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Egit: Configure upstream for push and pull

I am using Eclipse with Git. I have a local repo, and I want to push that to my private github repo (for safekeeping). I am working alone, so there are no commits from others. Should I check “Configure upstream for push and pull” in the push dialog? And if yes, should I check “Merge…” […]

Hierarchy for developing several unrelated util packages

I developed a Java library and the package is called com.rachum.amir.util.permutation. I also have a github repo called Permutations, and an Eclipse project. Now I want to add some more stuff to my library, e.g., I want to develop a com.rachum.amir.util.range package. My question is how to arrange the repositories/directory structure. Should I create a […]

Failed to initialize Git team provider

whenever I add an Android project to a git repository using the eclipse plugin EGit I get this Error message Failed to initialize Git team provider. when visualising the error log I get this : Failed to initialize Git team provider. Problems encountered while moving resources. Could not move ‘/SearchInContatsWithLoader’. Could not move: D:\AndrComp\SearchInContatsWithLoader. Problems […]

Untracked files preventing branch checkout

I forgot to not put a number of Eclipse settings files into my git repo. I removed them from the current branch. However, I now cannot change, via Egit, to any branches that still track them. I get the “checkout conflicts” dialog and none of the three options provided do anything. I can’t commit or […]

Can I add a metadata to a source file in eclipse on save/commit/upload?

At work we use the svn $Id$-Property to track the most recent revision in our source files (particularily JavaScript files) on commit. For smaller freelance projects at home (Web or Java) I use eclipse and local git version tracking. I would love to add meta-data such as a timestamp or last saved revision to my […]

Best git structure for importing android dependent project with egit in eclipse

How can I easily import whole reposition from web (bitbucket) with EGIT in Eclipse that contains 3x Eclipse projects (one project and two library projects) into default git folder, if my Eclipse workspace folder already contains library projects. After warning on the picture : my projects lib are not found cause they are in different […]

Eclipse and EGit: how to commit build directories

I’m using Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) with CDT and EGit 2.0.0. I want to commit build directories (Debug and Release) because they contain makefile, so if I want to compile my project in a host without Eclipse, I can clone the repository, cd to the Release directory and call make all. My .gitignore is this: *.o […]

Problems keeping Git history after migrating from Eclipse to Android Studio

I want to migrate from Eclipse to Android Studio. The import works fine, but the file structure is different after import. I followed the steps in this thread, and copied the .git directory in the root of the newly imported Android-Studio project. But git does not seem to recognize my “moved” source files but lists […]

EGit and Git See Different Unstaged Files

I have read all the other questions regarding differences between EGit and Git when it comes to unstaged and dirty files but none of the proposed/accepted solutions worked for me. I am running Windows 7 and Cygwin. I have an Eclipse workspace in location “C:/Workspace”. When in Cygwin, in “/cygdrive/c/Workspace”: $ git status # On […]

Understanding git/eGit push/pull behaviour in Eclipse

Suppose two checkouts of a remote repository exist. When doing a commit/push in eGit from the first local repo and then a pull from second local repo, eGit shows a dialogue confirming the commit that is being pulled but in the editor, changed files’ contents do not update. My understanding is that git pull does […]

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