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Git workflow with multiple stable branches, syncing with svn

Our project has been converted from svn to git. Developers are now using git-svn, but would like to move on to harness more of the power under the hood. Wishlist: powerful branching, e.g topic/feature branches isolation between mainline and staging work on releases, sometimes multiple in parallel. lean & mean and stable Jenkins-CI setup – […]

A “Git” like workflow using Subversion?

In my previous team we used Git. I am used to performing small and many commits, that represent the ongoing progress of my development work. When ready, i usually push changes to the central git repository to share changes with other team members. In the current organization i work in, SVN is used, and this […]

Manage home directory across multiple machines with some differences?

So I’ve got a pretty customized setup of dotfiles at this point, and I’ve been looking for a solution to keep things synchronized from machine to machine. I like the idea of having a ~/dotfiles dir (or similar) that contains a makefile that handles creation of symlinks. Move the dotfiles dir from machine to machine […]

Git – remove and exclude configuration file

2 weeks ago, I commited config of my application which had my password, it’s not very useful. How can I remove the file from the commit history and make sure it doesn’t get re-commited? I want to remove the file from all commits tree because it contains my passwords.

How can i add an administrative build in jenkins?

i’m trying to figure out how can i add an administrative build to Jenkins that will manage a few builds, and how can i path the parameters from the administrative build to the child builds.

How can i move Clearcase dyamic/snapshot views to another host (Linux)

i’m about to setup a new server that will be dedicated for CC views i’m wondering if there is any way to move the existing views to the new server?

Git: How do you checkout all deleted files?

In git I am familiar with how to checkout individual files that have been deleted using the git checkout — [<paths>…] syntax (which is recommended when you do git status. To get all the files you could create a list and give the list as the argument to the above command. However when you just […]

Building tags using Continuous Integration

How could I establish practice of continuously integrating tags instead of branches? I have following structure of tags repository directory (here is more detailed explanation of the repository structure): /tags /builds /PA /A /B /releases /AR /BR /RC /ST I would like to configure my continuous integration tool (it could be anything from CruiseControl, Hudson […]


I am about to start a project (.NET) and need to decide between TFS and SVN. I am more used to SVN(with tortoise client), CVS and VSS. Does TFS have all features available in SVN Have any of you switched from SVN to TFS and found it worthwhile? Also it looks like we may need […]

Will Subversion efficiently store OpenXML Office documents?

I have been managing Subversion as an engineering document storage repository for my company. It is working fairly well, however I have a question about how MS Office 2007 formats are (should be) handled by Subversion. I’m looking at an Excel 2007 spreadsheet (extension .xlsx) in my working copy that Subversion has applied the svn:mime-type […]

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