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Using git to track linux server configuration files

I need to track configuration files of multiple linux servers. The servers need to run the same application version but can also contain custom changes specific to a server’s location. The idea is to be able to track changes made during production, able to pull updates from a central repo and merge with custom local […]

Jenkins git-plugin auto-install and configure git on Windows slaves

I have production Jenkins installed on RedHat server, with many Linux Slaves. Git plugin works flawlessly on Linux slaves but I didn’t find any way to make it autoinstall git on Windows slaves (like it does in Java,Maven and Ant). If I can only make the Run Command work on Windows – this could be […]

How to revert a commit in Git while providing a description?

I use Git with SourceTree (from Atlassian). I can revert a commit, but this makes a commit with an auto description : Revert … I want to revert a commit while entering my own description. How can I do that ? Thank you.

How to keep a set of configuration changes made on top of a software distribution?

I am looking for a way to implement a configuration management solution for software like JIRA or Confluence which do come as archives but where you do have to modify few configuration files or to add missing jars files. Each time a new version comes, you have to reapply your changes. Obviously I was thinking […]

Version control for aggregatation of multiple projects using Maven / Git

I have BigSystem which consists of multiple SubSystems. Each SubSystem is an individual project which compiles into an application, has its own release cycle and Git repository, and is separately maintained. BigSystem is simply an aggregation of the SubSystems it consists of. I would like to tag and maintain versions of BigSystem relative to specific […]

Ansible web server role versioning strategy for several environments

we are currently starting to adopt ansible as our cm tool of choice across all our envs, we are looking into configuring an nginx server accross several dev, qa, uat and prod environments, we are looking into leveraging the templating module in order to enable ansible to deploy to each of these environments by using […]

Moving the .git directory wihout moving the files

I am using to track changes to some linux system files (/etc/*), I had the .git in /etc but now I decided to move it to / as I want to track files that are outside /etc (both /etc and / are in the same filesystems…), I did that and tried to re-add the same […]

How to manage a tiny variation in a git repo over the long term

We have a piece of open source software deployed at a client site which is 99.9% the stock software, with one or two tiny variations – altering dependencies and a couple of config settings. The original code is in a Github repository and is developing fairly quickly. We would like to redeploy the code from […]

Git workflow with multiple stable branches, syncing with svn

Our project has been converted from svn to git. Developers are now using git-svn, but would like to move on to harness more of the power under the hood. Wishlist: powerful branching, e.g topic/feature branches isolation between mainline and staging work on releases, sometimes multiple in parallel. lean & mean and stable Jenkins-CI setup – […]

A “Git” like workflow using Subversion?

In my previous team we used Git. I am used to performing small and many commits, that represent the ongoing progress of my development work. When ready, i usually push changes to the central git repository to share changes with other team members. In the current organization i work in, SVN is used, and this […]

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