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checkout remote branch in git

I’ve setup /var/www/website as a (non-bare) repo, and have my post-update hook of my bare repo: #!/bin/sh echo echo “**** Pulling changes into Live [Hub’s post-update hook]” echo cd /var/www/website || exit unset GIT_DIR git pull hub master exec git-update-server-info Because I wanna see changes on website right after push. But if I create remote […]

Git checkout by commit order

When I use Git checkout master~X, I will get the Xth merged commit, what I really want is the Xth real commit (not merged commits only). How can I do that? Thanks.

How to commit added files only in Eclipse?

In Eclipse I’m addding some changed files to the git index. They show up correctly in the staged changes tree element. But when I want to commit the changes in the index, the Commit action is grayed out. So, how can I do what git commit on the command line would do now. Just commit […]

How do I remove a file change from a commit that has not been pushed to origin in git?

I have a file that I accidentally added to my most recent commit. I want to remove the changes, but leave the file in the repository. That is because it is a generated sass stylesheet and I always have merge problems with it. Since the server will regenerate it anyway I would really like to […]

Does git rebase update commits in other local branches?

I know I can test this experimentally, but having discussion would be nice. If I have a local head on (local branch) master that has diverged from the remote master, I tend to do a git pull –rebase to replay my changes. I believe this works by changing the state of my local branch a […]

How to commit same project under multiple solutions from any of them?

This surely has to be a duplicate since its a common scenario, if so pls direct me to a good link. I have common project (class library) that will be used across many solutions, say, a common solution which I will call dll shared between solutions A and B. So this is how the directory […]

Undo a GIT push to the wrong shared repo

One of our developers accidentally pushed his local repo to the wrong shared repo. I have managed to reset the header to the right location using git push and force, so that part is ok now. However, I have not been able to get rid of the wrong commit, it shows up in gitk –all […]

remove a file from an old commit not pushed yet (Git Extension)

I’m facing a peculiar situation here. I must change the behavior of [4]xxxMerger.py and delete [4]xxxWriter wich means cascading this to commit [5] [6] [7] How can I do that? I know that I can add file to commit with fixup, or even change them then rebase on origin. I can change a commit message […]

Identify commit in which a particular file was deleted

I am working on a project which is hosted on GIT. In some directory in my repo, somebody has deleted a file say [a.txt] at path [/home/git/myProject/generic]. Now, a lot of commits have happened on files in this directoty. I want to track down the commit in which this file was removed. What I have […]

Git checkout 'virtual' branch

If I’m several commits ahead of a git branch(I assume my commits form a ‘virtual’ branch) and I checkout to the ‘real’ branch, will the changes done in the ‘virtual’ branch (my commits) be stored?

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