’m working on a project using Eclipse with Maven and Bitbucket. Right now I can’t do any commit, I mean even if I press the commit button, I can’t see it on Bitbucket. Furthermore, next to my project’s name I got a symbol with an arrow up and the number 2 next to it. What […]

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