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How to take my local commits from master and place them in a new branch

This question already has an answer here: Move commits from master onto a branch using git 1 answer

Need to copy a particular Git commit from another repository

I am new to git I need to get this commit https://github.com/DJNoXD/candied-kernel/commit/3a9f10b82d9a5b6dc54ceab4d7edb60c5a7f19e6 to my git https://github.com/nayak94/nayak-kernel/commits/0.1 I have no clue what to do, any help would be greatful

How to get what changes were made in what files as part of git commit?

Is there a way to get information about what changes were made in which files as part of a commit? I know that there is a way to get details about all commits: git log -p My specific use-case involves getting more details about a bunch of commit ids. I already have the commit ids, […]

Git how to restore old commit

I need to look at the commit i did few weeks ago e.g. when i do > git log –oneline -10 b45e80d ten 711aa9c nine 166dbfa eight 26abb54 seven ddd6bb6 siz 54430c3 five ca2d76f four 81ccc8c three d362fbc two 7d43aba one i need to restore my site temporarily to state it was after i did […]

Git commit list

I guess I’m just missing some important point in git. I’m using PhpStorm IDE for development process and GIT as a VCS. Everytime I pull changes from one of the developers branches I get a list of commits of other developers, it’s perfectly normal. But when I’m pushing the changes I push not only my […]

Git: does ffwd merge preserves all topic branch commits?

Say we have this situation: master | A–B–B–D–E–F–G | test Then we merge test into master. Are commits E and F preserved in the new master branch? That is, does it now lok like this (option A): master | A–B–B–D–E–F–G | test or like this (option B): master | A–B–B–D–G | test Sorry if this […]

git – Easier way to do a simple one-commit squash?

The project I’m working on requires that all feature contributions be single commits, but I still like to commit my progress along the way, so I usually squash my commits as I make them. Let’s say I’m making my first new commit on the branch: git commit -am “Added new feature” From then on, until […]

Is a commit a branch in itself ? – git

I hope the following question will not be too general. Plz telle me if not, this post could be migrate elswhere. So, I have read in this really good doc (bottom of page 10) that a commit could be considered as a branch in itself. In what way could it be said like that ? […]

How to move last commits to separate branches in Git

I have a tree that looks like this: –c–c–c–c–c–c–c–c–c1–c2–c3–c4 I want to move the last commits to new branches as follow, –c–c–c–c–c–c–c–c \\\–c1–c2 \\–c3 \–c4 How do I move last commits to separate branches?

Workaround git commit

Lets say I have 3 git commits: Commit changes on sidebar Commit changes on footer Commit changes on header Now lets assume I have went trough spiritual awakening and realized that only changes I need is on the header and one the sidebar, the footer was fine and did not needed to be changed. Is […]

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