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How to easily Git commit in Eclipse Neon

I just upgraded to Eclipse Neon from Mars. Earlier I could just select “Commit” from the “Team” menu, and the dialog would provide checkboxes for the files I wanted to stage. I could easily hit “select all” and all files would be staged. In fact, the files already in the repository would already be checked, […]

Egit shows all files as changed

I’m working with Git on my Windows 7 PC on the command line and with TortoiseGit. This works fine. Now I’ve installed EGit for Eclipse. EGit is showing all files as changed although git status correctly reports, that there are no changes. Any idea what’s wrong?

Importing multiple maven projects from git into eclipse

I’ve got a git repository with two Maven projects “foo” and “bar”. The structure of the cloned repo is as follows: myrepo .git foo pom.xml bar pom.xml What I want Two projects “foo” and “bar” in my workspace with maven nature and working Team menu. I’m running Eclipse 3.7 with m2e 1.0.0. I tried the […]

Failed, DIRTY_WORKTREE in eclipse, how to solve it?

I am currently working on a java project and when committing my changes and pulling I get the following error. I don’t know how to resolve it: I tried everything, but can’t seem to fix the problem, can someone please help me? To be clear, I am using ecplipse.

Eclipse egit : How to synchronize with remote repo?

I am new to GIT and I used to commit to my local copy and then “push” to remote repository. Recently I modified my code from another computer and wanted to synchronize changes with my home-computer. But in the git synchronise view , after I mark files as “Mark as merged”(after resolving changes with local […]

How do I setup my Git repositories for Android development in Eclipse?

I need some help with properly versioning my Android project with Git/Eclipse. I have no problem setting this up with a single Android project. However, I am trying to figure out the proper and correct way to set this up, if I add one or more third party Android libraries to my main project (e.g. […]

Git commit not possible. There are no staged files

I am using EGits with Eclipse and running into some issues. I have one change from head; I have made one new class. When I right click on this class and click “push”, the following dialog shows and I cannot get past it : Anyway, I need to push this file because I can’t commit […]

Eclipse project-wide error: Warning: The environment variable HOME is not set. The following directory will be used to store the Git

Started Eclipse and got this error. How do I fix it? Warning: The environment variable HOME is not set. The following directory will be used to store the Git user global configuration and to define the default location to store repositories: ‘C:\Documents and Settings\Wizard’. If this is not correct please set the HOME environment variable […]

How do you do merges using Git, Eclipse and Egit

I, like many others, love Eclipse as my ide of choice, and because of the way I work (moving about, different places, different projects) want to use Git for CVS. There is a plugin for Git in Eclipse, Egit, which is now an official Eclipse project, and currently at version 0.7.1. As I’ve just started […]

Why is not recommended to have an Eclipse project folder as a Git repository?

When sharing a project as git and trying to make the Eclipse project folder as the git repository, Eclipse says that it is not recommended to do so and that it should be outside the Eclipse workspace. Why is that?

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