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Eclipse not respond when try to configure GIT

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit SSD Kingston i5-4690 Eclipse version: ALL Workspace: empty Problem: everytime i try to configure TEAM > GIT > configuration or i try to import/create local/remote git, eclipse freeze until i force to close it with task. I have already tryed a fresh install ( juno/mars/neon/oxygen ) 32/64 bit with and […]

Workspace and repo paths arrangement for eclipse and git

I’ve seen similar questions but some are very old and some are not quite what I’m looking for or have no answers. I have projects in Eclipse under /workspace/project1 and /workspace/project2. They are Gradle projects and are dependent on each other. I also have /workspace/project3 which is a Gradle project but independent. I need to […]

Is it possible to change Eclipse Git location and point it to Source tree embedded Git?

I want to change default Eclipse Git executable location with SourceTree installed embedded Git executable. But in eclipse where is the configuration to change git path ? Reason I am doing this is ,Source Tree has latest Git but separate installed version is not latest (As I don’t have installation right and Through Source Tree […]

Can't push to bitbucket from eclipse neon

When I’m trying to commit and push a rep in bitbucket from Eclipse Neon I get this message: When I push using command line it works perfectly! I tried to go to: eclipse/myeclipse > menu window > preferences > general > security > content > click “delete” > ok and then I re-entered my credentials […]

Git doesn't commit a file in eclipse

I have a web project in Eclipse Neon. I’ve made some changes in a Java file, after commit+pull+push actions that controller file was removed from the other persons working on that Git group. I’ve tried to delete and recreate that file, but when I try to commit git won’t commit that file. Also the icon […]

Eclipse Oxygen & org.eclipse.jface giving NullPointerException dialog

I’ve researched this one to death online and here. I’ve tried cleaning projects and eclipse -clean and some other stuff, but so far, no joy. I can’t tie it to any event, either; it just seemed to start happening out of the blue. This has been a stable use of Eclipse Oxygen for some time. […]

How to synchronize Eclipse project workspace with Git-BitBucket?

I am new to Eclipse as well as Git world. Following question may sound like really dumb thing to ask, but I have spent hours finding how to do it and found no way. We have a Git remote repository that I have cloned using Eclipse’s Git perspective. My team makes some changes to code […]

Changes don't appear in Unstaged changes

I’ve got a problem with my java project. I have imported the project from bitbucket, it works great. But, when I create a new class, It doesn’t appear in the Unstagged changes. I did search by myself, and I found that : So my class is a ignored ressource, I want it to be not […]

How to reference TFS work item when committing from Eclipse EGit or from git command line?

With the latest TFS Server and Eclipse with TEE plugin (Team Explorer Everywhere) how to reference TFS work item when committing from within Eclipse? We would like to gradually switch from TFVS to Git, that is supported in TFS now. But in Eclipse Commit dialog, there’s no way select work item. I guess it should […]

Can I work with Git command line if I've checked a project out using Eclipse's EGit?

…or will I break Eclipse integration? That’s what happened when I did corresponding command line changes in Subversion using Subclipse.

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