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Referencing a git repository in my Java File (Eclipse)

I’m creating a new Java project in Eclipse. The very first thing that I want to do is to be able to access code that I pulled in from a Git repository. I do not want to change the git code at all – I just need to import it into my code so that […]

Execute custom command after performing pull using eGit

Is it possible to configure such a custom setup within Eclipse? I’d like to be able to .. Open Eclipse pull on my project once pull completes, automatically run myScript.sh (which resides at root of the project)

Multiple Eclipse Projects all tied to one central Git repo…how do I hide parent packages?

Scenario: We have a Git repository that contains all of our Java source code which is laid out in according to it’s package infrastructure.I want to refactor all the source code into smaller jars for simplicity and manageability. Since the Git repo is already being used by several developers, we do not want to redo […]

How to manage eclipse git authority?

I am working on a java web application project with Eclipse. My team uses Git(which is basically included in Eclipse Luna) as a code merging tool. What I want to do is separate authority by users. like github.com. (As you know, people commit their soucecode in local repository and request ‘pull request’ to Super user. […]

How to Merge a git branch in Eclipse Luna

Eclipse integration with Git is incredibly confusing; this question focuses on one area of trouble — merging. We have the master branch. In order to do experimental work, I created a test branch, changed the code. When it was done, I want to merge it back. The Git repositories view shows: quiz2 [master] Branches Local […]

github,eclipse and android

I’m new to git. I want to create a new project with Eclipse, and use Github to manage it. The problem is, Github suggested me to add a .gitignore file to let it ignore files in bin, but once I did that, there is a new master in the Github’s repository. Then when I tried […]

Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

I try to start program sample from this GIT hub’s link : https://github.com/yandex-money/yandex-money-sdk-android. I use Eclipse. But when it is begin running, an error appears : one of them – Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo java.lang.ClassNotFoundException. The logcat below: W/dalvikvm(4201): threadid=1: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x40af49f0) E/AndroidRuntime(4201): FATAL EXCEPTION: main E/AndroidRuntime(4201): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to […]

Eclipse: large number of conflicts to resolve

After the latest merge with the master branch I ended up having a couple of hundred conflicting files in my branch. Resolving conflict in a single file is simple. I’m using Eclipse, so I just open Merge Tool, select ‘Two-way comparison’ instead of ‘Three-way’, click ‘copy all non-conflicting changes from right to left’, save changes […]

Cannot clone repository with bitbucket and Github…Java

Im using eclipse Luna, when I use the “git clone url”, it gets the files and all from the repository, but, when I Import the project, It don’t says the ” master”, and I can’t make pull or anything related :(. What’s wrong?

How to import github maven project as jar file in Eclipse?

I want to use the following github project as a compiled one to be referenced by my own eclipse project (java): https://github.com/HaraldWalker/user-agent-utils I don’t use Maven. How do I reference this github project so I can use its libraries in my own project? Does it have to be turned into a JAR or is there […]

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