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How do you manage production websites and settings with GIT?

I’m dealing with a django project that we are pushing live even as I write this. The production server is a linode and as part of the setup we have SSL and certificates and several differences from development and QA. In my settings.py, I have the following code: import socket hostname = socket.gethostname().lower().replace(‘-‘, ‘_’).split(‘.’)[0] try: […]

Elastic Beanstalk failed to update local Git configuration

Here’s the error I’m getting: Failed to update local Git configuration. Follow the instructions at “http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/elasticbeanstalk/latest/dg/command-reference-get-started.html`” to set up your Git repository, and then try again. I’ve followed the directions on that site to the letter, to no avail. EB exists on my path, and it gets most of the way through the process, but […]

Overwriting folders with git

I’m learning how to use django on a EC2 server, but i am editing the code on my local computer. When i run things like : python manage.py startapp polls It creates a folder with various files inside. Instead of individually adding the files to git, which leaves the possibility of me forgetting to add […]

How to resolve “Push rejected, no Cedar-supported app detected” error in Heroku

This is my Django project structure: Testing |_djangoApp |_Testing | |– __init__.py | |– settings.py | |– urls.py | |– utils.py | |– wsgi.py | |_manage.py |_Procfile |_requirements.txt |_README.md I am using codeship.io to deploy the build and for pushing it to Heroku, which is well configured. On heroku i have added an application with […]

uWSGI – Production touch-reload git commit

I have an app built on Django/nginx/uWSGI. I’d like my production server to reload uWSGI whenever the master branch gets modified. I’m wondering if it would be a good practice to touch-reload some git file to achieve this. [uwsgi] #… touch-reload = .git/index As I’m also using Fabric to automate my deployments, maybe it is […]

Is it good practice to do file versioning on .mo i18n files?

I’ve just discovered the .po and .mo files with Django. They are used for internationalization and localization. It looks like .po are plain text files whereas .mo are optimized byte compiled files from .po. Process is always compiling to .mo after editing .po files. What is the best option: Versionning only .po in git and […]

How do I learn the process of application development by cloning an open source project from github?

I’ve completed a ton of django tutorials and now I want to get my hands dirty. Having cloned a simple django app from github, looking at complicated project layout and numerous files, it is overwhelming. However, I can see the (oldest first) commits from the author. Is there a way I can learn the growth […]

Deploy a pre existing django git repo to heroku

I have a DJango git repository.Me and some other developers are working on it and it has multiple branchs also. Now i want to deploy it to Heroku or want to use the heroku as a staging server means before pushing to git i want to push the code changes to heroku and if verified […]

Django – Rosetta : Ignore .mo files issue

I’m using: Rosetta – 0.7.2 Django – 1.4.3 What I’m trying: Ignore the .mo files but keep tracking .po I’ve been using Rosetta and Django for the past year and never had an issue like this. I want to ignore .mo files, but not the .po ones. The .mo files represent the compiled value of […]

What patch format is this and how do I apply it

What patch format is this and how do I apply it? https://code.djangoproject.com/attachment/ticket/9025/nested_inlines_2.diff From 117e99511e0985701780ed1bcd3afd456e244ae3 Added assertXML[Not]Equal assertions To 015b1c15f25f2f72a40a9bfce9d91ec91ddff2a2 Tests + revert firebug ———————– django/contrib/admin/options.py ———————– index f4205f2..58c55b0 100644 @@ -715,11 +715,16 @@ class ModelAdmin(BaseModelAdmin): “”” obj.delete() – def save_formset(self, request, form, formset, change): + def save_formset(self, request, formset, change): I cannot use patch to […]

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