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Eclipse and Egit – recognising git core.worktree

In Egit it is possible using the git “core.worktree” config value to set the data file path to be different from the repository file path. When creating a new (Zend Studio 12.0.2) Eclipse Project from an Egit repository (configured using core.worktree) using New => Project => PHP Project from Existing Directory; and choosing the Egit […]

–ignore-all-space for EGit

I am using EGit( with Eclipse (Mars.2 Release (4.5.2)). When I try to merge a branch from the remote repository with my local repository I get a lot of conflicting files. The differences in these files are mainly caused by differences in the number of whitespaces or number of empty lines. I would like to […]

How to publish a java project source files on GIT?

I want to start moving some of my projects onto github repos. I’m a little overwhelmed on how to organize the files on these repos. I want to make sure I do this right. The specific project I’ve been working on is a Java project I’ve been building in Eclipse. It is essentially an ‘engine’ […]

each IntelliJ module to a different Git repository

I am just migrating my Android development from Eclipse+SVN to Android Studio+Git. In Eclipse I had 2 projects: a library project and a app project using the library. Both were kept in separate SVN repos. Now, I have imported my Eclipse App project, and it has automatically created a single IntelliJ project with 2 modules: […]

Codenameone UIDesigner out of sync with file

I’m developing a Codenameone app using Eclipse, Git and Bitbucket. I’m doing work on two computers, one at my home office and one laptop when I’m on the go. Therefore I use Git and Bitbucket to ensure that my files are kept in sync across both computers. I’ve run into a strange issue with the […]

Eclipse egit clone failed: Unexpected end of file

As I’m trying to clone an existing repository (relatively large, >1Gb) to a new computer, I get the following error message (after approx 45 seconds): Despite increasing the remote connection timeout in the git preferences to 10000 seconds, the problem persists. I am pretty sure that my login credentials are correct since I do get […]

Setting up Libgdx project with git

I want to manage a Libgdx project with my friend. I heard i can do this using git. So… how do i do this with a libgdx project? I have tried doing it with dropbox – probably not a good idea, because it said that libraries are missing on friend’s pc. Martynas

Correct process to merge fork changes into GitHub

I am new to GitHub. I don’t know the correct process to merge my changes with the upstream. I followed following steps using EGit (I like to use it because I find it simple). Please help me. On GitHub I created a fork. For my fork I cloned a repository in Eclipse and imported respective […]

How Do I Get Back Untracked Files I Stashed with Git?

I got an error that I couldn’t do a git pull this morning because it would overwrite a file that I wasn’t even using. It was an untracked file. I tried using git stash, then git rm neither would work on it. So I finally found out that I could use git stash with untracked […]

Open specific version of binary file from history

I’ve got some binary files (ODT files to be specific) in my Git repository and would like to find the commit that introduced a specific change. As the compare view of Eclipse doesn’t help here (it shows the binary content), I would like to download and open each version in an external editor (Libre-/OpenOffice), one […]

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