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how to put an eclipse project into github

I have an empty repo in git hub. I have a project full of code in Eclipse. I have the EGit plugin installed in eclipse. If I right click on the project, and say share, then select git, it only gives the option to create a local repo – no ability to select a remote […]

How to check out a specific tag with Egit?

Egit is a popular Eclipse plugin that integrates Eclipse with Git/GitHub. With Git, if I want to work on a specific tag of a project, I clone that project and then run git checkout tags/<tagName> However, I don’t see how I can do this with Egit. Any ideas?

How to use EGit with SSH on Windows?

I am trying to import a git repository from remote into Eclipse 3.6 with EGit 2.1. I have generated a new SSH key and have also added the pub_key to authorized keys on server side. But I always get the error: read time out. – After Branch selection. When I clone the repository with same […]

Eclipse + Git – How to show only modified files in compare with option?

I’m trying to compare my project with a previous commit on git. Eclipse shows in the Git Tree Compare window every single file of the project, is there a way to show just the modified files? I’m using Eclipse Juno + EGit 2.0

Does EGit “Revert Commit” permanently delete the original commit?

I’m still learning Git’s workflow for doing things, and realized that I was accidentally in the wrong working branch when I committed some files. So using EGit, I listed the commit history and selected Revert Commit from the context menu for a couple of commits. I have since realized that I wanted those commits, but […]

Creating a branch from a remote branch (EGit)

I am using EGit 2.1.0 in eclipse juno. On a repository I right-click the origin/master branch in the Remote Tracking folder and create a new branch: Source ref: refs/remotes/origin/master Branch name: refs/heads/MyFeature Merge=true Checkout=true So the MyFeature branch is based on the content of origin/master at the time its created. As a result a local […]

Why is git still trying to add the classpath files?

I am working on a windows computer with cygwin using git with eclipse… git keeps trying to add the following files modified: EJB/.classpath modified: WAR/.classpath but if you look in my .gitignore it looks like this.. Flex/src/generated/ work/ logs/ build/ EJB/classes/ WAR/WebRoot/WEB-INF/classes/ .classpath EJB/.classpath com.genuitec.eclipse.persistence.jpa.prefs WAR/.classpath WAR/.classpath EJB/.classpath what else can I do or try?

Commit project not showing Commit Changes to Git Repository pop up window in eclipse

I want to uploate my manven project to github an watching 4.46 time in the video, there is “Commit Changes to Git Repository” pop up window. But When I do it, it doesn’t pop up such window at all. Instead what I have is as follows. I don’t see file structure to commit. I’m using […]

Downloading a source from a git repository using eclipse?

Possible Duplicate: Git plugin for eclipse I have a project on google code to download. Is there a way I use git clone project_url in eclipse and download the source code? Are there any plugins to do that? I’m using eclipse 3.4.2.

Eclipse Egit will not import repo in workspace

I am trying to import an existing git repository as an eclipse project. The repository is stored in the location ~/src/repo_dir, and ~/src/ is my eclipse workspace directory. If I use the sequence of menu operations: File –> Import –> Git –> Projects from Git –> Local –> (Select my repo) –> “Import as General […]

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