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Is there any way to semi-automatically commit?

Please bear with me here, because I’m a beginner when it comes to version control systems. I’ve decided to start with the very simple GitHub app. What I want to do is (because I work in Dreamweaver) when I save a file a window to pop-up and ask me if I want to commit, is […]

rollback to original state after git revert

I have done a git revert by mistake in my project and all files return to old version. How can I rollback (restore) my project back. I have worked for almost weeks without commit anything so now all my changes have gone. Any help please

Git commit hell

On our project we have 2 git branches, ‘develop’ and ‘featureBranch’. Since featureBranch was forked off of develop, develop has been updated with a number of commits. Now I want to merge featureBranch back into develop. To test for any bugs, I did a rebase on featureBranch to pull in the latest code from develop, […]

How can I return to a speciffic GIT commit without miss any changes from that date to now?

I have a list of commits, I want to restore on of them, but without messing with the rest of the changes… I want to restore ONLY the changes made on that commit, can I?

How to create a single commit with the differences between the local and remote Git repositories?

In Git, let’s say I’ve been working on a local branch: Common ancestor /\ A \ / X B \ / Y C remote local I made local commits A, B and C and in the mean time the remote branch moved on with commits X and Y. So I do a pull and get: […]

Disable 'reformat code' checkbox in commit dialog of PHPStorm by default

I’m pissed off with PHPStorm having this feature enagled by default. I have to unckeck this EACH toime I commit something. If I forget, it silently does line truncations and other stuff I don’t like. Is there a way to set this checkbox unckecked by default?

Git: Get updates from repository

I’m new to Git and after testing and researching how it works there is one question that still is not very clear for me. I’m gonna use a practical example to better illustrate my question: Let’s say I work in a team and have a project folder named my_project and I have 3 files inside […]

git commit opens up two editor panes instead of one to enter message

When i run git commit it opens up 2 vi editor panes instead of one. The top pane is totally blank. The bottom pane is what I expect to see when running git commit. Every time I want to commit I have to close the top pane using :q before I can write my commit […]

make new git repository by copying old one

I have my app crazy_app and I want to use all of this sites files to make new website called world_app. I copied crazy_app files and renamed folder to world_app problem is that, when I open it its still in master branch from previous app. How can I make new repository in Bitbucket from world_app? […]

Undoing a single-file Git Checkout

So, I am working on a project with XCode. Happily, I found out that it keeps an Git repository within every project. So, after a mistake on a code, i just used git checkout aux.c to move back from theses mistakes. Unfortunately, as i just found out, Xcode does not auto-commit, so, I ended up […]

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