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Moving the .git directory wihout moving the files

I am using to track changes to some linux system files (/etc/*), I had the .git in /etc but now I decided to move it to / as I want to track files that are outside /etc (both /etc and / are in the same filesystems…), I did that and tried to re-add the same […]

How to manage a tiny variation in a git repo over the long term

We have a piece of open source software deployed at a client site which is 99.9% the stock software, with one or two tiny variations – altering dependencies and a couple of config settings. The original code is in a Github repository and is developing fairly quickly. We would like to redeploy the code from […]

Git workflow with multiple stable branches, syncing with svn

Our project has been converted from svn to git. Developers are now using git-svn, but would like to move on to harness more of the power under the hood. Wishlist: powerful branching, e.g topic/feature branches isolation between mainline and staging work on releases, sometimes multiple in parallel. lean & mean and stable Jenkins-CI setup – […]

A “Git” like workflow using Subversion?

In my previous team we used Git. I am used to performing small and many commits, that represent the ongoing progress of my development work. When ready, i usually push changes to the central git repository to share changes with other team members. In the current organization i work in, SVN is used, and this […]

Manage home directory across multiple machines with some differences?

So I’ve got a pretty customized setup of dotfiles at this point, and I’ve been looking for a solution to keep things synchronized from machine to machine. I like the idea of having a ~/dotfiles dir (or similar) that contains a makefile that handles creation of symlinks. Move the dotfiles dir from machine to machine […]

Git – remove and exclude configuration file

2 weeks ago, I commited config of my application which had my password, it’s not very useful. How can I remove the file from the commit history and make sure it doesn’t get re-commited? I want to remove the file from all commits tree because it contains my passwords.

How can i add an administrative build in jenkins?

i’m trying to figure out how can i add an administrative build to Jenkins that will manage a few builds, and how can i path the parameters from the administrative build to the child builds.

How can i move Clearcase dyamic/snapshot views to another host (Linux)

i’m about to setup a new server that will be dedicated for CC views i’m wondering if there is any way to move the existing views to the new server?

Git: How do you checkout all deleted files?

In git I am familiar with how to checkout individual files that have been deleted using the git checkout — [<paths>…] syntax (which is recommended when you do git status. To get all the files you could create a list and give the list as the argument to the above command. However when you just […]

Building tags using Continuous Integration

How could I establish practice of continuously integrating tags instead of branches? I have following structure of tags repository directory (here is more detailed explanation of the repository structure): /tags /builds /PA /A /B /releases /AR /BR /RC /ST I would like to configure my continuous integration tool (it could be anything from CruiseControl, Hudson […]

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