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How to do a Second Commit in Github

Can anybody explain how can use github to store my project. I have created an account,created a repository, uploaded my files to it all these are done mechanically by following their help. But i dont know what to do next. How can i do a second commit. and what is mean by branch please explain […]

How to keep your git fork clean from duplicate commits?

I frequently run into a problem with duplicate commits while maintaining forks with git. Lets say I’ve forked a repository and committed a fix. I push the changes to my forked repository and can see the changes on github. All well and good so far. The problem lies when the project maintainer merges my fix […]

svn diff offline

dueto historical reason, I do have a very old vm with eclipse 3.2 running and a lot of uncommited code. The source code management was svn, but this server doesn’t exist any more. Now everything is located in a git repository. My question is, is there any way to run the svn diff or something […]

What if I realize I should have committed an edit five commits ago?

This is a common problem for me. I make five or so commits then find that some debug code that became irrelevant or junk code from a prior used algorithm stays around. Amending them to HEAD doesn’t always make sense and making a new commit for a one-line late change feels disorderly. The solutions I […]

Does the current path matter for some git operations?

Say, I have my git repo (the .git folder) located in ~/my_project/. Assume also that my project’s folder is assembled like that: my_project | |____src | |__com | |__org Last of all, assume that I’d like to stage the com folder for commit. I may do it in at least two ways: albus@hogwarts:~/my_project$ git add […]

Git push origin master ERROR following checklist on github.com new repo

This is my first time using git, and I am not sure what is going on, and I can’t find an answer that is resolving the problem. I am running: git commit -m ‘first commit’ git remote add origin git@github.com:OldWest/CakePHP-Tutorials.git git push origin master And everytime I run: push origin master, I get error: Permission […]

tell git to not diff at line-level for completely changed file

I have a sample HTML file sitting in git. Recently it needs to be changed completely, so there isn’t much point looking at the diff between the new and the old. Currently the diff will display like ++-+–+–+—++, and I want it to just display ——–+++++++. Is there a way to tell git that this […]

Remove git commit, leave files unchanged (don't remove changes)

I’ve done a “bad commit” yesterday (the IDE converted tabs to spaces and LF to CRLF) and I want to revert that bad commit, but I don’t want the files that has been affected by the commit to get reverted back to the previous commit. I want the affected files to remain unchanged while removing […]

How to push a single file change to two branches using tortoise git?

I’m currently making changes to an older version of my app for customers still on that version but I want to push the changes to another branch I’m working on as well. Is there an easy way to do this in tortoise git without having to copy the files over manually to the next branch […]

Find a file history

How do I find in which git commits a certain file was changed? like.. git –when-did-it-change scr/ThatBuggyClass.java 88fa9f (HEAD) last time trying to debug it 99321c another round with ThatBuggyClass …

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