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Maintaining 3rd Party Django Apps as Git submodules

I know this is perfectly possible and a lot of people already doing it, but my problem is slightly different and I couldn’t figure out the solution yet: Let a 3rd party Django App’s structure as below: django-module module init.py views.py models.py requirements.txt setup.py I want to bundle only the module directory as a submodule, […]

Django Private Project Git Repo – Open Source App Repo

My team and I are currently working on a django app. We want to keep track of changes to the django project files on a private repo (so that all of the private information is not available) as well as open source the app files on github. Currently we have two repos: 1) A repo […]

Same Django project different GIT repositories

Which is the best way to have two different repositories on the same Django project? I started developing a project months ago and I have the whole folder in the repository. I want to reuse some apps in the project and I would like to create a different repository for them since they will be […]

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