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Removing commits from a remote

I have a number of commits I would like to remove from a git remote. Can I do this by performing an interactive rebase and skipping the commits I don’t want? …and then force pushing to the remote? Or can revert accept a list of commits to revert?

Merge 2 different commit

I already made a few changes on my commit and finalize my working copy, after that I did git push too. But, suddenly I found a little problem on my modified files that has been already pushed to bitbucket repo. So, without undoing, I did manually changed my files into default for the first time. […]

Can I bind 2 (or more) git commits and create dependency between them?

I have a git project. let’s assume I am on side branch and I made a bug fix (Bug #XX) After delivery I discovered another another issue related to Bug #XX. Now I will have in git 2 commit referring bug #XX. Let’s say another developer also have a side branch and he want to […]

Get commit that precedes a fork at Github

There is a way to get the commit that precedes a fork? Like we have in the Network graph. Example: https://github.com/fladson/source/network The commit that precedes the fork is 3578d5c. There is a way to get this by API or git? Thanks

Delete unpushed Git commit in netbeans

I need to remove my last unpushed commit in netbeans IDE. I commit my code. But found unpulled commit on master. Now I have to revert my committed modification.

Exclude a directory or file from git commit –verbose

I know it is possible to ignore a directory or file from git diff using git diff !(example), as shown here. Is this possible when using git commit -v?

Git – Merging two commits which are not in serial sequence – Commits pushed to remote repo already

I have read about merging two commits that are in a sequence, but how can i merge two commits which are not immediate to each other. Like, my current commit with an old commit Commits are in seq er34rwe commit4 rtt45y5 commit3 iwe8j89 commit2 4E89E8J commit1 now, i would need to merge commit4 with commit2 […]

Git – Ahead of master because of online editing

I’m using git as my VCS and I’m pushing my local rep to BitBucket. I’m wokring on this project on my own, but I did the mistake that I edited one file (just changed few lines in readme.md) online from BitBucket’s website. Then I forgot to pull the changes to my local rep and I […]

git commit –amend – commit hash is changed when no changes are made

I open for some correction of my understanding of this, but I am not sure why this happens. When using git, I understand that if I make a change to a file and then commit it I get a new hash because the file has changed. My understanding of git commit –amend is that I […]

How to modify a commit message after a fast-forward merge

I need to test a feature of redmine and Its crucial that I have to add certain key to the commit message, the problem is that I made a merge and git fastforwarded it so now how I can append something in that commit message ?

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