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Renaming and app ID using Android Studio

I have tried several advises from this selfsame side with no luck, yes. The problem I run into is essentially about the .R file during the generating of the APK. Here is an error log quote: C:\Users\But Dust\Videos\qaoverflow-master\qaoverflow-master\app\src\main\java\org\qaoverflow\q2android\authentication\AuthenticatorActivity.java Error:(12, 32) error: cannot find symbol class R C:\Users\But Dust\Videos\qaoverflow-master\qaoverflow-master\app\src\main\java\org\qaoverflow\q2android\interfaces\Q2ARequest.java Error:(7, 32) error: cannot find symbol class […]

401 Unauthorized error by eclipse while cloning from git repository hosted on Apache Http Server

I have hosted git repository on Apache Http server and I have used Basic Authentication and git (git-http-backend.exe). I can clone, pull, push using command promt by providing username and password but When, I tried to clone through eclipse (mars.1) is showing 401 Unauthorized Below is my httpd.conf SetEnv GIT_PROJECT_ROOT C:/Repositories SetEnv GIT_HTTP_EXPORT_ALL SetEnv REMOTE_USER=$REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER […]

Compare files with master repo using git eclipse plugin

I need to replace my local file with my master. I am using eclipse git plugin. So i right click the file using compare with and i click index with head, it says file is not staged. What is this staged and how can i make it staged now? My second question is, suppose i […]

Do i run git init in the src folder or in the project folder of my workspace?

I couldn’t find a question that similar to mine but the point I’m asking is where do I run git init? Do I run it in the src folder where my code is or in the project folder which contain the src folder and a bin folder? I’m working with eclipse and gitBash. Hope this […]

How to specify/change git merge strategy in E Git plugin

We want to change the default merge strategy provided by E Git.From git scm reference it is specified that merge strategy can be given by -X. Can it be done from eclipse as well?? Thanks in advance.

creating multiple .gitconfig

I am new to Git. I have gone through couple of on-line tutorials. I want to do some hands on to understand it better. I am using eclipse EGit plug in(not installed git in the system). I created a git remote repository and added 2 users for the project. Now I want to try out […]

Import existing project into eclipse, it auto combine old version with the new one

I want to import project A to eclipse(GGTS),but I already have A which is an old version but of same name. When I use import existing project, it automatically combine two version together but I don’t want this happen. I also use git so I’m not sure what make this happen.

Solved: Integrate (embed) Openfire-Server into another Java-Project

I cloned the Openfire-Source from Git-Repository (https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire), set it up into Eclipse and did an Ant-Build of it. Openfire is running with my prefered custom configuration and is connected to an MySQL-Database, which stores users, passwords… Launching the server from Eclipse works fine. My goal is to start Openfire “invisible” from another Java-Project (JavaFX in […]

Android commiting enviroment changes?

I have one beginner question. I am developing Android app using Eclipse. I use Git also. Occasionally, when I do git status, I see unstaged changes, although I did not actually do anything. These changes are probably done by Eclipse itself. For example “git status” gives me: modified: myproject/.classpath modified: myproject/bin/Project.apk modified: myproject/bin/classes.dex modified: myproject/bin/resources.ap_ […]

How to integrate git hooks with eclipse

I am trying to setup pre-commit hook which we have customized to our requirement . It is working fine in git bash but it is unable to pick up the hook from eclipse . How can I integrate or configure so the pre-commit hook gets invoked.

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