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Git Automatic Deployment with Existing Projects

Suppose I already have a remote server. The project saved in /var/www/html/project. It has already some files and folders in it. Then, I want to make the deployment using git from my local machine to that server. The question is, how can I achieve that? If I use git bare –init, it has to be […]

Dev server and local code different even though they are on the same commit

So I was testing out git revert and git reset to test how to rollback changes after deploying to server. I made a small change adding the text “test” to a view, added, commited, and deployed. This puts us at commit 2, which has the “test” text and it appears in the dev server as […]

Why does Heroku use git for deployment?

I noticed that git is used as a deployment tool, e.g. in Heroku. Does it make sense? What are the advantages of using git this way?

Drupal deployment: how to handle Database?

I’ve spend two days reading questions on SO, blog posts, forums, etc. Most of that information, it’s old. I’m building a site on my Ubuntu box using Drupal 7 (with Drush) and GitHub for repo hosting. I have SSH access to the production server. After I deliver the first version of the site, I’m gonna […]

Deploying multisite Drupal install with Capistrano?

The problem I am having is whenever I deploy a Drupal site from a git repository, I have to log in to the server and change permissions on a ton of folders by hand. That is something I want to automate. I am considering Capistrano, which I heard great things about, but the downside is […]

Need a GUI based deployment solution for .net

Ok.. I have looked through this site and just can’t seem to find the answer I am looking for. We have a multi server setup for our web sites, typically (DEV/QA/PRODUCTION). Our sites are .net which require some sort of build before being deployed. We are using SVN for source control and are looking for […]

Drupal collaboration and deployment with Git

I am working on a Drupal project where I need the following: Deployment using makefiles–so that whenever I re-deploy it I can get the latest version of drupal modules and don’t need to maintain a repo for the drupal core. Also able to maintain versions for custom modules. How do I deploy it with Git? […]

Automated swapping out of JavaScript library URLs on deploy

I’m building a purely client side JavaScript based web app, and am looking to optimize the workflow for switching to CDN URLs for the JavaScript libraries I use on the production server. In order to be able to do work offline, my laptop development machine loads all the libraries from a /js folder on a […]

git oddity; local modified images are not used on production after deployment ( not updated )

I have the strange issue that certain images from my webapp are not updated when I deploy my app with rails. The old images are still there. What would be a good way to check if my git repo has all the changes available? Normally ill do git commit . -m ‘fixes’ git add . […]

What's the correct way to deploy a git repo to WordPress SVN?

I’ve seen a hundred different outdated, makeshift scripts that either use git–svn or do all of the hard work behind the scenes, but I still don’t feel like I’ve found the right way to do this. I have a local git repo that I want to deploy to my WordPress-hosted SVN repo. The ideal functionality […]

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