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How can I git pull ignored files?

For my Drupal 8 installation I want to use the following workflow: 1) On the local machine installs and updates are done with Composer. Composer files are then pushed to Bitbucket. 2) On the remote server I have a staging folder in which I pull the composer files and do a composer install. 3) On […]

git repository in single system user environment

in SVN it was possible to work in several people on one working copy of a repository. SVN prompted for a username and password and commits were attributed to the user which logged in even though they accessed the server with one system user. However, in git, I cannot find a way to acomplish this […]

How to use the throw away test branch strategy for syncing long lived feature branches?

I was reading this blog post on git which talks about various branching strategies. The article recommend that for long lived feature branches one should keep merging from master into the feature branches to keep the feature branch in sync with master so that when feature branch gets merged back into master it won’t be […]

GIT Clone from bare repo with remote URL

We are trying out GIT to manage our repo. To start off, we are 4 developers working under the same VPN connected. We have a central server on which we have created a bare repo like this: git init –bare projectest.git Later we are trying to clone the bare repo into one on my machine […]

git commit different set of files to develop and master

I have recently started developing a new library, and use Git for revision control. I decided to follow the immensely popular blog post A successful Git branching model to manage branching. It is about time for me to make my first release, and I would like some advice on managing specific sets of files as […]

Is Subversion better at cherry-picking then git (or any DAG VCS)?

I just read http://www.draconianoverlord.com/2013/09/07/no-cherry-picking.html and seems that svn:mergeinfo can track info about single commit merge which happen at cherry-picking. That avoid merge conflict when you merge back your feature-branch with cherry-picked bug-fixes to original branch (where you made bug-fixes before). Here funny ASCII art (which people like at SO): o–o–o–o–o feature ^ ^ \ / […]

How to merge remote master at two commits earlier than current local master

Steps Leading up to Question Here’s what I did leading up to my question: Forked a project on Github and cloned it locally Made two commits to my local repo to fix a bug Pushed those two commits to my forked Github repo Sent a pull request via Github to the original repo owner Original […]

Project B inside Project A's subfolder – committing local changes to Project B remote

Let say I’m owner of two remote projects: MainProject and AppsProject. In local repository I want to have AppsProject in MainProject‘s subdirectory (apps/). I’ve tried to use subtree merge strategy (ref.: Pro Git Book) In MainProject‘s directory. I’ve done that: $ git remote add apps-remote git@bitbucket.com:me/apps.git $ git checkout -b apps-branch apps-remote/master $ git checkout […]

Biggest projects using Git?

What are some of the biggest projects using git as a dvcs? Open source or not.

Is it true in Mercurial (hg), the same as Git, that a revision you committed may only have code not modified by you? (a merge)

Seems like in SVN, when you do a merge, there won’t be a revision checked in by you. All your “commits” should only have code that is changed by you. But in Mercurial, that’s not the case. Your “merge” commits are committed by you, but they usually contain changes that are made by other people. […]

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