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eclipse : impossible to import git project

I got a problem with my eclipse, on debian. When I try to import a git project from github, using egit I got a Couldn’t create temporary repository. error after having set my project properties. However, I works ok when using running eclipse with sudo. I think it would be related to wrong permissions somewhere, […]

Linking bare repo to actual repo in Git and post-receive hooks

So far from reading the git tutorails I have understood that for sharing my project files residing in my ubuntu linux server I need to create a bare repository and link it to the actual repository, so that when users clone the actual repo they get the actual repo having the actual work files. And […]

svn diff offline

dueto historical reason, I do have a very old vm with eclipse 3.2 running and a lot of uncommited code. The source code management was svn, but this server doesn’t exist any more. Now everything is located in a git repository. My question is, is there any way to run the svn diff or something […]

Show git versions in php explorer

I’m using Eclipse 4.3 Kepler and I have Egit installed. I want to display current project versions in my php explore but for now I can only see them in the Git Repositories view. How to display version next to the project’s name ? I saw it before but I can’t make it.

How updating existing project from remote repository?

I have my project on bitbucket using Git. I want to work on this project from several computers. Commiting the project using EGit in Eclipse works without problems. So far I always delete my project and import a fresh project from the latest commit from bitbucket. But how can I update an existing project in […]

How to stop Egit committing additional source folders in Flash Builder

I’m using Flash Builder 4.6 (Eclipse 3.7) and Git (eGit plugin). My project has some additional source folders configured under “Build Path > Source path”. When I run a commit, for some reason eGit sees these external files and wants to add and commit them with paths like: [source path] fruit/com/company/Apple.as [source path] fruit/com/company/Banana.as Obviously […]

Can't fetch latest commits from GitHub with egit on Eclipse

I successfully commit some changes from one PC and push to GitHub. Then, I fetch from upstream with egit in Eclipse on the other PC, but nothing can be fetched. I can see the changes in synchronize view[team-advanced-synchronize-fetch_head]. What’s going wrong here? You can see my repository on GitHub, as well as the most recent […]

How do I set up a new Java project with Eclipse, Maven, Grails and git?

I’m new to Grails development and would like to set up a new project, so I can use Eclipse as IDE and build it on my CI (Jenkins) with Maven. This is my environment: Java 1.6.0 Grails 2.1.0 Maven 2.2.1 Eclipse Juno with the m2e and egit plugins I used the following commands from http://grails.org/doc/latest/guide/commandLine.html#antAndMaven: […]

Android Version Control and Git

I have a large Android Library project of reusable components that multiple application use. This library is under git control. The multiple applications that use this Android Library need to point to different commits of the Android Library project (Git Submodules). But Eclipse does not let submodules be children directories of the current project but […]

Internal error memory limit exceeded

I was using svn as repository. Recently I was asked to move to Git. I am using EGit plugin for eclipse. But whenever I try to do Team -> Synchronize Workspace , I am facing below error An internal error occurred: Synchronizing Git. GC limit exceeded. I googled it http://docs.oseems.com/general/application/eclipse/fix-gc-overhead-limit-exceeded and tried increasing the heap […]

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