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How to suppress “Changes not staged for commit”?

How do I suppress the “Changes not staged for commit” output when committing? Note that: I know I can do > /dev/null, but I’m hoping not to suppress other things. I’m not talking about the commit message — I’m talking about what its printed to the terminal.

How to find out the space requirements of files to be committed?

I’m going to archive an old huge project containing a lot of garbage. I hope I’ll never need it again, but I want to put all important things under version control. Because of the chaos in the project, it’s not easy to say what are the sources and what can go away (there’s no makefile, […]

restore lost commit by a known folder name

I have lost a branch accidentally. I guess it is in reflog list, but it’s too difficult to check every one in it. I remember that there was a folder created in that branch with some files in it, so it should be possible to find my branch by finding all the lost commits that […]

Push only last commit with TortoiseGit

I want to push only the last commit with TortoiseGit to a sourceforge repository. All previous ones shall not be pushed. Here is was said I can create a new branch and push this one. But the new branch has all previous commits and not only the last one. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

git user info questions

Not sure if this would be better on Programmers or another Exchange but here goes: I’m planing on using git and github for my first project and had some committer user info questions. When I set up my global username, should I use my full name or my username for github or even one then […]

git filter branch fatal revision

I’m trying to migrate from TFVC (Visual Studio Team Services) to git (hosted via Visual Studio Team Services). I’ve been able to build a script which migrates all the stuff, branches, does some cleanup etc. I used git tfs (https://github.com/git-tfs/git-tfs/blob/master/doc/usecases/migrate_tfs_to_git.md) and a few online blog posts. Everything works like a charm except when I try […]

Is it possible to reduce “git show –name-status –oneline master” to the summary line only?

In the following output, I’d like to exclude lines that start with “A” or “M”. Is it possible? $ git show –name-status –oneline master 4e8f3e9 Added: f1.txt, f2.txt; modified: master_1.txt A f1.txt A f2.txt M master_1.txt Using “–summary” helps but it still leaves “extra” stuff in it: $ git show –summary –oneline master 4e8f3e9 Added: […]

git – How to checkout all changed files between two commits

I have a branch A and a branch B. Branch B is three commits ahead of A. I can use git diff to list the changed files between A and B. But my question is: How can I checkout all those changed files between A and B while I am on A, then commit them […]

git: how to move committed changes from master to branch?

We have a project where one of the developers made a few commits into the master branch — instead of creating a separate branch off of master — and broke things. How do I: Undo those commits in master Make a branch from master Re-commit (or whatever the right git term for this is) those […]

git – commit definition from the “Git from bottom-up” booklet

I am reading “Git from bottom-up” and it defines “commit” as follows: “A commit is a snapshot of your working tree at some point in time” However, I do not agree with that definition. You might have 5 files (1 new and 4 modified) in your working tree but only 3 added to the index. […]

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