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Clone huge 16 GB Git repo with Eclipse Neon

Is there any way I can clone a huge Git repository (16+ GB) using the Git integration of latest Eclipse Neon? I’m cloning by HTTP connection. First, I ran into timeouts, but then increased the Remote connection timeout to 1800 seconds in Eclipse config. Then the cloning almost completed, but at the very and it […]

Working with Git and Eclipse

I’m new to bitbucket (free git instead of GitHub), working with it for few days (with SourceTree client). I’m working on a project with one more friend, and we share the whole eclipse project directory through the repository. At the beginning it went pretty well, but now problems started to pop up. For example, when […]

How am I supposed to work with multi-module Maven projects with EGit?

I tried my best to get a multi-module Maven project synced with GitHub using EGit, but I’ve failed. The structure of the project is like this: parent (pom) child-one (jar) child-two (jar) I tried this simple approach: Completely blank copy of Eclipse JDT and an empty workspace Create a new GitHub repository and initialize it […]

Clone a GitHub Repository in Eclipse Luna Release (4.4.0) on Windows 7

I am kinda new to cloning GitHub repository using Eclipse. One can open the GitHub Project repository from Eclipse using Git view (Window->ShowView->Others…->Git). After cloning the GitHub project on my local working set folder, I am not able to find any Java Code file or project files under Package Explorer pane. Here are the steps […]

What is the state of GIT IDE plugins in 2010?

My firm is switching to GIT and I’m curious as to the state of IDE plug ins for GIT. The old question was answered in 2008, and I’m hoping the answer no longer applies.

What's the best way to use GIT in our work environment?

We currently do not use any kind of version control software. We recently started using Eclipse, and our source code is maintained on a network drive. An Eclipse project was created and everyone has imported the project into Eclipse on their machines. Due to the way we are set up, we are always getting stuck […]

Maven m2e-egit install failure under Kepler

Today I installed Maven plugin (m2e) from eclipse markerplace. Now I want to checkout a project from github. The “Check out Maven Projects from SCM” dialog grays out the “SCM type” drop down list so I clicked on a link to install a connector for git. I found the connecter “m2e-egit” in another dialog, so […]

Why can I not add .jar to eclipse git repo?

I am using Eclipse Kepler for Java. Normally you can add internal/external .jars to a Java project in the build path located in the properties. Why, when I clone a git repo and import it into my projects, do I lose that ability? I don’t understand. I kinda need to do that.

EGit Eclipse shows modifications even after git hard reset

I have copied over a git repository and an eclipse installation from one linux machine to another. I’m using the EGit plugin for eclipse. “git status” shows no changes, but eclipse indicates that everything has to be commited. When trying to commit it returns “no changes” message the eclipse installation is exactly the same..I have […]

How do I get my new eclipse branch to show up as a new project in my github repository?

I am working through a programming book and I want to branch off of master for each chapter, then merge back to master once the chapter is completed, but have the chapter specific branch show up in my github permanently. What is the best way to do this through the eclipse gui? I have already […]

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