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How Do I Upload Eclipse Projects to GitHub?

I have code in Eclipse that I’d like to upload to GitHub but so far I can’t figure out how. It says “create a repository” but that looks more like a folder that holds your projects and I’m not sure how to upload my code to it. Apologies for the seemingly dumb question. Also, how […]

Eclipse + Git – what does “staged” mean?

After working for some time with SVN I decided to try git with my new django project and installed the plugin for it into eclipse. I made a new pydev project and added django initial project files to the src directory. Then I “shared” the project to Git, added and commited all files. Now I […]

Should I store git repository in Home or Eclipse Workspace?

I’m just moving from svn to git, and am keen to lay some good foundations. By default Eclipse wants to store my local clone repository in ~/git. I’m more comfortable keeping all data for a task in the same workspace – so I’m inclined to keep it in my workspace. Are there any significant pros/cons […]

can't push upstream using EGit

I use EGit in eclipse to pull and push. my config is: [remote “origin”] fetch = refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* push = refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* local branch is master Remote Tracking branch is origin/master when I do push, it comes out “origin/master:master[up to date]”. Actually the remote branch is not up to date. I wander if I configure the wrong […]

How make Eclipse/EGit recognize existing repository information after update?

After upgrading Eclipse from Helios to Indigo with EGit plugin 1.0.0, all my projects seem to have lost their metadata about their git repositories, respectively. In Helios, every Eclipse project was a git repository on its own. When updating to Indigo, i hoped i could continue using the workspace from Helios. After the update, all […]

egit – not authorized

I just connected to GIT from Eclipse Juno using EGit, and successfully cloned a certain remote repository. During the clone I entered my Github username and password, but chose not to save them. Then I tried to “Fetch from Upstream”. I got this error: https://github.com/biunlp/nlp-lab.git: not authorized I had no chance of entering my username […]

How do you merge in GIT on Windows?

I tried to use GIT however for me the biggest problem with it is that there is no tool for merge’ing. At least the msysgit does not give me anything. How can I merge in GIT? Are there any great tools for it or do I have to use WinMerge or application like that? I […]

Is Perforce worth it?

A colleague of mine has become excited about the possibilities with PerForce (we basically need an abillity to logistically group patches and changes, and having the SCM support this natively would be very nice). We currently use CVS and are open to all posibillities. We are only few developers who use plain Eclipse and run […]

Is it a good practise to do version control from outside the IDE?

I have heard from my peers in more than once occasion that it is “advised” not to do version controlling of your code from within the IDE where you write it. I have seen them developing on eclipse, intelliJ etc but doing version controls (in my current scenario – GIT) from command-line or standalone clients […]

Importing a Maven project into Eclipse from Git

How can I get the effect of choosing to import from both Maven and Git and have Eclipse properly generate my project? To get my project into Eclipse I can choose File->import->maven and then I get all the Maven projects imported and can build fine, or I can choose File->import->git and make a new project […]

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