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How to prevent Eclipse from automatically committing changes after every save

I am trying to set up GitHub Desktop ( on Windows 10 with an existing Eclipse Java project, created in Eclipse (Mars.2 Release (4.5.2)). I am able to initialize and successfully make an initial commit and push. However, after every file save operation in Eclipse, a new commit message appears in GitHub Desktop with the […]

Adding a folder from an Eclipse project to Git source control

I have an Eclipse Dynamic Web Project setup located in my local workspace. I want to place one of the folders of the project under Git source control. Is this possible? I don’t want the entire project in the repository, just a specific folder within WebContent. I have the EGit plugin and created a new […]

Why does my Eclipse “count objects” before pushing upstream to GIT each time

Every time I push a commit to upstream Git using Eclipse, it keeps counting thousands of objects. This happens even if I just commit a single line change. And it takes about 5-10 minutes. Why does Eclipse do this? Is there some configuration option I have selected which makes this happen? How could I stop […]

Configuration with name 'default' not found when Importing from Git

I’m Working in a project that first began in Eclipse. Then I migrated in Android Studio. I work in a Mac, and everything is OK. But then, when I try to download my Git Rep in my PC, I get this message: Configuration with name ‘default’ not found Here is my Project Organization: SP-Mobile progressWheel […]

Don't move project outside workspace while creating a EGit repo in Eclipse

I am working on a project which I want keep in my workspace. Also I want to create a repo from this project using EGit. It’s a normal behavior of EGit that it moves my files to GitRepos directory while creating a repo. I want to know if there is any way through which I […]

Eclipse “Computing Git status for repository Application”

I am using eclipse Kepler. But Eclipse is always busy in “Computing Git status for repository Application” when something changed and it eats up my CPUs, and pops up a dialog. I have to stop the dialog. Sometime later, it also pops up a same dialog. I try to upgrade eclipse and search some solutions […]

Maven: package does not exist

I was developing an application like ordinary Java Web application, but because I want to deploy it to Heroku, I needed it to become Maven project, so I created an empty Maven project with Eclipse and copied all of libraries I was using and all of my source code. When I do mvn compile on […]

Is it possible to Pull, Commit, and Push all in one workflow in EGit?

Is it possible to do a pull before a commit, and then push the commit to a remote branch all in one workflow, instead of going to: Team > Pull Team > Commit… Commit and Push or Team > Commit Team > Pull Team > Push to Upstream ?

Eclipse GIT reindex loop plus append .gitignore

After a clean install of STS – Spring Tool Suite, whenever it starts the indexing process never ends. lots of buiding workspace (Sleeping) occour in the progress view afted investigation, and just by luck I found opening Team View that .gitignore was appearing and desapearing. Every time a new entry /targetis appended to the file […]

Eclipse EGit CLRF unmodified files marked as modified in Linux 64 bit

I’m using EGit with Eclipse Juno for 64bit Linux, and it is showing many files as modified, even though they are not. It is possible this is because I’ve checked out this repository in the past with Windows. After fiddling around endlessly with core.autocrlf and workspace settings, I’m stuck. How do I get EGit to […]

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