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Amend past commit message in Git-Tower

Change the commit message be390538 from “A” to “6” in Git-Tower

Git retrospective commit

Before I found the power of git I used to take snapshots of my code and store on my server. I have an existing git repo for a project I am working on, but I have found some older version on my server that I want to update into git. Is there a way I […]

remove commits from contributor

I have a Git repo with a lot of old commits from a contributor. Those commits do in no way influence the current version of the repo. I would like to remove all the commits from that contributor. How to proceed? Thanks!

How to change default git commit message

I’ve added some changes on commit message in prepare-commit-msg file and then I exec this command git config –global commit.template .git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg After that when I do git commit I receive something like this 40 lines of my changes and then # Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting # with ‘#’ will […]

Git: Does commit affect a remote branch that Im tracking?

I’m currently tracking a remote branch (origin/implement) and I have the authentication to push to it, however currently I don’t want to do such and instead I just want to commit my changes on the local that is tracking the remote. My question is when I commit does it record my commits on the branch […]

Why does Git doesn't update in my server's folder?

I made a git repo in my server‘s folder with a path \\xxxxxx\Demo, then I made a git clone and everything is ok, but when I make the commit and push it to the remote (the server’s folder) it says that it was succesufully $ git push origin master Counting objects: 3, done. Writing objects: […]

How to import files from RepoA to RepoB whilst maintaining the commits associated to these files?

Inside RepoA, there’s a directory(directoryA) with some files(file1, file2, file3) and I want to move these files from RepoA to RepoB. This is RepoA: RepoA directoryA file1 file2 file3 directoryB file1 file2 file3 After what I want to do, RepoB would look like: RepoB directoryA file1 file2 file3 I could just download directoryA from RepoA […]

How to commit a Git file locally?

I want to commit a file to a Git repository locally for my sample projects Failed Attempts to Commit File Locally Divyanshu (master +) asteroids $ git commit -m “Fire one bullet at a time” fatal: cannot lock ref ‘HEAD’: Unable to create ‘C:/Users/Divyanshu/Desktop/dktop/focus/ Udacity/Git-hub/version-control/repositories/asteroids/.git/refs/heads/master.lock’: File exists. Another git process seems to be running in […]

How to prevent author of Git commit from being changed

I want to make distinct users for my Git commits. For example, now we have 5 systems installed with Git. But while committing a change into Git remote repository, I can change my default author name and email in commit window. How can I make it so they cannot be changed?

Merge next commit's changes to current commit

I am backtracking through my history to find what exactly broke iOS5.1 for my app. I’ve traced it to a single commit, however the commit has many files. I would like to git checkout [commit before iOS5 break] and have all of the changes from the commit that broke iOS5 (ie. the next commit) merged […]

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