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Eclipse EGit, working with forked project. Getting updates from the original project

Hello everybody I have this “big” and frustrating problem, I have forked a project from git and as usual it is available in my account in GitHub. I then set up a project in eclipse selecting from an existing URI. All is ok, if I work with my own version of the project. What I […]

make eclipse rebuild mvn project after switching git branches

When I switch my git branch in eclipse (using egit plugin) I always need to do a mvn clean and generate-source call afterwards to get my code in a good state. It’s mildly annoying to do, and I risk forgetting to do it some time and running on stale code without realizing it. Is there […]

How can I change Signed-off-by Message of Eclipse EGit

EGit has the option add Signed-off-by message to any commit. For a project I am crontibuting, it is required to have an extended Signed-off-by message. They require to have the github handle added. Signed-off-by: Joe Smith <joe.smith@email.com> (github: github_handle) How can I change the default message?

Using Eclipse with multiple branches

I am new to serious programming and just decided to start using Git and GitHub to manage my projects more effectively. I created a local repo, synchronised it with a remote on GitHub, and created new branch for testing new concept. All works fine, but when I click on this new branch in Eclipse the […]

EGit does not commit

I had a Scala project, synchronized with GitHub. Then I had to reinstall my OS. I installed Eclipse and EGit, then imported the project from the remote location. Now, when I make changes to the project, commit does nothing. It does not open the dialog which lets me enter a message and select files to […]

Developing an application with multiple Eclipse projects using Git?

I have an Eclipse RCP application with many plugins (hence, many Eclipse projects) that are version-controlled in one Git repository. I cloned the repository to one directory and set up the Eclipse workspace in another directory, according to the recommendations for using EGit. The projects have been imported using File > Import > Git > […]

How do I do a text-only compare between git branches in Eclipse (with EGit)

Every comparison operation that I use seems to also compare the commits to each other, so that some of the differences highlighted are textually (including whitespace) identical but different because they come from commits that aren’t cherry-pick related to each other. Is there a setting that I can change so that commit-only differences are ignored […]

Share eclipse java project on github

I am trying to push a eclipse java project to github. That is how I am trying to do it: In the “git repositories” view, I added my repository, I just created on github: https://github.com/xxx/SpringTest.git Now I want to share my project to that git repository. I do that by right click on the project […]

Egit pull and merge changes

I was working locally on master branch. (by mistake) but it’s ok with me this time as I control my code. I took the following steps: Egit->commit and push (to master) Egit -> pull (to get other developers changes) I got a message that there is a conflict with one file and I merged it. […]

How to configure GIT HTTPS client certificate authentication in Eclipse using EGit?

I set up a GIT server (Gitblit) that uses HTTPS client authentication. I have a working configuration and key material with the standard GIT client on Linux (Debian). Until now I didn’t figure out how to correctly configure: The standard GIT client (command line, v1.9.5) on Windows (Win7 64) Eclipse (Luna) with EGit.

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