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How to handle a git workflow mixed with SFTP and remote changes at the same time?

I have a dev machine and a remote test server. The dev machine will commit files A + B + C and has already sent files A and C to the test server via SFTP (in my editor). A and C have been modified since the last commit but may or may not have been […]

Using git as a deployment tool

I am trying to use git as a deployment tool, so when there has been a push to the production branch I want to update the remote server accordingly. However, when I run the second command(the pull) it comes back with a error that says Operation must be run in a work tree. Can anyone […]

GitHub: how to manually deploy all code to production server

I have a Ruby on Rails server with Development and Production environments running on it. I have recently created a remote GitHub repository based on the Development code, and now I want to deploy this code to Production. I thought that using git clone would be the way to do this, but this gives: fatal: […]

Automatic updating build number before commit to git

I am using PHP and have a file version.php contains the following line: <?php define(‘VERSION’, ‘1.1.0’); define(‘BUILD’, ‘xxx’); I want the git to replace the xxx before commit. The xxx can be anything unique and not necessary the git hash number. Since it is PHP script and does not require another compilation process, and since […]

Security concerns when using git as a deployment utility

git is a very powerful tool, but not that easy to use For example, I am glad to use git as a tool to update my remote site from my git repository. The problem is there is a .git directory at the root of my website, external users can simply visit it using site/.git, that […]

managing production credentials in heroku

we’re deploying a heroku app to production. it accepts credit card numbers, so we have to be careful with the credentials that are in it. we use git for source control. if i were deploying to a regular server, i’d keep the production config files separately, and copy them in when deploying. the problem is […]

Best option for deploying a CakePHP web app to shared hosting

I have always edited code live on a site through an FTP connection in Coda or similar, however I’ve just written my first PHP web app for user sign ups etc and I’m very wary that i’m going to need a better plan than “live editing”. I’m on shared hosting so i think things like […]

How to Manually Deploy a Rails App with Git

I’m New to Rails, I want to deploy my first app. I realized there are many steps involved in deployment. What are all the necessary steps in deploying a rails app, that is using Git as VCS. If explaining all parts is not possible, list the tasks that need to be done and a summary […]

Using GIT in production Rails machines

Should my production Rails project use GIT? it will be easy for me to update the servers and to push hot fixes, but what if I’ll have a conflict during a pull? and if I’ll accidentally pull something wrong it make cause some downtime. What is your advice on how to synch between the GIT […]

Capistrano Deploy fails with git: 'info' is not a git command

I setup a new project with Capistrano and although i can successfully run cap deploy:setup if i try to deploy my project I get the error below → cap deploy * executing `deploy’ * executing `deploy:update’ ** transaction: start * executing `deploy:update_code’ updating the cached checkout on all servers executing locally: “git info git@github.com:foo/Baconalytics.git -rHEAD” […]

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