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A file was added to git on commit n. How do I add it instead to commit n-m?

I have a branch. Half way through I noticed git was not tracking a file that it should have been and so I added it as part of a commit and continued with my work. Now, I’m doing a git bisect and all commits before the file was added do not build. So I’m thinking, […]

Can git filter out certain lines before commit?

I have a repo on github that I am working out of and I often have comments on my .py files that starts with the “# TODO:” to keep a personal note of things to be done. # TODO: do this <code> I obviously do not want that to go in a commit. I want […]

How can I list the signatures of all the methods changed in a commit?

I need to list the signatures of all the methods that were changed (updated, deleted or added) in a commit. For example, the methods that were changed in this commit are: br.ufrn.ase.Classe1.metodoB(int b)U br.ufrn.ase.Classe1.getV()D br.ufrn.ase.Classe1.metodoadicionado()A br.ufrn.ase.Classe2.metodoQualquer(int i)A br.ufrn.ase.Classe2.outro(int j)A How can I produce such a list? Is there some tool that will do the job […]

how to use git commit template in tower

Is there a way tower uses git commit template that is setup in git config? I tried to execute below command and it create a template when trying to commit from command prompt however doesn’t work with tower. However git hooks works with both command prompt and tower. git config commit.template .txt

composing a commit message without actually commiting

I would like to have bring up the usual editor for a commit message without actually creating a commit after editing. It should propose a message, filled with the usual git status information and a full git diff, which are stripped again after editing. The resulting text is intended to be passed to git commit-tree […]

Git: can't commit a file even though I've resolved the conflict

I pulled from origin to update my local, and one file had conflicting changes. I resolved the conflict, but I can’t commit (locally) because git still thinks the file is conflicting: $ git add style.css This works – no errors or anything. Then: $ git commit Merge branch ‘dev’ of [origin] into dev Conflicts: [path]/style.css […]

Git Mess! Commits in the wrong branch

I just did something terrible on a Git repo and I have no idea how to approach the issue. I don’t even know how I got it into such a mess…! On the repo (hosted on git hub), there are 3 branches I am interested in: master, brancheA, brancheB. brancheA and brancheB are unrelated (touching […]

How to delete commits from bitbucket

I accidentally pushed up files from my .idea directory in my Django project which I had in my .gitignore file. I am trying to completely delete the commit from my bitbucket repository since there is someone else Im working with on the project and he can’t pull my changes without affecting his own .idea files. […]

No data written: Not enough storage – Git on TFS 2015

Some git commits have vanished from our TFS server. A developer had the following message : As TFS GIT stores commmits to an SQL DB we’ve checked disk & db space. Everything is ok. The repo history was not rewritten. We are looking for an explication. Anyone has an idea about what could happend and […]

Is it possible to save a git commit message to a file in a pre-commit hook?

I am looking for a way to create a log of commit messages with timestamps for each of my commit messages as a way to keep track of what I’ve done for the week? Does anyone have an example of this?

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