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Delete untracked files with eGit (Eclipse)

I’ve the following problem with eGit: I’m in the commit A with the repository just pulled. I create a file FILE, later i decide to discard it and go back to the previous point (before create the FILE). I’ve this actions but none work: Select Reset project with the option Hard (HEAD, index and working […]

How do I create a git repository over an eclipse project or vice versa?

I have a git repository that is just a directory tree (/myprogram/src/com/mycompany/test) with some source files. I wish to create an eclipse project around this repository. Both orders of create project in eclipse and git clone <url> <myprogram> from the command line give me a “folder already exists” error from whatever tool I use last. […]

Why is my git file history lost after performing a move refactor in eclipse?

I’ve performed several refactors in eclipse where I move a large set of files to another java package. These often result in a lot of files being automatically updated to resolve references. So, the commits in these cases tend to be quite large. I assumed that git tracked the renames and I could use git […]

“Invalid remote: origin” error when importing to Eclipse (m2eclipse, eGit)

In Eclipse when I try to import a project from a repository (File > Import > Maven > Check out Maven Projects from SCM) I select ‘git‘ (eGit installed), fill in the ssh://… address (all the keys and access permissions are set), finally type in the password for rsa and… Invalid remote: origin: Invalid remote: […]

GitLab + Eclipse + SSH – “Auth failed” or “cannot open git-upload-pack”

This week I set up an new GitLab server. It is running. Yesterday I forced him to be reachable via HTTPS for secure communication. In Eclipse I generated an RSA-Key via the preferences. But if I try to import an Git-Project (git@DOMAIN:GROUP/PROJECT.git) then: without password filled in, I got the response: Auth fail: Invalid password […]

How do I synchronize master and origin/master using egit in eclipse?

I created a local git repository, and I push changes from it to a gitosis remote that I created with git init my_git git remote add origin git@server:my_git … various adds and commits git push origin master:refs/heads/master Now, I edit and commit changes locally in eclipse, and when I commit, I see (using qgit) that […]

Git: Access Control? How to do in practice

how would one protect a GIT repository of a complete (java) application from having a developer getting access to all the source code in the repository. I know GIT is a distributed Versioning Control where a developer normally “downloads/fetches” the complete(!) repository. My Questions: How to sperate “modules/autonomous parts” in git? For example havng a […]

Egit ssh problems

I have been trying to get gitHub and Egit to cooperate, with no success. I installed github‘s software bundle and made an SSH key that way, but Egit gives me no prompt for the passphrase, and it gives me this error: Cannot get remote repository refs. Reason: ssh://git@github.com:22: passphrase for C:\Documents and Settings\User\.ssh\id_rsa I have […]

Using the JGIT, how can I retrieve the line numbers of added/deleted lines

Assuming the following piece of code is committed to a Git repository: int test(){ int a = 3; int b = 4; int c = a + b; return c; } and is later updated to int test(){ return 7; } I currently have a method which uses the JGit API in order to access […]

EGit – pull= failled and no conflicts

When i do Team -> Pull on my project I have result Failed, then below merge input i have tow modification but none of them is impacting the same file, so there is no conflicts. Why is this showing as failed? Is this a bug?

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