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eclipse compare editor stopped showing detailed differences

I’ve been using eclipse for java android development for 6 months and I love the compare editor. In the last few days I have been hacking away and I think I have all my git ducks in a row, or close enough that things are clean and neat and I can find old working versions […]

Eclipse luna – Internal error, trying to import from git

I am using Eclipse Luna, and I am trying to import a project from github. However, it says “Internal error; consult Eclipse error log” when I pasted the URI in: The project is valid. I’ve tried a few projects, and they all worked on my older Juno version of eclipse, but all failed on Luna, […]

Getting started with GitHub and Eclipse (spring source toolsuite 2.7.1)

I am new with both Git and GitHub so please bear with me. I have an empty repository on GitHub with an automatically created branch (gh-pages), which, I understand, is supposed to be used with GitHub’s pages functionality. Now what I would like to do is to create and eclipse project from which I could […]

How to create new project from GIT repo using Eclipse EGit

I have added a new GIT repo (private github repo) to Eclipse EGit repo explorer. In the working directory, our team has many projects – some python, some C++, some PHP – they are in different sub-directories. I choose a dir with python project and from the context menu I select “Import” then complete the […]

Unable to install EGit plugin on Eclipe Helios

I am unable to install Eclipse plugin for Git (EGit) in my Eclipse (Helios version 2). Have tried to install EGit through url in eclipse install new Software : http://download.eclipse.org/egit/updates I am getting below error : Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found. Software being installed: Eclipse EGit […]

Cannot import local git into Eclipse to create a new project (throws error “Connecting Git team provider failed”)

I created a git repository on my local computer: git init git add TestGit.java git commit -m “Start” I then went into Eclipse and chose to import and create a new project from that Git repo. During the Wizard steps, it recognized the .git directory and saw it as a repo (when I check in […]

I just installed EGit on Eclipse — but Where is it?

I just installed the EGit plugin for Eclipse, restarted Eclipse and it shows well in the Installed Software list but… I can’t find any added menus or access to its features? What am I missing? To prove that I am not hallucinating here is a screenshot of the list: But there is no hint or […]

Eclipse git pushes all branches instead of the current one only

I see this for egit‘s Push to Upstream: It says “Push current branch.” When I use it, all branches get pushed instead of only the current one. Is there a way to configure it to push only the current branch?

Integration-Manager Git Workflow using Jenkins/Hudson

I’m trying to implement a modified Integration-Manager workflow similar to what’s described in ProGit. Instead of an integration manager performing the merges, I want developers to merge locally before publishing their code, and I want a Quality Gateway that enforces our continuous integration standards, such as a minimum level of code coverage and 100% tests […]

How to checkout a file into previous revision in egit

could please anybody tell us if it is possible and if it is not, what is the best alternative to do it ? This is how it would be done in command line : git checkout HEAD~1 — path/to/file But if the project is big, navigating to that file in cmd can be annoying ….

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