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Pull a single file from the origin (Git)

Im using eclipse plugin EGit in my project.And I have deleted the a file in my eclipse workspace.Through eclipse how can I pull that specific single file again to my workspace? What are steps to do that in egit? As you can see I have deleted the member class. 🙂

bitbucket git push not permitted

i am trying to push code to bitbucket account from eclipse, where i am getting error *”push not permitted”*, i am able to clone and get files from the bitbucket repository. i am facing problem while pushing to upstream command in eclipse git, am getting below error git@bitbucket.org:codedevelopers/coder.git push not permitted i am not admin, […]

Git rollback then step forward in commits

I have a project on github that is cloned to a local repo. Somewhere in the last 40 commits I changed something that broke the code without realizing it till now. So I have a two part question: What is the best way to “roll back”, or I guess, revert my local repo to the […]

Eclipse git plugin and a method to fetch current branch – commit id to Java code version info string

I’m using git plugin for Eclipse, as do my daily build, it becomes difficult to track which version of the build from the git is been tested. Unless there is way to auto fetch the branch and commit id from the git plugin and generate a static String version information in the code during each […]

EGit push to remote is opposite what I expect it to do

This is what I want to do: use Eclipse and Git (EGit) use EGit to clone a remote repository to my local copy make changes to my local copy push those changes back to the remote repository This is what I see: after the push, the staged changes on the remote repository are the opposite […]

Controlling Which GIT Branch is Deployed to AWS ElasticBeanstalk via Eclipse Plugin

I’m using GIT and the feature-branch workflow for my local development. I’m also using the AWS SDK / Eclipse plugin for my application deployments to my ElasticBeanstalk Tomcat server. Recently I encountered a problem where new Java classes I had added to my codebase were not being deployed to ElasticBeanstalk (i.e., the compiled class files […]

.gitignore /lib from project but keep it on all local repositories (of all members)

Is there a simpler solution than what I have tried? I want to start a git project with come friends and I have already created a template with all relevant libraries (so they don’t have to add them manually). How can I make sure now, that they get the libraries and we can all modify […]

eclipse intellij can use Github for same project

Is it possible to create one project in GitHub, and two teams who are using different IDE like Eclipse and Intellij can configure project with github and can work simultaneously on same project? I have searched it but not able to find proper solution for it.

Github EGit and Netbeans git: push not working

I had a repository that I have been updating for a few months with perfect ease from within Eclipse & Netbeans. Then one day, it asked me for my password again. I kept putting in my password, but it still didn’t work. I went into my github account, pressed the security and revoked all of […]

EGit/GitHub on eclipse/pydev : how to push my new code?

I am working with github/egit with eclipse. Today I worked on a project: I synchronized the workspace and solved all the conflicts (just overwrited local changes) I worked on the project. Nobody else was working on it during this time I commited my changes Now I want to push it. But I have no idea […]

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