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How to fix GITHUB commit date?

I am working on a github hosted project. For testing reasons, I have to move my computer date to somewhere in the future (2012) and forgot to bring it back to normal time when doing a git commit / push. The actual commit is now actually saved as 2012 instead of 2010 and it’s screwing […]

How to merge commit in Gerrit Code Review

I’m newbie to gerrit: http://code.google.com/p/gerrit/ I installed it with git on my local Mac. It’s done. I make some test action: register 2 accounts, the first accounts grant the “Administrators” privilege, the second account grant the “Registered Users” create new project I use the second account to push an commit to master branch for review. […]

Delete a commit from github

Possible Duplicate: How can I remove a commit on github? How to delete a 'git commit' So I’m trying to remove a commit from github. It is 3 commits ago and I’m ok if all the changes are lost. So based on questions from here, I did a git reset –hard <sha-commit-name-to-go-back-to> git push -f […]

Git: retrieve specific commit

I need to export to an archive a set of commits in a git repository. How do I do this? Using svn, I could choose commits and export to zip.

Git commit not possible. There are no staged files

I am using EGits with Eclipse and running into some issues. I have one change from head; I have made one new class. When I right click on this class and click “push”, the following dialog shows and I cannot get past it : Anyway, I need to push this file because I can’t commit […]

How can I make git commit messages divide into multiple lines?

When I use git log to check out my commit explanatory note like 1. what I changed 2. blank line 3. why I changed it in 3 lines not like 1. what i changed 2. blank line 3. why i changed just in 1 line.

how do i find a list of files committed to a branch?

How do I list all the files that I committed to a specific branch? I’ve committed about 40+ files to a branch, and I need to find the file names because I am trying to debug something, hard to do when I don’t remember the file names. git log only gives me a long list […]

GIT: how to force a merge commit to an ancestor

In GIT, I have two branches and two commits: A(master)—B(branch “topic”) the HEAD of the branch ‘master’ is commit A the HEAD of the branch ‘topic’ is commit B commit A is the parent of commit B I would like to create a merge commit C in the “topic” branch (it would have A and […]

GIT Log or Commit Monitor

I’m trying to find a Git Commit Monitor for Windows. Does anyone know whether one exists? Ideally it would essentially monitor the log and notify when a new commit has occurred.

Is there any way to incrementally build commit messages in git?

I’m wondering if it is possible to build git commit messages incrementally, documenting what I’m doing as I make code changes: Check out and begin work Enter commit message title (i.e. summary) Make a code change Update my commit message to describe change Repeat 3 and 4 until commit is ready Is there any mechanism […]

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