Tag: database design

Writing a reliable data store in GoLang

I have been building a simple data store as part of my module for a document database system which I’m going to build for educational purposes. In order to store data reliably, I have to abide the ACID property. Shown below is my save method. func (document Document) Save() (hash string, err error) { if […]

The best way to manage database changes

What is the best way to manage database changes? I need to have a solutions regardless the database client’s language. Also I’d like to be able to use specific database features in those changes such as stored procedures, triggers and so on.

Where are all the native revisioned databases?

I’ve read all the SO questions, the Coding Horror articles, and Googled my brains off searching for the best ways to revision control data. They all work and they all have their appropriate implementations based on use cases and so on. What I really want to know is why hasn’t a database been written to […]

Generic version control strategy for select table data within a heavily normalized database

Sorry for the long winded title, but the requirement/problem is rather specific. With reference to the following sample (but very simplified) structure (in psuedo SQL), I hope to explain it a bit better. TABLE StructureName { Id GUID PK, Name varchar(50) NOT NULL } TABLE Structure { Id GUID PK, ParentId GUID, — FK to […]

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