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Unable to install new software/check for updates eclipse

I’m trying to install subclipse on my desktop so i can use subversion. When I was at school with my laptop, the installation worked well and i was able to update and commit on the subversion, but, while i was at home, i tried to update and nothing worked. Then I tried on my desktop […]

Subclipse: how to keep a branch in sync?

¿How would I do the operation described here, which is very simple from the command line, with the subclipse plugin? I think I would make sure that my working copy is in sync with the branch, then I would go to “Merge…”. I’m not sure what to do in the popup! Edit: I have read […]

Is .settings/org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs part of the project?

Is the file .settings/org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs part of the project or is it part of my personal eclipse configuration? Should I add it to version control?

Bug with Eclipse Subversive update: Sharing a New project into repository is broken

A recent prompt for an update by Eclipse Neon contained an update to subversive. It failed because the component was not available at the neon update site. I therefore added the recommended polarion connector update site and updated. I now have the following installed; Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers. Version: Neon.1a Release (4.6.1) […]

Post-commit hook failed (exit code 3) with output

I’m trying to call a Jenkins job remotely using a post-commit script. I’m currently committing code through Eclipse Kepler/Subversive/SVNKit Connector. post-commit script: if svnlook dirs-changed -r “$REV” “$REPOS” | grep -qEe ‘^trunk/’; then wget –post-data=”job=APS-RemoteServerAction&token=SECRET&ACTION=deploy&ASSET_NAME=POST-COMMIT-TEST&DEPLOY_ENV=DEV&REVISION=$REV” “http://my.domain.com:8080/buildByToken/buildWithParameters” fi Screenshot of error through Eclipse: Important notes: Code does get committed properly, repository browser indicates a new version […]

Files have different revision numbers in Eclipse (Subversion)

A commit in Subversion increments the revision number for all files by 1(correct me if i’m wrong). But when I look in Eclipse, I see that files have different revision numbers: The revision number is behind the filename. Why is Eclipse showing different revision numbers for each file? I’m using the Subclipse plugin.

Eclipse subversive reconnect existing project

In eclipse I have subversive. I imported some existing projects already connected to svn. Yet, subversive doesn’t seem to be able to see the svn connection. I’ve checked the subversive page on http://www.eclipse.org/subversive/documentation/faq.php#checked, an d it gives two options. On is to disconnect first, but this option is not available. The second option says that […]

SVN for ClearCase user. How to use?

we used to work with IBM Rational ClearCase. now we started a new project on linux (ubuntu) and for that we use SVN (tortoise). i would like some help understanding it. for example: what is “making a baseline” in SVN? i don’t understand all this versions numbers. we a a MAIN trunck/branch (which should be […]

Project Directory Structure Problem in Eclipse

I am facing this weird problem ..When i checked out project from svn my whole project was in directory kind of structure ie. my package was like (folder inside another folder) MainProject + + +++project_1_name ++++++++src ++++++++++++com ++++++++++++++companyname ++++++++++++++++++ClassName + +++project_2_name ++++++++src ++++++++++++com ++++++++++++++companyname ++++++++++++++++++ClassName but i want it to be like MainProject + project_1_name […]

Aptana 1.5 “svn: Error resolving case of”

I’ve installed Aptana 1.5 today but after the install all my SVN projects give me an error like this when I try to commit, update, repair, etc: Access is denied. svn: Error resolving case of ‘C:\Users\Brayn\My Documents\Aptana Studio Workspace\PentruConstrucii’ I’ve uninstalled my previous version of aptana, reinstalled aptana 1.5, changed my workspace and it still […]

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