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Restore deleted files

I had a lot of files in directory public/uploads/. Before commit I typed git rm — public/uploads/* and then git commit -a -m “upload” and then git push origin master. In previous commit photos are not present. Now I want to restore them back from git to server. How can I do that?

How to commit in a specific git revision?

I would like to commit my changes for a bug fix in an older revision, in which I committed other changes for the same bug, so that the history is organized. I mean like an amend commit, but this one commits in the last revision, not in an older one. How could it be possible […]

After GIT commit, I did GIT push but the message said everything up-to-date

I’m new to Git. We’re in Linux, and I just inherited someone’s project family. I recently did: git add Bom.xml Bom.csv N.cpp makefile ../mm git commit -a (said On branch Bom, your branch is ahead of master by 2 commits. use git push to publish your local commits. Untracked files: list of things I don’t […]

Retaining Git Commit History in commit message when Merging branches in Git

Is there a command or option in Git that I can use when merging one branch into another so that the entire commit history / the commits that are getting merged show up in the commit text. So that whenever I do a git log I can also see all the commits that were merged […]

Git commit count a day

I have a branch called development. Now I want to know how many commits are happened per day (i.e) each day. I want Toal number of commits (i.e) count of commits in a day. I tried this command, but it is giving all commits count from the branch git shortlog -s -n My question is […]

How do I make a commit is not in the master branch with git-worktree

I have a repository with name “Name” for example. And in the repository has two branches: master gh-pages If I have made changes to the folder “Name”, the commands I get the commit: $ git worktree add ../Name-gh-pages gh-pages With this command, I get two directories: “Name” with files from “master” branch “Name-gh-pages” with files […]

Deleted all commits using 'push -f origin master' any way to restore?

I commited using ‘git push -f origin master’ and it deleted all my previous commits. Is there any way I can restore them or at least show all my previous commits?

Git commit directory in pycharm using keyboard shortcut

In PyCharm, one can commit single directories or files by right-clicking on them in the “Project” pane, and then choosing “Git->Commit Directory…” from the context menu (see below). How can I do exactly this using a keyboard shortcut (while the file/directory is highlighted in the “Project” pane)?

explanation on the logic for git log command git log master-1.0.83..HEAD

for this specific library https://github.com/rafinskipg/git-changelog I enabled its debugging mode and saw the logic that is been used to pull in the git log, I got lost in some of them. in the debugging log I saw this … git log –grep=”^fix|^feat|^docs|BREAKING|^refactor|^style|^test|^Merge branch|^Merge pull request” -i -E –format=%H%n%s%n%b%n==END== master-1.0.83..HEAD I especially interested to know what […]

How to commit git message locally using an editor?

I’m trying to commit my changes locally i.e. using git commit command. It launches the Sublime editor successfully, where one can enter the desired message for the commits. Failed Attempts to add Personal Messages and Commit via Sublime editor My git terminal remains stuck and receives no input from the Sublime editor, even after I […]

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