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how to resolve conflict with git after autoformat in Eclipse?

We have two users working on the same class files in two separate git branches. User A does nothing else but an “autoformat” Ctrl-Sift-F in Eclipse User B just adds a space in a comment Now we get a “conflicting change” and can’t merge anymore. Basically we are stuck just because of the autoformat. How […]

How do I continue development once my pull has been applied, without using the pull request

I’m having troubles phrasing this clearly, but I’ll give it a shot. Situation: I forked a Repository as my master then cloned it locally. Made my changes, and sent a pull request. The pull request has been closed, and has been “added manually” (patch and apply). Question: How do I get my local (and remote) […]

How to compile a Jenkins workspace to a .jar

I have a Jenkins hooked up with my Git. That works perfectly, it has .git, .settings, bin, src, .classpath, and .project in the job workspace. But what I wanted is, how do I compile all of this to a .jar and send it to a directory using SSH. The SSH part I know how to […]

Git repo outside of Eclipse workspace

(for some reason I can’t log in with my old account, sorry for the unfriendly username) I’m using Eclipse and git. There have been several discussions about having the git repository outside of the Eclipse workspace. This is one of them: Should I store git repository in Home or Eclipse Workspace? So, I created a […]

Git push timeout when using post-receive-email hook

I’m using Git control version system through Eclipse (Egit plugin). I’ve configured the post-receive-email hook to trigger an email every time I push to the remote repository. The hook is working as expected (I got a new email on every change), but I have to “push” twice. When I make the first push, it always […]

GIT Pulling and merging generates Staged files and conflicts

We started using GIT instead of SVN in our company and although personally I have been using it for a while, we are having problems to work as a team where changes occur frequently. We decided to go with the GITFlow Workflow and we use Eclipse (w/ EGit) to do the development of our software. […]

JGit: Transport Exception – reject HostKey: bitbucket.org

I am using JGit to create and clone a repository (the remote is a bitbucket repo – and yes, I added my deployment key). In essence, I: Create repository Disable JSch strict hostkey checking Set JSch credentials (my ssh key is password protected, hence JSch will fail if I don’t specify a password) Clone the […]

Issue with “git pull”

Yesterday I encountered the following behaviour using the GIT command line (and Eclipse). Via command line I did git pull origin master Afterwards Eclipse showed me that my branch is 14 commits ahead of the remote branch I resetted the branch to the remote branch via git reset –hard origin/master I pulled again, same result. […]

The Git Repositories tab from eclipse it's empty

I added one repository on eclipse, but when i tried to add a second one both repositories are disappeared. I try to add an existing to view but the eclipse says “1 directories are hidden as they have already been added”. How to make they show again? Thanks.

What's the fastest way to get all build errors in a Java project?

Currently I’m looking at integrating some build processes into my source control (Git hooks specifically). I’m trying to write a pre-commit hook that checks for build errors in my Java project (a medium-large test development project) and fails to allow commits that contain errors in the build. This is turning out to be rather challenging. […]

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