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How to commit on master branch DB related code?

What is the best practice for commiting DB related code on master branch? Is it OK to be incremental? Let’s say, in the first commit on master branch, there is version 1.0, with all create dbo, alter, … insert scripts and so on. On the second commit, there is only one script for all developers […]

How should I handle database schema changes when switching branches in Rails?

Currently I’m working on a Rails project, where I keep on constantly switching between the deployable master branch, and then many other branches, where I implement new features. The problem is, that usually these features add some tables to the database, which means every time I switch a branch, I have to drop the database, […]

Database issue (orphaned migrations) when using git flow branches

Have a git flow question if anyone can help. I’m not really comfortable with using the git flow approach to things so this may be a very stupid question, but here goes: The way my company handles things is by naming each feature after a specific issue code that relates to the GitHub “issues” page. […]

PHP Database Deployment git/capistrano

I’m working for a company which is using PHP. There are different CMS Systems being used like WordPress or Magento. We are working with git having our own repository server and we have to deploy to different servers our different customers. I’ve set up a deploymentscript using capistrano which works fine but the Database Synchronisation […]

Why git and mercurial dont use database?

I found mail where Linux Torvalds says: …go play with Monotone. Really. They use a “real database“. And became interested – why popular VCS’s do not use databases, and implement own data storing models to achieve same goals – transactions, durability, etc?

How to version control CMS content (e.g. Drupal), given that we use git for code

what is the best git workflow for web development team who use cms? Let me explain the situation. In our last project we moved to git for version control. First we tried distributed version control, where each member had each own git repo and pushed/pulled to a bare repo. However, since we used Drupal (but […]

Synchronizing databases between testing and production environment with git

I am trying to implement git in our development process for php/mysql applications. So far I have git repos set up, and we are using our local machines for testing and we are successfully using it for the files, but I don’t really know how to handle the database? There is a cron script on […]

Syncing magento database froms development to production

I use git for version control. I have a development, staging and production environment. When I finish in development I push to staging for review by the client. When approved, I push changes from staging to production. That works fine as long as there is no database changes. What happens if I install modules via […]

How to migrate database with git?

I do website development (primarily Drupal base sites) and have a workflow with: many developers working on their Local machines developers use git to merge their changes on a Development machine when the dev site hits a stable point, we push to a Staging server for the client to review and finally we make releases […]

Is there a database with git-like qualities?

I’m looking for a database where multiple users can contribute and commit new data; other users can then pull that data into their own database repository, all in a git-like manner. A transcriptional database, if you like; does such a thing exist? My current thinking is to dump the database to a single file as […]

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