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How to sync local and remote Django databases

I created a Django website and filled the database with some entries. I then uploaded the site to Heroku. Later, I added more entries, but I mistakenly added them to the remote database. I would like to (1) sync the local and remote databases (so that all the new material I added to the remote […]

Local and production versions of php and mysql using git

I have a question regarding how to set up local and production versions of a WordPress website that uses, PHP an MySQL. I want to have these two versions (local and production) use different databases because we can test. I will be using git to push my changes up to the server. I have MySQL […]

Rollback everything

I will be making changes to a production app soon and I would like to know how to rollback all changes to the database and code. I think with pgbackups and if needed heroku db:push and pull that will rollback the database, but what about the code? Is there a way using git that this […]

What's the correct way to deal with databases in Git?

I am hosting a website on Heroku, and using an SQLite database with it. The problem is that I want to be able to pull the database from the repository (mostly for backups), but whenever I commit & push changes to the repository, the database should never be altered. This is because the database on […]

Backup database along with database-related files

I’m developing a php-application that collects certain data from a bunch of servers. I backup this data regularly. Quite often I also want to restore the database to a certain state while developing. For instance there might be a bug related to a certain backed up state. I’ve got this set up with bat-files which […]

Azure continuous deployment from GitHub and database upgrades

I have a Web application that I usually deployed using Web Deploy directly from Visual Studio (whatever branch I am currently using in VS – normally master). But now I’m introducing a second web app on Azure that will be built from the same repo but different branch. To make things simpler I will be […]

How to use Databases concurrently with Git (or à la Git)

We currently use JSON files to store data required to configure a system. We use Git as versioning system. We populate these JSON’s manually from time to time: we use to concurrently modify the text, for example, by adding new elements in arrays and by committing the changes to Git. Also because JSON’s are in […]

Use git as a text database?

Would it be possible to use Git as a hierarchical text database? Obviously you would have to write a front end that would act as a middle man, translating user commands into git commands. A record would correspond to a “file”. In the “file”, the text would have to have some kind of conventional format […]

Does any database support revision control on its command line interface?

Does any database support revision control on its command line interface? So for instance, I’m at the mysql> command prompt. I’m going to add a column to a table. I type ALTER TABLE X ADD COLUMN Y bigint; and then the database prompts me: “OK. Check these changes in using git?” I respond yes, and […]

Git, robots and diverging branches

I am trying to use git as something it wasn’t made for – a database. Please feel free to tell me that this is a stupid idea. Setup One branch (let’s call it robot) is being updated automatically by a script on a daily basis. The data comes from some other publicly available database. Initially […]

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