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How to most efficiently tie a git build version number, to an apk version with eclipse?

I use eclipse to build an android app, and git running locally for version control. Currently I have a value in strings.xml that represents the version number. If i change that number, the very next thing I do is a code commit in git using the same version number in the comment, so that I […]

Gitstats Eclipse

While working in Eclipse with .git is noticed Eclipse makes a nice folder for gitstats in the project folder. I attemted to use these files to generate gitstats output, but i cant seem to get it done. Can someone explain to me how to use these files to get gitstats output. I do have Python, […]

Cannot make header be indexed

I have a C project in eclipse (TI code composer dist) and have recently started using egit to commit and push to github. I recently accidentally right-clicked on a header file and selected ignore instead of what I had mean to select. However the ignore icon overlay (the little grey x) did not show up […]

git and eclipse workbench

I’m totally new to git and have a question related to the work bench. I do stuffs in java so I would ask in term of java. When you commit files to git repository, do we commit .java, .class files? Or it is ok to put the whole work bench into the local git folder […]

pull from non local git repository using Egit

I am trying to do a “pull” from my git repository on bitbucket, using Egit (Eclipse). I can do “push” without any problems, but when I try to pull I get the error message: The current branch is not configured for pull No value for key branch.master.merge found in configuration I have tried creating new […]

Using Eclipse to interface with GitHub for non-supported language

I use Git via Eclipse for source control on my Python and Javascript projects and find it really useful. I also use a piece of building energy simulation software, EnergyPlus and would like to use Git and Eclipse for managing input files for this. There is no plugin available for EnergyPlus specifically but is there […]

Pull a single file from the origin (Git)

Im using eclipse plugin EGit in my project.And I have deleted the a file in my eclipse workspace.Through eclipse how can I pull that specific single file again to my workspace? What are steps to do that in egit? As you can see I have deleted the member class. 🙂

bitbucket git push not permitted

i am trying to push code to bitbucket account from eclipse, where i am getting error *”push not permitted”*, i am able to clone and get files from the bitbucket repository. i am facing problem while pushing to upstream command in eclipse git, am getting below error git@bitbucket.org:codedevelopers/coder.git push not permitted i am not admin, […]

Git rollback then step forward in commits

I have a project on github that is cloned to a local repo. Somewhere in the last 40 commits I changed something that broke the code without realizing it till now. So I have a two part question: What is the best way to “roll back”, or I guess, revert my local repo to the […]

Eclipse git plugin and a method to fetch current branch – commit id to Java code version info string

I’m using git plugin for Eclipse, as do my daily build, it becomes difficult to track which version of the build from the git is been tested. Unless there is way to auto fetch the branch and commit id from the git plugin and generate a static String version information in the code during each […]

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