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Confused about Git (EGit) – Project in workspace is the same with project in local repository

I am currently developing a project and I decided to use Git for my version control. I came accross this confusion. Here is what I did. Assuming I already installed EGit in my Eclipse. I created a new Java project. Right click > Team > Share Project… > Git I specified my local repository name […]

Git overriding .project file in eclipse

This is is a simple question. When I switch between branches my eclipse files get deleted in my project because they are not in my repository. .gitignore only works when checking in, not when switching branches. How can I keep my .project files in my project filed while using git? Thanks

Not able to import git android project in Eclipse

I tried several times to import this git repos into my eclipse and run it as android application, but no success. Can someone please suggest me how to import it in correct manner.

setting up egit repos for team programming

I am trying to find out what would be the best way to set up egit repos for mutliple developers. I found some arguments to set up independant repos for each developer and then the recommendation to merge the files by setting the respective external upstream repo to eg developer B in Eclipse of developer […]

Git install with Aptana

I use a variety of eclipse‘s for different uses, and for any backend work, my preference is Aptana, only problem with it, I feel is I think it’s got a funky Git installation, which doesn’t operate anything like EGit, which is common on the other versions I use. The biggest irritation I have is comparison […]

Keeping track of Eclipse task list in git file

I am trying to make make a task list for one of my projects. The project is in a git repository and I work on it from various different computers. What I want is to store all my tasks in my git repo, so that wherever I use Eclipse, I can see my tasks. The […]

Retrieving Branches from GIT url using java code

Currently I’m working on Jgit API to create a branch from source code. I have created the branch successfully and when I create branch I need to validate the branch name shouldn’t exists in the current GIT repositary(Online URL : Ex.https://github.com/varunkumar-s/test.git). Here I want to do list out the branch names from the above url […]

Egit error when saving file

Since i have upgraded to eclipse mars (4.5) egit is throwing regex PatternSyntaxException exceptions on every file save, on every project build/clean and on some other occasions. Afterwards, the files don’t appear in the unstaged changes list, basically rendering egit useless for this project. This is the error log entry: !ENTRY org.eclipse.core.jobs 4 2 2015-07-01 […]

Does git ignore capitalization changes in file names?

I have branch A and branch B. On branch A, I have a package with the name xyz and I change the package name to xYz. Next, I commit all of my changes and then switch to branch B. Now, once I switch to branch A, the package that I changed still has the value […]

Eclipse EGit Rebase w/merge

I and a friend of mine started to use git recently and now work on a project. Now I fucked something up with pulling and fetching and now I am stuck in something (is it a branch?!). Normally Ecipse shows [master] next to my project in the project explorer, and I can push and pull […]

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