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Scala IDE and classpath

I have a Scala project I share via git between two (windows) machines. I have them set up using SBT and sbt-eclipse so I can edit and test within eclipse or build and test from the command-line. Unfortunately my user name (and, therefore, the user profile directory) is different on the different machines. This means […]

Git project in eclipse disappeared from workspace after a pull

My Java Project disappeared from the Project Explorer after I performed the following actions with egit: Commit Successfully performed Push to upstream Didn’t succeed (not sure about the reason but I think it was because a pull was required first) Pull Egit says the project merged successfully After I closed the window containing the info […]

Can I setup Git to tell me each time a certain file(s) has been modified

Is it possible to set Git up in a way that it will tell me when a choice file(s) has been modified. I would like this to be setup similarly to a git hook, but I don’t need to know when anything in the whole project has been changed only a choice file. This is […]

Eclipse not showing project files with git provider

I created a git folder on my disk and did git init, git config –global user.name and git config –global user.email I forked a repository on github and cloned it on STS by going through the following menu options in Eclipse: File -> Import -> Projects from git -> Clone URI –> entered destination as […]

EGit: Issuing a fast-forward pull ~ How to configure fetch for a remote repository in EGit

So let me set up my scenario. I am using EGit 4.1.1 in Spring Tool Suite (Eclipse 4.5.1). My tech-savvy coworker and I have cloned the same git repository from a remote URL. My tech-savvy coworker, who prefers the command line, does his file modification using VIM, then issues the commands git add . git […]

Trouble running Eclipse project in IntelliJ

I have created a project in Eclipse, where the main entry point is a JFrame. I have then exported this project to GitHub and cloned the repository for use in IntelliJ. However, when trying to run the project in IntelliJ, it cannot detect the JFrame extension as a main entry point.

Can not find or load the main class , why?

I have Git repository on Github. I clone it using EGit plugin inside Eclipse Mars. In the package explorer, I imported the existing git local repository into a general eclipse project. I then converted the default project to Java type using this answer : https://stackoverflow.com/a/13750958/813853 I set the /src/ folder as Source folder. When I […]

eclipse eGit – what file types to commit?

I am working on an android app in eclipse ADT and just started to use eGit (git plugin). I set up my repository outside of the workspace – and I am about to do my first commit. Now, when I do the commit there is a dialog to choose what files do I want to […]

Android Crashlytics Eclipse: what to commit to git?

I am very confused, I am working with Eclipse (that is a requirement), switched to the new Crashlytics (Fabric) and now I am very confused about what should and what shouldn’t be committed to git…. Please what are we supposed to add to git when we work with Crashlytics? What should be excluded?

Jenkins monitoring plugin for Eclipse

Here is my eclipse configuration: Eclipse Neon, EGit – Git Team Provider 4.3.1, M2E Plugin for Maven Integration, a remote repository on github.com What I am able to do: Import the remote repository into workspace. Commit and Push changes to the github.com remote repository Build using M2E Plugin My Question I have installed Jenkins on […]

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