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GIT Error:- expected committer email '' but found 'karan@xyz.com'

Git push is getting rejected with the following error message: expected committer email ” but found ‘karan@xyz.com’ I have already tried: setting use properties in .gitconfig file. trying git push making different clones of same repository. setting up whole system all together after formatting it. But none has worked. What else can I do to […]

Git: Move to previous and next commit

I need a way to quickly move to the previous and next commit in a git branch. For the previous I found that I can do: git reset –hard HEAD~1 And probably alias that in a git prev or something, but I can’t find out how to move “up” to the next commit. And ideal […]

How do I edit past git commits to remove my password from the commit logs?

My problem: cygwin git doesn’t seem to correctly prompt for credentials when using https:// URLs, so I used username and password in the URL. Unfortunately when I did a “get pull” it auto-commited a message with the full URL including password. I didn’t notice this until after I had pushed the changes. How do I […]

Git – Create a new remote branch out of an old commit

I’m using the following Git command in order to create a new remote branch: git push origin origin:refs/heads/new_branch_name I wish that the new branch will start from an old commit, How can I do that? (I’ve tried some different methods, though failed) Thank you.

GIT and GitHub – How can I tell who landed a commit into a repository?

On GitHub: Eve writes some code in her fork of some popular project, commits as “Eve” <eve@example.com>, and sends a pull request upstream. Alice doesn’t notice that Eve’s code contains a backdoor to the popular project that she works on, thinks the code is great, and merges the pull request. Later, everyone gets owned. Bob, […]

Can git list the tags that occur between two particular commits?

Is there a way to get git to list all the tags that were added in between two commits? That is, only show me the tags that appear between point A and point B.

Does Gitorious have hooks for CIA commit notification?

As I am running out of my space on GitHub on my free account (yes, I am considering upgrading), I am setting up new git repositories on Gitorious (see also GitHub vs Gitorious). One great feature of GitHub is the post-commit hooks, that allow me to notify the (also great) CIA network… However, I have […]

How to set git commit –author properly from rake running under LocalSystem account?

I have Rake build script for my CI process running under TeamCity@windows. One of the steps that the script does is to commit some changes to remote repository (this repository represents real production environment on my shared hosting. It has only ftp access, so I map this location as a windows drive) Part of ruby […]

How can I upload committed changes to my GitHub repository?

I used clone to create a local copy of my repository on GitHub. I modified a few files. Then I did: git commit -a And now I want to save my committed changes to the GitHub repository. How can I do that?

How do I create tag with certain commits and push it to origin?

Say the current log in my gerrit looks like the following: commit10 (master) commit9 commit8 commit7 commit6 v1.72.0 commit5 commit4 v1.71.0 commit3 commit2 commit1 My goal is to create a new tag (v1.73.0) that should contain commit8 and commit9 and push it to origin. I was told to create a new local branch based on […]

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