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Putting a project in Eclipse under source control

I’d like to know a step-by-step procedure for a noob on how to create a hello world project in Eclipse that is Subversion/Mercurial/Git integrated. I know this is easy, but I am unsure how to do it. I’ve: downloaded helios and put it on a local folder. created a new java project on directory “C:\workspace\tests”. […]

How do I get git to stop changing newlines in my files?

I’m using git/github with Eclipse/EGit on Windows. Something — not sure if it’s git or EGit — is modifying my files by playing games with newlines. Leaving aside the mystery of what a version control is doing modifying files by itself, how do I configure this software so it never, ever, changes my files?

What files should be committed to github for an eclipse project

What files should I commit to github so that its a valid Eclipse project ? I am just committing my source files and packages but when I try to re-create the project I receive this error ‘no projects found’ : I think I need to also commit the .project file ?

How do I add existing eclipse java project to git

How do I add an existing java project in eclipse to git? I noticed when creating the project there was an option to add to source control but I can’t find this option for an existing project. Is this possible from the git plugin in eclipse or must it be done from the command line? […]

invalid username/password in egit when pushing changes to googlecode

I have a project hosted in googlecode with Git. I’m using STS (SpringSource Tool Suite) with eGit. I cloned the repository at home and I could commit & push the changes successfully. I did the same thing at work and when I try to push the changes after commiting them, it shows the following error: […]

Partial git commit from eclipse (egit)

Say I have a file with 2 changes. How do I use egit to commit only one of them? The command line version can be found in this question.

git revert in Egit

Is it possible to do “git revert”s in Egit to rollback changes by creating a new commit (as opposed to checking out an older commit or doing a hard reset which doesn’t create a new commit rolling back the changes)? This seems like an important feature if you have a central repository in case you […]

EGit automatically add new files

When executing a commit of a set of files within the EGit eclipse plugin, I always have to add new files manually in the commit dialog Is there a way to configure the plugin in a way, that adding new files automatically is the default setting?

How do I fix “Cannot pull into a repository with state: MERGING” in EGit?

My team recently moved to Git, and for the second time today, Git has erred out on a single line of code that I myself changed and already committed to my local, on a file that was last edited by myself. This is the error message it gives me: Cannot pull into a repository with […]

Eclipse EGit Command Line

I recently installed Git for Eclipse (EGit) and I have used some basic functions by right-click -> Team -> Add/Commit/Remove/Exclude/etc. However, I would like to use some of the more complicated features of git, and command-line syntaxes. Is there a way to do this in Eclipse or set up EGit in command line?

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