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Unable to install EGit plugin on Eclipe Helios

I am unable to install Eclipse plugin for Git (EGit) in my Eclipse (Helios version 2). Have tried to install EGit through url in eclipse install new Software : http://download.eclipse.org/egit/updates I am getting below error : Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found. Software being installed: Eclipse EGit […]

Cannot import local git into Eclipse to create a new project (throws error “Connecting Git team provider failed”)

I created a git repository on my local computer: git init git add TestGit.java git commit -m “Start” I then went into Eclipse and chose to import and create a new project from that Git repo. During the Wizard steps, it recognized the .git directory and saw it as a repo (when I check in […]

I just installed EGit on Eclipse — but Where is it?

I just installed the EGit plugin for Eclipse, restarted Eclipse and it shows well in the Installed Software list but… I can’t find any added menus or access to its features? What am I missing? To prove that I am not hallucinating here is a screenshot of the list: But there is no hint or […]

Eclipse git pushes all branches instead of the current one only

I see this for egit‘s Push to Upstream: It says “Push current branch.” When I use it, all branches get pushed instead of only the current one. Is there a way to configure it to push only the current branch?

Integration-Manager Git Workflow using Jenkins/Hudson

I’m trying to implement a modified Integration-Manager workflow similar to what’s described in ProGit. Instead of an integration manager performing the merges, I want developers to merge locally before publishing their code, and I want a Quality Gateway that enforces our continuous integration standards, such as a minimum level of code coverage and 100% tests […]

How to checkout a file into previous revision in egit

could please anybody tell us if it is possible and if it is not, what is the best alternative to do it ? This is how it would be done in command line : git checkout HEAD~1 — path/to/file But if the project is big, navigating to that file in cmd can be annoying ….

Eclipse Git Synchronize does not display changes

No matter what I do, Eclipse (EGit) doesn’t display the changes. I’ve searched a lot for this issue, but cannot solve it. A friend of mine has the same issue. In the past everything worked fine, but from one day to the other the issue occured. When I hit Team > Synchronize Workspace, only the […]

Checking out a maven project from a git repository

I have installed m2eclipse and EGit, I can checkout a project from a git repository and I can build a maven project, but I cannot checkout a maven project from the git repository. The problem is, that the SCM URL field is empty (apart from EGit I have SVN team providers as well…) and when […]

EGit : How to prevent fast-forward merge?

The company I work for gave me the project of moving their java project from CVS to Git. For several reasons, they don’t want to use another tool than Eclipse. So we’re stuck with EGit. I searched a lot to find a workflow adapted to our project. This one seemed quite relevant and used by […]

Eclipse Java Projects in Git

I am trying to figure out the best way to create a java project in GIT. In particular I would like to create the git repository such that when I import from git in Eclipse, the project is automatically created correctly with all its .project settings intact and all other settings setup. I.E. if I […]

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