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Git commit directory in pycharm using keyboard shortcut

In PyCharm, one can commit single directories or files by right-clicking on them in the “Project” pane, and then choosing “Git->Commit Directory…” from the context menu (see below). How can I do exactly this using a keyboard shortcut (while the file/directory is highlighted in the “Project” pane)?

explanation on the logic for git log command git log master-1.0.83..HEAD

for this specific library https://github.com/rafinskipg/git-changelog I enabled its debugging mode and saw the logic that is been used to pull in the git log, I got lost in some of them. in the debugging log I saw this … git log –grep=”^fix|^feat|^docs|BREAKING|^refactor|^style|^test|^Merge branch|^Merge pull request” -i -E –format=%H%n%s%n%b%n==END== master-1.0.83..HEAD I especially interested to know what […]

How to commit git message locally using an editor?

I’m trying to commit my changes locally i.e. using git commit command. It launches the Sublime editor successfully, where one can enter the desired message for the commits. Failed Attempts to add Personal Messages and Commit via Sublime editor My git terminal remains stuck and receives no input from the Sublime editor, even after I […]

GIT: remove from 2nd to 5th commits in the remote branch

I’d like to fully remove several commits in the remote branch. Reason: The branch with the only important (and the most recent) commit supposed to be forked from and merged into another branch. Once I change the branch to a proper branch (via browser) I see several more commits that are not in that proper […]

Segmentation fault for git commit command (Windows)

I have started to work with project, which I cloned from bitbucket. I use as Git Bash, as SourceTree. I changed one file and try to commit my change. I can execute the command “add”, but when I try to execute the command “commit” (git commit -m “for testing”), I get the following error: Segmentation […]

Show local commits when branch name contains slash

I have a git branch containing slash in its name, e.g. my/branch Now when I want to see my local commits (the commits which are local only and not pushed to the remote) by running git log origin/my/branch..HEAD git brings the following error message: fatal: ambiguous argument ‘origin/my/branch..–HEAD’: unknown revision or path not in the […]

Visual studio code is git pushing but repo does not match

I can’t figure this out I normally do my github commits like so (just using command prompt) command prompt → cd to the directory → git add . → git commit -m “Commit Message” → git push origin master but, When I run in visual studio code, and I make changes to my repo, I’ll […]

How to Avoid Committing Tokens in GIT

I have been doing back-flips to avoid committing API tokens into my git repositories. Often I have been failing. Despite my best efforts I cannot find any tool or builtin command to prevent the accidental commit of my tokens prompting rather embarrassing second commits and token refreshes. I am wondering if anyone has found a […]

Git : add password for pushing some files

Is it possible to add a password for commiting and pushing some files/folders on a GIT repository ? Or any other way to prevent some users from commiting and pushing some files/folders they are not supposed to commit and push ?

Ordering git commits

i was wondering how to change the order of my commits on git (priority of versions), or to define a commit as “default” for cloning ? For example, i’ve three commits for my git project : -s0441254z5 | “new features in dev” (most recent) -p44mo47877 | “ENDED project” -g487er54ee | “First commit” (the oldest) I […]

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