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I commit three times. How can I delete the second commit only?

For example . The first commit, the file code is: first commit. The second commit, the file code is: first commit. second commit. The third commit, the file code is: first commit. second commit. third commit. How can I do use git to delete the second commit only? The file code is showing: first commit. […]

Git alias for fast commit with optional text

This is my git alias configuration in the CONFIG file [alias] cm = “!git add .;git commit -m ‘commit’;git push origin master” Instead to use ‘commit’ for every commit, I would like to specify it with something like: git cm –‘my commit text’ or git cm ‘commit text’ Even better, the argument should be optional, […]

Is it possible to cherry-pick a commit from another repository without cloning the entire repository?

I have very limited bandwidth,so I was wondering if it would be possible to get a commit from another repo without actually cloning it.

Git push rejected after cloning

I cloned a repo from bitbucket using git clone. I made some changes and then git commit. Now I’m trying to push but I get a Updates were rejected because the remote contains work that you do not have locally. Now, I’m sure that remotely nothing changed between my git clone and my git commit. […]

Updating my fork from terminal without updating parent

After going through other Q&As I couldn’t quite find the answer I was looking for. I’ve forked html5-boilerplate and have cloned it locally in Linux. I want to make changes locally then commit them to my fork without affecting or proposing changes to the original repository. Thank you in advance.

Minor Git Issue – Changing Default Editor

Possible Duplicates: How can I set up an editor to work with Git on Windows? Trouble on setting the git 'core.editor' I’m trying to change my default git text editor to TextMate, such that forgetting the -m tag on a commit will bring me into TextMate and not vi. I have [core] editor = mate […]

begin on next commit message but do not commit in git

I know that git commit -m [msg] lets me enter a commit message and at the same time commits the added files. I am looking for a git command that lets me append to the next git commit message, but not commiting. Ie. the next time I enter git commit -m [msg], What I just […]

How to get back to the last commit after making some changes?

I’ve made a couple of changes on my local files but I have not commit or added any of them. I want to go back to my previous commit before this recent changes. How can I do this?

How can I create a sibling branch that includes all the commits from another branch into one node?

I have a branch, mybranch, that has six commits and stems from commit C. I would like to create a new branch, also based on commit C, that effectively includes all the commits from mybranch, squashed into one commit. What’s the easiest way to do this? I need to do this due to the mantra […]

Reorganizing hunks into commits

I have made a major refactoring of some code, and in the process I have commited several times. This has not been pushed to any public repo yet. Before pushing, I would like now reorganize the commits into logical units. The problem is that I want not only to squash commits but to reorganze the […]

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