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Git hook within Gitkraken ignores exit code

I try to set up a first simple pre-commit hook on a project on windows but I don’t manage to stop the commit using exit code. I use Gitkraken and it runs cygwin as shell. The pre-commit file contains the following script: #!/bin/sh echo “OK THAT line works…” > test.log exit 1 When commiting, it […]

git, remote access – ssh

I have two computers with windows xp. I want to use the first one as git server and second one as working station. On local computer works git very well, but for comunication between 2 computers I need ssh. (I suppose) I’ve found program sshwindows, but I cant install him, some error during instalation. Another […]

“fatal” when trying to clone Git repository within Cygwin

I have another problem regarding Git. This time I thoroughly searched Google and Stack Overflow and I couldn’t find any reasonable solution. I am trying to clone a repository using the command git clone “http://github.com/scottgonzalez/node-chat” and I am getting this error: Cloning into node-chat… fatal: http://github.com/scottgonzalez/node-chat/info/refs not found: did you run git update-server-info on the […]

Emulate git cp, including files with spaces in names

Yes I know that that what I want (git cp a b) approximately equal to cp -R a b git add b However this adds files that aren’t in the repository. The closest I have gotten is cd a git ls-files > ../files.txt cd ../b cat ../files.txt | xargs git add almost works, but there […]

Cygwin SSH connection issue to BitBucket

Can you help with this Access Denied issue (Cygwin SSH BitBucket) I have copied my public key across to BitBucket. When I run the following ssh -vvvT git@github.com the output is… When I try to push code to BitBucket the command just hangs. OpenSSH_6.6.1, OpenSSL 1.0.1h 5 Jun 2014 debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh_config debug2: […]

git status different on msysgit and cygwin over the same repository

On the same folder, on cygwin shell> {edited something} git add .; git commit -m ‘committed from cygwin’ on cygwin shell> git status On branch master # nothing to commit, working directory clean on git bash (msysgit) > git status On branch master Changes not staged for commit: … modified: <filename> modified: <filename> Same situation […]

How to correctly clone –recursive git repository on Windows?

How to correctly clone –recursive git repository on Windows? My git version is: git –version git version 2.8.2 When I clone a repository with –recursive using this command line: git clone –recursive https://github.com/evandrocoan/SublimeTextStudio.git “D:/User/Dropbox/Applications/SoftwareVersioning/SublimeText/Data/Packages” And this were the console output: (everything ok, without errors) D:\User\Dropbox\Applications\SoftwareVersioning\SublimeText>git clone –recursive https://github.com/evandrocoan/SublimeTextStudio.git “D:/User/Dropbox/Applications/SoftwareVersioning/Su blimeText/Data/Packages” Cloning into ‘D:/User/Dropbox/Applications/SoftwareVersioning/SublimeText/Data/Packages’… remote: Counting […]

How to fix Cygwin using wrong .ssh directory no matter what I do?

On my Cygwin machine $HOME is cygwdrive/c/Users/me (i.e. not the sometimes default of /home/me) which I appreciate. However, when I am using git, and trying to use ssh keys, it always checks in /home/me/.ssh for my keys. To get around this, I tried this solution however, putting a config file in ~/.ssh doesn’t work because […]

How to use symlinks created by Windows git with Cygwin

I am using Jenkins on a Windows machine to build a Cygwin program. Recently that started to fail. I turned out that was because Windows’ git seems to represent symbolic links in the repo as plain text files. There are two possible approaches to solve this: Use Cygwin’s git to do the checkout. Convert the […]

Git – Authentication failed

I’m completely new at git, and having had prior knowledge with putty decided to set it up to use that. At first it came up with an error I traced back (using google) to me not connecting via plink to the server to cache it. I was able to connect via plink to the git […]

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