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Git, SVN and Eclipse workflow

I am trying to adopt the following workflow: git svn clone a svn repository through command line (egit doesn’t support git-svn) Open the project in eclipse with egit since I rather use egit to branch, merge, commit etc… When i’m ready commit the changes back, I use use git svn dcommit to commit back to […]

How to use forked git project in Android Studio

I am switching from Eclipse to Android Studio. I have couple of 3rd party libraries that I have added features or modified a little bit. Since the libraries in Eclipse are also projects and we can access the code, I had no problem. In Android Studio compile tag in dependencies is great but in my […]

What is the meaning of this Eclipse icon?

I really don’t know which is the meaning of this icon. I’m using Eclipse Luna, and unfortunately I didn’t find the meaning in their help. I’m working on a Android app with NDK and I’ve noticed the icon after removed the obj/ folder from my git tracking. Can you tell me which is the meaning […]

Git review systems

Can anyone recommend a code review system that can be used from within the Eclipse IDE and work with Eclipse EGit integration? In the past we used SVN for our source control and that worked very nicely with the Atlassian Crucible connector. Using the Eclipse IDE connector in conjunction with its SVN integration you could […]

Git Working Directory to Eclipse Workspace

I have been building my maven project(s) within my spring tool suite work space and have now decided that I need to get busy with some version control. I have gone for GIT and have used the command line client to produce a local repository. So, I have a local repo – which is ready […]

gitignore won't ignore my .settings/ directory (created by eclipse)

git status: Untracked files: (use “git add <file>…” to include in what will be committed) .settings/ I’ve tried the following variations on my .gitignore file and nothing seems to work: .settings/ *settings* *.settings/ .settings/* I’ve never had this much trouble with .gitignore, it usually just works. I must be doing something real dumb. NOTE: My […]

Importing git project into workspace without using egit

I asked a question a relating to Egit a few weeks ago & it was suggested that I read pro git, which I have been referencing. I’d rather use git from the command line and wait for egit‘s stable release with the Eclipse Indigo release in June, because there are to many bugs and it […]

Intellij: Making a project dependent on another project?

I am new to using Intellij and I am facing a problem. I have a project, which is dependent on another project and this second project is integrated using maven repository. So when I work on my project, maven handles everything perfectly and everything is working. But the second project is under development and there […]

Keep getting Invalid author specified. Example: A U Thor <author@example.com>

Using Eclipse Indigo and egit, everytime I commit a pop up appears and has my name and email in the author and committer boxes. They look fine. however, egit tells me: Invalid author specified. Example: A U Thor <author@example.com> when, I copy and paste A U Thor <author@example.com> into the author box, the message goes […]

EGit Conflict Resolution GUI?

I think I am just merely (coming from an SVN background) confused with how Git conflicts are handled by EGit within Eclipse. I understand that it shows textually in the normal standard method by which to show conflicts as stated here: http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git-merge.html#_how_conflicts_are_presented however it isn’t very clean and with thousands of lines of code it […]

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