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What is the value of atomic commits in Subversion?

I’m trying to create and follow best practices for versioning control and came across a reference to atomic commits in Subversion. Since I’ve never heard of this action, I have a few questions about it. What’s its purpose? When should it be used? How is it different than a normal commit? Is it available to […]

Restricting Subversion commits if the Jira Issue key is Not in the commit message

I am using SVN-1.7.4 for revision control and atlassian JIRA as the issue tracker for my LAMP website. I want to restrict SVN commit if any of my team member commits without mentioning the Jira Issue key for the same. I am using JIRA standalone and have installed it on my server. Google search gave […]

SVN hooks not working

I have a server repository of branch and trunk. The branch is all team members’ repositories. I’m trying to use svn hooks only in my repo under branch, but it doesn’t seem to work fine. In the following are the steps I tried to approach: checked out my_repo from the remote server’s branch/my_repo since the […]

Displaying a message to users pre-commit in Tortoise SVN

We use Tortoise SVN for source control, and have already set up a commit message template. I would also like to display some text to the user when they commit, that doesn’t get included in their commit message, along the lines of “Don’t forget to do X!”. Is this possible?

SVN Commit without update

My coworker has checked in a few files that I know are wrong. I would like to be able to replace them and commit my local older copies back to the repo. However, SVN doesn’t allow me to commit these files without me running update. I am worried that this may cause automatic merge and […]

Jenkins svn commit post-build

I’m trying to make a post-build commit in Jenkins CI when it’s succeeded. Is there a way to make this? My problem is that when i build it generates some dll’s in the workspace that i need to commit to the svn.

svn commit without -m

I’ve tried typing in svn commit and it will bring up a screen with the list of files being added/changed/etc. as well as a place to enter in a message, but pressing enter will add a newline to the message, not initiate the commit. Is there a hotkey or some key combination to initiate the […]

Subversion and mixed-revisions: recipe for broken builds?

I’m just comming back to subversion after using TFS for some time and generaly i’m quite exited 🙂 There is one thing i remember differently. I don’t remember beeing able to commit from an out of date working copy. Or maybe my memory just fails me on the definition of “out of date”. I thought […]

Committing the code on SUBVERSION (first time)

I am new on subversion. I have to commit a code on subversion and this is the first time that i am doing this. So my mentor told me to put username on his server using SSH.I did this by following code : amit@<URL> and it works fine. Now he asked to commit the code […]

Subversion commit failed Merge of file: 200 OK

I am having the strangest problem … every time i commit i get and error like this: commit failed (details follow): MERGE of ‘/svn/project/trunk/web/directory/’: 200 OK (http://mydomain.com) that is the directory of the file i modified. Later Edit i have web dav SVN installed and i commit to a HTTP URL. and there is a […]

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