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In Eclipse/EGit how can I see unpushed commits?

Using Eclipse (EGit) how do I see/review commits that haven’t been pushed to origin yet? This is what the history looks like:

Eclipse Import > Git Option Not Available

I am trying to import a git project, but the git option is not available under “Import.” I have Eclipse 3.7.2, and EGit is already installed. I’ve done Git imports before on this version of Eclipse, but I didn’t have this issue before. I am on a different computer, reinstalling everything, and trying to get […]

Access Git Repository using Eclipse and Netbeans Plugins with LDAP Users

I’ve configure a git server. I need to use ssh because I’ve defined permissions using users of my domain, using LDAP. Only users with permissions could read a project. So, the links to access my repositories are like that: ssh://user@domain.com@hostname/var/git/repo.git When I clone, commit or push a project using linux git commands or using tortoisegit […]

Where to put Git repository in Eclipse?

If I try to put repository inside project folder it warns it is not recommended to put git repository inside workspace. If I try to create intermediate folder it swears “overlaps the location of another project” at the stage of creating new project. And if I try to create project inside workspace and repository outside, […]

“An internal error occurred” when trying to commit to git from eGit in Eclipse

[SOLVED] Somehow, I managed to not have “write” permissions to the .git directory. So was trying to write the commit and getting bounced. I’ve been using Eclipse for a few months, but had been just running git from the CLI. I decided that was inefficient and that I wanted to use eGit, so I started […]

How to cherry pick from branch A to branch B on a system without history?

Suppose I have a new system with no git history and I take a fresh checkout of branch A. Branch A already has a commit C1 which I did yesterday from some other system. Now I want to cherry-pick this commit C1 in branch B. Issue: If I take checkout of branch A and go […]

Failed to copy Manifest

I downloaded a project from git through eclipse. When I try to run my project I would get this error: [2013-01-26 21:16:43 – FOLDERNAME] /FOLDERNAME/gen already exists but is not a source folder. Convert to a source folder or rename it. After I delete the gen folder, I would get this error when I try […]

How Do I Push an Existing Eclipse Project Up to Bitbucket With EGIT?

I have a project for an interview I need to get onto Bitbucket. I normally use Github, so the slight change is throwing me off. I coded the project, tested it, and it works fine. Now I want to get it up on the repository, but can’t. I installed EGIT to my Eclipse instance on […]

Eclipse Git gitignore file is ignored

I have an Android project in which I wish GIT to ignore the bin and gen folders. Therefore, I have placed in the directory of the project (I have also tried it at a level higher) the following .gitignore file: # built application files *.apk *.ap_ # files for the dex VM *.dex # Java […]

EGit with Eclipse, what does this mean?

From this screenshot, what does the “box2” part mean? Also, does the box before the “2” mean that I’m missing a font or something?? I think i saw somewhere that there should be an arrow icon before the number. I assumed it means that there are 2 local changes that haven’t been committed, but when […]

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