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EGit + Beanstalk – Auth Fail

I have Eclipse 3.5 and EGit 0.9.3 installed. Gitbash can authenticate fine to Beanstalk, but for some reason Eclipse gives me Auth Failed when I try to import/clone a repo into Eclipse. Also, I don’t seem to have git+ssh as a protocol option – why is that? I have copied my files from .ssh to […]

git repository clone failed. Connection Reset

I am using Bit bucket as my hosting site for the distributed version control systems (DVCS) Git. While Cloning the project and bringing into my eclipse it is giving me the error: Git repository clone failed. Connection reset While in wizard it does import till 50% Of my project and as soon as it reach […]

Issues with Eclipse using packages

Guys I am just working on a Compiler for group project and I am experiencing some issues. I am using git for the version control. Quite a lot of times since yesterday, after a merge My eclipse is messing up my packages. I have a src folder and two packages in it and eclipse is […]

.apk includes .git folder

I am in the very odd situation where my .apk files, both in debug and release mode, as exported by Eclipse, include the .git folder! I can not figure out why, I also checked the Java Build Path, nothing interesting in there. Thank you,

Android Eclipse test projects cannot be used with a project being built in an Android build tree

An Android Java project placed in a git repository and built in an Android tree in /packages/apps needs to have the project files located at the root of the git repository. This is problematic for creating a complementary Test project, which should ideally be included in the same git repository so commits are atomic for […]

project name doesn't change on the remote repository after renaming from eclipse

I’m using EGit with eclipse Mars. I have renamed some classes included the project name. When I push the commits to the remote repo., I can see the file names have been changed but the project name is unchanged. So now I have the new project name on my eclipse but the old project name […]

Eclipse 'Unhandled loop exception' on Team > Commit

I recently started using git with the egit plugin in eclipse, and I thought I had everything working. I cloned a remote repository to my machine, then made a change to a file, and went to commit the change via selecting the file in the project, and going to Team > Commit…. As soon as […]

Using multiple Git accounts

Is it possible to have multiple git accounts in Eclipse(egit) and choose which one to use each time? Example: I currently have a git account, with username: workuser and email: workuser@company.com and this account is used for the company’s repositories. I want to use another account which will be used for my github repositories and […]

C++11 settings in Eclipse Indexer conflict with git

In order to set up C++11 for specific projects, I’m required to add -std=c++11 to the CDT GCC Built-in Compiler Settings under Project -> Properties -> C/C++ General -> Preprocessor Include Paths, Macros etc. This creates a file called .settings/language.settings.xml under every project that requires C++11. This file contains the -std=c++11 setting. I’m committing this […]

Show author and revision in Label Decorations for egit (eclipse)

I have been searching but I failed to find a proper solution, is there any way to show the author name and revision number for GIT in eclipse, like we do in SVN. Under the label decoration section, I do not see the option of author and revision. EDIT: Something similar to Subclipse or Subversive

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