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How should I stage my bitbucket + heroku django app for development and deployment?

How should I stage my bitbucket + heroku django app for development and deployment? I’m working on a Django App. I don’t want to use github because I want to host have a private repo. So right now I know how to deploy an app on heroku but how do I do it through bitbucket? […]

Heroku and Django

I’m trying to follow this tutorial: http://tutorial.djangogirls.org/en/index.html I’m up to this part: http://tutorial.djangogirls.org/en/deploy/README.html Where I am to push it up to heroku via git. I’m familiar with git just not heroku and while I know python I’m a django beginner. When I do the command git push heroku master i get this output which prevents […]

python manage.py syncdb does not automatically load initial_data.json fixture in Python Django

I have Python Django project with app at apps/hello and a fixture with initial data at /apps/hello/fixtures/initial_data.json When I git clone my Python Django project from github, checkout needed branch and run ./manage.py syncdb it creates empty tables with no content i. e. does not load data from my initial_data fixture. Django asks me to […]

Develping with Django, Git, and Cloud Server

I’m currently working with a team in my University to put together a new webapp. Nothing too fancy, just run of the mill MySQL + Django. We are also hoping to use Git for source control. We were wondering what hosting options were available to us. We’re all very competent with Unix, so a ssh […]

Django merge two migrations with the same ID?

I had an old git branch which has a migration that was never merged into our main branch. Since I made that migration, 14 or so migrations have been made. I have since rebased my old branch into our current branch and have two migrations: 0044_auto_20160810_1128 0044_auto_20160823_1613 I’ve tried running python manage.py migrate –merge– this […]

How to force Django every time recreate .pyc files?

I start using Django in PyCharm recently with git. Sometimes I have problem with running the server it shows some errors which I fixed. In order to solve this problem I should every time manually remove .pyc files. And run server again. How I can force it two override .pyc files every time when I […]

Why shouldn't I push a virtualenv to Heroku?

Tutorials online are telling me to put venv in my .gitignore file. Why wouldn’t I want to push my virtual environment so that I or other developers could easily pull the project to their locals and conveniently have all dependencies?

Django – syncdb causes error: “DatabaseError: no such table: django_site”

I recently built a dev machine to use at home, I’ve been spending the last couple nights trying to get it running with a development version of our website. 1] First off cloned the repo of our website into a local folder. 2] Then I created a virtualenv using virtualenvwrapper for the website 3] I […]

How do you manage your forked reusable apps on django with git

I am developing a project using django. I am using git for version controlling it. I want to use some reusable django apps e.g. django-mailer for the project. I am planning to fork the github repo and clone it to project folder. But that will bring a git repo inside another. I am also not […]

Deploying with git

Currently I have a bunch of git repos for a django site i’m looking to deploy, the repos’ take the form: sn-static sn-django sn-templates [etc] I then have a super repos that stores each of these as a submodules. In terms of deployment, I want to try to keep things fairly simple, would it be […]

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