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Which version of eclipse works with egit?

For egit users, which version of eclipse are you using that actually works with the egit update url? The plugin (using the update url) did not work with my version of eclipse, and so I upgraded my version eclipse to the latest official version, and the git plug-in still doesn’t work. (It says it is […]

git updating from base branch

Sorry this may be a duplicate but I’m having real trouble trying to find the right answer. Originally I did a fork of https://github.com/Athou/GeekBot This created https://github.com/david99world/GeekBot How do I “update” my branch so it’s the same as the base revision, similar to a merge up in SVN? Sorry, this is probably very simple but […]

How to correctly use Git with Eclipse for AndroidDevelopment?

I am currently using Git on the command line to help me incrementally add features without breaking existing code. The part that worries me is this line of output from Git after committing: [optimized_managed_event 6c9a98c] Added managed event insert into my ContentProvider 12 files changed, 202 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-) rewrite bin/classes.dex (87%) rewrite bin/classes/com/zeroe/SmartCalProvider.class (85%) […]

Git & Eclipse: Handle user-specfic project files

I have a general question regarding project and classfile handling in git: Of course, a solution should be applicable to different kind of projects with specific environment files not necessary for the raw build-process but only for setting the user environment: Having x projects that interact in a eclipse workspace. Each of these projects has […]

git fatal: when trying git rm –cached

Hi When trying to switch between branch, I have a error: error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checkout: Project/.project Please move or remove them before you can switch branches. but when I try to use git rm –cached Project/.project I get a error: fatal: pathspec ‘Project/.project’ did not match any […]

Eclipse, Git and Assembla

Somebody could say me how can use Eclipse with Git to work with a repository at Assembla? Assembla has a team, where everybody has their username and password. How can I use these information to access to my Assembla repo?

Git exception in Eclipse when code not using git

I get this error whenever I open an external folder from inside my running Java program: fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git As far as I can tell, everything is working perfectly and the error perplexes me. The code used to open the folder: File file = new File(saveDirectory); […]

Git selective commit

I am using eGit plugin with eclipse. I have made changes to 7 files locally and then figured out no changes needed for one of the files – so I have to only commit 6 files and revert the changes on the 7th file. How can I accomplish this using eGit? It appears to be […]

Eclipse egit, problems with collaboration & tips

Me and my friend are two days into using Git now but we still lack the know-how to use it properly and utilize its full power though it is a tremendous step in the right direction, compared to using Facebook messages to sending and syncing files. We have searched over the net and most of […]

Eclipse Egit : Label decorations does not show and option does not remain checked

Without any apparent reason (no update whatsoever), since a few days the EGit text decoration doesn’t show up in Eclipse any more. It is unchecked in “Window > Preferences > General > Appearance > Label Decorations > Git”, and I cannot check it!! If I check it and “Apply” and “OK”, nothing happens and it […]

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