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How to get email diffs for GitHub pushes?

Has anyone come up with a good way to get emails when commits are pushed to your GitHub repo — that includes a diff of files changed? (I know they have an Email Service Hook – but that doesn’t include a diff) Mega bonus points if the diffs are colorized with inline CSS that’s viewable […]

git stable branch: find not cherry-picked commits

I have the following git history: A — B — C — D’ — E’ [master] \ \ — D — E — F [stable] We have a policy to cherry-pick all changes from stable to master; D’ and E’ are cherry-picked commits from stable branch, F is not cherry-picked (has been forgotten). How can […]

Getting Git GUI to Ignore Space Changes in its diff View

Git comes with two default UI tools (on Windows at least): Git GUI and Gitk. When browsing a commit, Gitk has a checkbox called “Ignore space changes” that makes the diff show only non-space related changes. However, Git GUI always shows the full diff, and there is no equivalent checkbox. Is there a way for […]

GIT diff GUI

I have a rather large diff of 2 GIT branches and would like to open them in some sort of nice UI side by side. Something that shows me the diff’s easily, and hopefully that I can merge differences one by one. git diff is rather hard to work with.

Git Diff – How do I revert selected lines or chunks

In Git GUI I can select parts of a diff and stage just those lines or chunks. How would I do the opposite, as in roll back changed lines in a file. Usually these are accidental white space changes I just want to revert out but still stage/commit other parts of the same file.

How can I view the output of `git show` in a diff viewer like meld, kdiff3, etc

There are many SO questions that show how to view the output of a git diff command in a diff viewer like meld using git difftool or otherwise. I am not asking about git diff though. I want to see the output of git show <previous commit sha1> in a diff viewer like meld. How […]

git – changed file summary like svn diff –summarize/svn status from console (no gitk)

svn diff –summarize shows the changes at the file level for a commit. Output it something like: M modified-foo.bar D deleted-file.bar A new-file.bar Similar to svn status, but for commits. I would be happy with output similar to git status, but for a particular commit instead of the working copy. I know I could fire […]

Visual SVN diff and compare tools for Linux

Which is the best Visual SVN Diff displayer for Linux. BeyondCompare and VisualSVN 1.5 work well on Windows. What are the equivalent tools for Linux? (Specifically Ubuntu). I know command line diff works; But I’d like multiple column syntax highlighted and differences. Better if the tool has a support for Git and Hg as well.

Saving the entire git diff between two commits in a text file

is there a way where I could save the entire difference between two diff in a text file? Suppose I wanted all the changes between A1 and A10 on master branch. –A11-A10-A9-A8-A7-A6-A5-A4-A3-A2-A1-master Or, is there a way where I could get the entire diff in Terminal which I could copy+paste?

Git search all diffs

I’m trying to search for changes in my git history relating to a very specific variable name. I’ve tried doing this: git diff HEAD~25000 | grep -in mydistinctvariablename The results don’t tell me which commit the result lines are from and it takes quite a bit of time (about 5-7 minutes). Does anyone have a […]

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