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Git default merge commit message not including conflicts

After doing a merge from the origin/base branch into my feature branch, I had to resolve one conflict on the file Parameter.java. I launched my Git merge tool and I resolved it. Once it was resolved, I performed a git commit and this opened Vim with the default merge commit message. Thing is, this default […]

How to undo a Git rollback

I wanted to rollback to the last commit after making a massive error, but I managed to rollback a little too fair. The commit I wanted to reassert doesn’t appear when I enter ‘git log’ in bash (I suppose because it’s no longer in the history). Is there any way I can recover the last […]

git diff unique to merge commit

Say I have, A topic / \ D—E—F master I can easily get the diff of D-E by doing git diff D..E –name-status and same for E-F, and E-A. Commit F is a merge commit, and say it had a conflict. It was resolved by modifying foo.bar. foo.bar was git added, then the merge commit […]

vim not working when calling git commit within cygwin

I am using git within Cygwin 64 under windows. The default editor vi and git uses the default editor. When I call ‘git commit‘ following messages will be prompted before vim is started: git commit Vim warning: output is not to a terminal Vim warning: input is not from a terminal After that, vi will […]

Strange behavior with git fetch

I’m getting a big problem with GIT fetch…look this $ git fetch From server:project 422b4cb..a04c062 master -> origin/master $ git show-ref ba113be885e66a5306d1646cd3db0801170c04f8 refs/heads/alpha-release a04c062261beeb4a951337ebb58745945cac3562 refs/heads/master a04c062261beeb4a951337ebb58745945cac3562 refs/heads/test a04c062261beeb4a951337ebb58745945cac3562 refs/remotes/origin/HEAD ba113be885e66a5306d1646cd3db0801170c04f8 refs/remotes/origin/alpha-release a04c062261beeb4a951337ebb58745945cac3562 refs/remotes/origin/master And another git fetch: $ git fetch From server:project + a04c062…422b4cb HEAD -> origin/HEAD (forced update) $ git show-ref ba113be885e66a5306d1646cd3db0801170c04f8 refs/heads/alpha-release a04c062261beeb4a951337ebb58745945cac3562 […]

git: Why am I ahead of origin/master with X commits after I do 'git push'?

I am using a bare git repository on a server for backup, and push local changes there with ‘git push’ after doing ‘git commit‘ locally. ‘git status’ tells me # On branch master # Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/master’ by X commits. If I modify a file, and then do another commit followed by […]

How to commit a long Git merge in the middle of resolving conflicts

I have a big merge going on with over 300 conflicting files. I want to resolve these using mergetool, but there’s no way I’m going to finish it all in one sitting. How can I commit the merge and then come back later and continue the same merge? Normally it seems git doesn’t allow you […]

How to compare changesets in Git?

Git makes it very easy to compare differences between commits, using for instance the git commands diff and difftool. Also in TortoiseGit you just select two commits to compare them. But is there a way to compare changesets? In other words: to see the differences between the diffs of one set of commits and the […]

How move all commits from specific user to a new branch?

I have ‘commits’ from many users. I want to move all commits of some user to a new branch. How can i do this?

How do I avoid committing small changes in git?

I’m wondering, how could I avoid a commit in really small changes of code. For instance, sometimes I miss a space between parameters or that kind of tiny code formatting. The reason I ask this is because later I have to push my commits to a remote repository and I don’t want to include those […]

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