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Problems with installation of Android Studio on Windows 10

Unable to install Android Studio on Windows 10 64-bit Operating System Java 1.8.0_121 Android Studio 2.2.3 Gradle 2.14.1 java.io.IOException: Cannot download ‘https://dl.google.com/android/repository/android_m2repository_r44.zip’: Read timed out , response: 200 OK Warning: An error occurred while preparing SDK package Android Support Repository: Cannot download ‘https://dl.google.com/android/repository/android_m2repository_r44.zip’: Read timed out , response: 200 OK. java.io.IOException: Cannot download ‘https://dl.google.com/android/repository/google_m2repository_gms_v9_rc41_wear_2_0_rc6.zip’: Read […]

How to initialize git for a new eclipse (neon) java project

I installed a fresh copy of eclipse Neon, and created a new gradle java project in a new and shiny workspace. What is the best practice for adding git to the party? I read that initializing git in the project directory is really a bad idea. What is a particularly good idea then?! Thanks!

How do I block commit in Eclipse if there are special TODO tags in code?

Can Eclipse warn or prevent Git commits if there are special tags in the code? These would not necessarily be TODO tags, but rather something like DEVONLY to indicate logging or instrumentation that was inserted temporarily for development, and which should not go to the shared repository. Intellij supports this. How can this be done […]

Enabling Shortcut Keys in Eclipse

I am new to Git Project Configuration in Eclipse. Before This I was working with a Project Check out from SVN. That Time i could use some shortcut keys. Like If i m using like object obj. means it shows all the methods in the corresponding class. But after moving to Git Project if i […]

git eclipse synchronize workspace shows too many incoming changes due to line endings

In Windows, I’m using the egit plugin freshly upgraded to the 20120613 version. git status and git diff on the command line show the correct uncommitted changes. In Eclipse the Project Explorer shows correctly the projects and files that have modifications. UNFORTUNATELY: If I right-click on a project and select Team / Synchronize Workspace it […]

EGit not pushing, says it's already up to date

I’m trying using git in eclipse for the first time, and I’m stuck. Brand new project, only one branch. I did the initial push to github, works great. Than I changed something, commited the change in my local git (shows in the history), but when trying to push, it’s saying everything is up to date. […]

Dissapearing Git Repository in eGit

This is the second time this has happened to me, and I don’t know what’s happening. I have a Git repository that I manage within Eclipse using eGit. I’ve been working with this repository steadily for months. Suddenly the repository is no longer available in the “Git Repositories” view. I try to add it back […]

gitignore android include the apk

In my repository I want to exclude all the binary files, all the generated files etc. But I do want to include the final apk file. I picked up the standard gitignore for android(see here) and changed it according to this question. But now it is not ignoring the bin/res folder. Of course I can […]

How to partition a JSF project for developers vs UI coders, when using Git as the code repository

I am migrating my JSF application to Cloudbees – basically a Maven/Jenkins/Git platform. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of experience with Maven/Jenkins/Git. I want to create a simple way that UI developers can stay in synch with the xhtml and related UI files, without needing the Java code on their machines. Java developers would […]

EGit and Eclipse… how to add a new .java class from Git Repo View?

Since git moved my project to be under its own /git/ directory, I have lost the ease of use of things like right clicking in the project and choosing things like ‘New’ -> ‘Java Class’. The source folder, Package and Superclass fields are blank by default when I try this from the Git Repositories View, […]

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