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What does add to index mean in git?

I am using eclipse and I set up git on 3 different pcs. The difference to my computer and the 2 other computers is that they have to click “add to index” before they are able to commit. I don’t have to click this before I commit. Why is there a difference? is it that […]

How to set a Java remote developer environment in Eclipse

My friend and me want to explore an Open Source ERP System. We have installed it on a server and we access it by an IP address over Firefox. We’re also accessing it over the tools putty (for doing changes like restarting tomcat) , Filezilla (for import export of data), pgAdmin (for accessing the psql […]

how can i push to my repository on github in eclipse application

I cloned a github repository on eclipse. i can pull from github server, i could not push to origin on github server. eclipse gives an error as authentication does not support. i use https protocol. i do not write port number on eclipse configuration. i configure my repository as below. and then i click save […]

cannot access git reposoitory

any idea why this does not work: D:\apache-tomcat-8.0.33\bin>”C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe” -c core.askpass=true ls-remote -h https://tobias@wdmycloud/shares/githome/Repo.git HEAD fatal: repository ‘https://tobias@wdmycloud/shares/githome/Repo.git/’ not found I can successfully clone this repository using eclipse:

GIt Delete local repository without the data

I deleted a repository from the remote git. However the project is still connected to my local git repository. How do I remove the project from local git repository from Eclipse? How do I delete the local git repository from Eclipse?

Git Move Ignored Files to Another Branch

Scenario: There are several files on one branch (we’ll call it main for now) that are in .gitignore. This is intentional; when these files are changed, the changes must not be seen by git in branch main These files are being tracked by another branch Periodically, after these files receive specific updates (but not the […]

How to build git-commited workspace before pushing in eclipse

Is it possible to build the git-committed work-space? I’d like to be able to know if the commits I’ve done are generating any building error before I will push them to master, but without taking into consideration my currently unstaged changes. (eg. know if partial commit generates errors.)

Eclipse Git – Making changes at the same time

This is probably a noob question, as I only started using Eclipse Git a few days ago. I was wondering if it was, in any way, possible to have multiple people working on different files in a repository but, when ready to commit, only have one commit for all, instead of one commit per person…? […]

TFS-Git – An exception occurred during push on URI: 401 Unauthorized

I’m getting an error while pushing the git project to master on Eclipse. I am using Eclipse Neon.1 and trying to connect to TFS-Git repository. I am able to push and pull from the same repo using cli tools but eclipse troubles me. Here is the error message An exception occurred during push on URI […]

Push multiple Eclipse project to GitHub with EGit plugin

I want to push all my Eclipse projects to GitHub.I have created multiple repositories in the Github. I am able to push first project into first repository in GitHub.But when i try to push the second project to the second repository, the second repository is having both the first and the second projects.So please help […]

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