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Collaboration on wordpress site git. How to share database?

I have started work on a wordpress site with a colleague. We are both developing the website on our local machines and have our separate databases. We share our work through Git. Now the problem is that I found out that wordpress uses the database to store some configurations regarding themes and plugins. How can […]

Storing Drupal SQL in Git

I have a drupal site, and I am storing the codebase in a git repository. This seems to be working out well, but I’m also making changes to the database. I’m considering doing periodic dumps of the database and committing to git. I had a few questions about this. If I overwrite the file, will […]

What is the standard or best way to deal with database branching with Mercurial or Git branches?

This has been a big question mark on my mind. I’m moving to Mercurial or Git very soon for my web software, and sometimes my branches require significant database changes which other branches should not see. This, I can’t always share the same database for my branches. Is there some standard way of dealing with […]

How to handle multiple db alter scripts coming from different Git feature branches?

A bit complex to describe, but I’ll do my best. Basically we’re using the Git workflow, meaning we have the following branches: production, which is the live branch. Everything is production is running in the live web environment. integration, in which all new functionality is integrated. This branch is merged to production every week. one […]

Database Schema Migration on Azure with Git Deployment

I am looking for a means to use Git deployment on Windows Azure together with either their MySQL or other database solutions. I need a means of migrating database schema changes as part of deployment – does Azure provide support for this without using Visual Studio or .NET.

Git-backed ORM for Python?

While looking for information about versioned databases, I came across the gitmodel project for Ruby, which is a versioned ORM on top of git. There are a few projects I’m involved in that could benefit from some sort of versioned data store, and Git seems like a natural solution in this space. Our team is […]

Relational database backend for mercurial or git

What I like about fossil is that it uses plain old sqlite to store changesets, files, etc. I can use its command line tool to query the repository, but if I want something not supported by it, I can fallback to writing an sql query. Mercurial and git are more mature, they have more libraries, […]

Best git mysql versioning system?

I’ve started using git with a small dev team of people who come and go on different projects; it was working well enough until we started working with WordPress. Because WordPress stores a lot of configurations in MySQL, we decided we needed to include that in our commits. This worked well enough (using msyql dump […]

Using git repository as a database backend

I’m doing a project that deals with structured document database. I have a tree of categories (~1000 categories, up to ~50 categories on each level), each category contains several thousands (up to, say, ~10000) of structured documents. Each document is several kilobytes of data in some structured form (I’d prefer YAML, but it may just […]

Run custom database scripts in Jenkins

So far I’ve seen different options and jobs in Jenkins that were related to the build process. I wonder if there is a way to create a job that would connect to the database and run a script, that would perform some actions. Maybe, Jenkins could run a script file or just store some actions […]

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