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maven – using local source instead of external dependency

If someone could help me out here it would save me a lot of time. I maintain an open source library that gets pushed out to a sonatype repository. I make changes to that library a few times a day and push it out to the 1.0_snapshot build using mvn deploy. Let’s call it project1 […]

Using github issues as mylyn task repository?

I’m looking for a way to integrate Eclipse/Mylyn with github‘s project-issues. I’m aware of the Mylyn-github-connector and the smilebase project, but – unless I’m totally wrong – both connectors only allow to associate existing tasks with github commits. There is no option to use github issues as a task repository. I also found this slightly […]

Eclipse EGIT not showing project I just cloned in package explorer?

I just cloned a repository in Eclipse. However, it is not showing up in the package explorer. How do I get it there? I see the branches and everything in repository view… but I cannot edit the contents.

How can I uninstall git on Eclipse?

Can anyone tell me how can I uninstall git on the Eclipse. Whenever I open Eclipse it will popup and showing some errors. I want to uninstall it from the eclipse, please can anyone help me out in this regards.

Egit: configure rebase as default pull strategy for master branch

In our new project we’ve got 10 repositories, each of which have interdependent Eclipse projects. I plan to establish a default workflow, where each developer is working on the master branch and uses the commit-pull-push cycle. To reduce commits and get a nice linear history I prefer rebase as standard strategy for pull. This works […]

Eclipse Luna file names not shown in GIT Commit Changes dialogue

I’ve recently updated to Eclipse Luna standard on Linux Mint. There seem to be a few bugs with it which I’ve managed to work around, except for when I’m committing changes with Git. The “Commit Changes” dialog comes up as expected, but the files window shows only a list of file icons without file names. […]

Can I use git in local area network?

I want to use EGit in a small eclipse project with my colleagues, but we don’t want to Submit the project to the github.com. What I should do with the next picture ? The ip address is and the project is in D:\EclipseProjects\ForwardA.git. How I should fill the URI,Host,Repository Path ? Is the Authentiacation […]

git eclipse always have to pull allready updated project

I have this strange behaviour from git, and even if i’ll describe it from eclipse egit plugin, from terminal i have the same issue. I have a project in the workspace that is shared between me and other developers, when i sync the project it says to me that i have to push something like […]

Open eclipse projects synced with git that are outside the workspace

I have a project outside of my eclipse workspace, and I am using git to update it, and I want to use eclipse to work on the files. But if I do import existing projects into workspace in eclipse, will it only copy the contents of the project at the time? So when I pull […]

Atlassian SourceTree custom action contrast

After checking out a new branch, I wanted to stop tracking of files like .classpath via Atlassian SourceTree (Version I created a custom action with the details below: Then, from the “Working Copy changes” panel, I selected a file, right-clicked on it and tried to execute “assume unchanged” custom command. However, I got this […]

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