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Git: Automatically Commit on Publish or Restart of Web Aplication

When developing on my local, I would like to automatically commit all outstanding changes to Git every time I republishing my web project in Eclipse. This way I can get a good view of the steps that I took in my development activities. I will of course rebase before pushing to the public repository. I […]

git move sub project to the root of the reposotory

I am using GIT repository to check-in my changes. in repository, I have a project and under that I am checking in everything. But while configuring ‘OpenShift’ in eclipse using jbosstools, it is saying The project <projectname> is not at the root of your git repository and appears to be a sub-project. Please copy your […]

Importing an AWS project from git to local machine

I think this might be a silly question, but I am confused about how to import some any project from git to Eclipse. git source is https://github.com/awslabs/amazon-kinesis-data-visualization-sample I can’t import the project as general java project I need to import this as an aws java project.

Using git eclipse project with android-studio

I’m working on an android app project for a client. The project is developed using eclipse and is setup in github I’m using android-studio as I found it much more convenient than eclipse on ubuntu(eclipse seems to hang a lot on ubuntu 14.04). First time around I can do an “Import”. However on subsequent git […]

How can I setup Eclipse to avoid missing library projects when switching git branches?

I’m in an annoying situation with Eclipse and I want to know if there’s a better way I can setup my project / git repository to avoid having to constantly manually fix my project to compile. Background: While developing our Android App we had a version 1.1.x live and in git. We’re now working on […]

Missing WEB-INF file in Eclipse Dynamic Web Project

I’m collaborating via Git to create a Dynamic Web Project that uses JSPs. Since some arbitrary point a couple of days ago, I found that the project would refuse to run on the server, because Tomcat wasn’t recognising the imports at the top of the JSP files – which was bizarre, because the compiler wasn’t […]

Difficulty creating a brand new Eclipse project under version control of existing Git repositories?

I am new to Git and having difficulty understanding how (best) to create an Eclipse (Luna) project under Git version control when the repository already exists. My intuitive thought is that I should: 1.1) Create an empty remote (origin) repository, for example on GitHub. 1.2) Clone the remote repository to my local drive. 1.3) Make […]

Unable to add Axis2 facets to eclipse project with git-like structure

I have a git repository with a bunch of projects, I am checking them out inside my eclipse workspace so I end up with a directory structure similar to this: workspace gitRepoClone project1 project2 I am trying to activate the axis2 facet for project1, but it fails with a NullPointerException which I’ve tracked down to […]

Egit – staged files

I’ve an Egit repo shared between two workstations. It’s installed on Workstation A (master), while the B only acts as client. When B commits to the repo, A gets all the modified files tagged as “staged” (brown star icon). Anyway modifications on A are not visible at all, I need to perform a Hard Reset […]

How to delete a file locked by the Java Platform?

I am currently developing an app which clones Git repositories thanks to JGit (http://wiki.eclipse.org/JGit/User_Guide) every time a user logs on. When the user wants to quit the app, I want to delete the clone. Here’s the problem : when cloning a repository, a folder .git is created, in which can be found a file .pack […]

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