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Use gpg to sign git commits in eclipse

There is this nice feature from github to show that a git commit is signed using a gpg key. I followed the following articles: https://help.github.com/articles/adding-a-new-gpg-key-to-your-github-account/ https://help.github.com/articles/signing-commits-using-gpg/ and I’m now able to sign my commits and tags using the command line by default. (This is also visible/marked as “Verified” in the github repository) However eclipse refuses […]

Eclipse: How to export local history to a real SCM system like Git or SVN

I have an Eclipse project which started out as a smallish, quick’n’dirty, private hack. I did not bother to use a real SCM (source code management) system like Git or SVN, not even locally. What I have instead is a few days’ worth of Local History, an out-of-the-box Eclipse feature. As so often, the project […]

How can I stop eclipse+git on windows from screwing with file permissions?

We have files that should be executable, and are happily executable in git, but then editing and committing the file from Eclipse on Windows results in the file mode being changed to remove executability. This happens regardless of whether core.filemode is set to true or false.

Git Versioning and Library Projects

Please read both 1 and 2. If you are not an Android dev you could still help because this is a versioning problem as well. Here is the situation: I have inherited an android project created in IntelliJ and am currently importing it into Eclipse. But many obstacles lay in the way… In IntelliJ Android […]

Invalid channel 117 – Eclipse / EGit

I’m using the latest versions of Eclipse (4.2.1) and EGit (2.3.1) to push code to git repositories that are hosted at Assembla. Lately I start getting those messages: “Invalid channel 117”. The push seems to go trough, so it doesn’t really hurt, but it’s annoying because I cannot see the result of the push. Any […]

How do I share a papyrus project via git?

I have modelled some diagrams using the papyrus eclipse plugin. I want to share them in my git repository, so my coworkers can see and modify them. I simply copied all files to the repository. The can now all see the files in the repository, but when they open them in their eclipse, they only […]

EGit deleted my workspaces

So I need some serious help. I was looking into using EGit in eclipse. I created a test project and Team > share to a local git repository. I than committed the project to the repository. Cool I thought, but I didnt need this repository so I deleted it. Than my entire Project Explorer went […]

How do I manage an Android/Eclipse/Git project across multiple platforms?

I’m working on an Android group project, and have been running into issues with Eclipse’s .metadata folder and git. Originally, I didn’t include the .metadata folder, which caused one teammate’s eclipse workspace to completely break. The projects wouldn’t show up in the package explorer, and the SDK couldn’t be found. I am working under OSX […]

How to get src folder under project-root folder in github when staging from eclipse using egit

Current scenario : In Eclipse when we create a project, say a PyDev project named ‘SimpleGit’, the folder structure created by eclipse will be like EclipseWorkingDirectory/SimpleGit/src/ correct? If we add this to git using Egit, by right clicking on the project folder SimpleGit then Team>Share, The folder structure in which repo is formed like this […]

Eclipse create git repository failure

For one of my projects, when I try to create a git repository using these steps: select Team → Share Project → Git I would get this error: Checking Eclipse error log view shows the following exception: org.eclipse.jgit.errors.NoWorkTreeException: Bare Repository has neither a working tree, nor an index at org.eclipse.jgit.lib.Repository.getWorkTree(Repository.java:1235) at org.eclipse.egit.ui.internal.sharing.ExistingOrNewPage.fillTreeItemWithGitDirectory(ExistingOrNewPage.java:518) at org.eclipse.egit.ui.internal.sharing.ExistingOrNewPage.createControl(ExistingOrNewPage.java:353) at […]

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