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Replacing the working directory with an earlier git commit

Here is the context: I am using egit within Eclipse I made a number of commits that I have not pushed to the remote repository I suddenly notice a bug with my app that wasn’t there before How can I quickly update my working directory with earlier git commits until I find the first commit […]

best way to export Eclipse project to GitHub

I need to export an Eclipse project to GitHub. I am using Eclipse-Mars with the eGit plugin. I have spent hours reading documentation, tutorials, and posts and see that there are basically two ways Create an Eclipse project and a local Git repository. Commit to local repository. Create a repository on GitHub. Push the Eclipse […]

Git bash win32exception: Failed to write credentials

I’ve recently started using GitHub but for some reason every time I attempt to pull or push it asks for my credentials. I’m 100% sure I have my credentials correct but git bash keeps giving this error: fatal: Win32Exception encountered. Failed to write credentials I don’t know why but it does work every time I […]

mirror image Git repository discovered in the binary side of an Eclipse project

I am returning to an Eclipse and Java project from two years ago. I thought I would give SmartGit a try. I’ve allowed SmartGit to find my git repositories that were formerly managed on the command line. To my surprise it found 8 repositories when I expected only 4. For example, in …/bin/com/domain/utilities SmartGit found […]

Eclipse 4.6.1 JGit/EGit lo longer authenticating after upgrade

On Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Anniversary Edition I had a fresh Eclipse 4.6 installed from the Zip file (not from the installer). The upgrade functionality said that 4.6.1 was available and it upgraded. Now when I try to access a Git remote repository (using HTTPS) it asks for my username and password (which it already […]

Eclipse Git: Can't add folder to index

I’m using Eclipse for a Game Project using LibGdx as framework and Grandle (god I hate it). I’m trying to push the repositories to GitHub, but I can’t stage the “core” folder in the commit. It’s considered unstaged. When I try RightClick -> “Add to Index” it does and says nothing… As it maybe usefull […]

How to reset a file to a particular commit with JGit?

Consider my local repository contains more than one file, while doing checkout for a particular commit of a file, other files in the repository got deleted. I am using following API (git is the instance of git repository) git.checkout().setName(commitId).call() Is this correct way to check out a particular commit of a particular file?

Project lost when pushing to github from Eclipse

I have a Java project I was working on using Eclipse. Eveything was fine until I decided to push it to a github repository. I did all the steps and then an error message popped up saying Problem occured when pushing to upstream or something like that. I went back to check out the project […]

Sync local branch with remote branch egit

I am using GIT to share my code with my team. I am using eclipse as my IDE and I have installed Egit plugin to do all the git functionalists. The problem is I am not sure what are the correct steps I have to do to sync my local branch with the remote one. […]

Use CVS and GIT together in Eclipse

I already have a CVS and that cvs is used to share the source among other developers. But I need to keep a track of my source code changes separately. Moving the project from cvs to git is not practicable here.. and you may think that why 2 versioning controls. Any way I need to […]

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