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How can I split up a Git commit buried in history?

I flubbed up my history and want to do some changes to it. Problem is, I have a commit with two unrelated changes, and this commit is surrounded by some other changes in my local (non-pushed) history. I want to split up this commit before I push it out, but most of the guides I’m […]

How to commit my current changes to a different branch in git

This question already has an answer here: How to merge my local uncommitted changes into another Git branch? 6 answers

Install specific git commit with pip

I’m developing a django app and I’m using pip to manage my requirements. How can I do to install a specific git‘s commit? In my case I need to install this commit: https://github.com/aladagemre/django-notification/commit/2927346f4c513a217ac8ad076e494dd1adbf70e1

Git blame — prior commits?

I love the git blame command, it is very useful for tracking down people who don’t own up to writing code. 🙂 However, is it possible to see who edited a specific line before the commit reported by git blame, e.g. a history of commits for a given line? For example, I run the following […]

git commit frequency

Since i switched to git from svn i started make more commits every time i recompile and my tests pass i commit my work. In the end i end up committing function by function. I also track some other projects using git like emacs,wordpress etc. I see that they do not commit that often. So […]

Why Git is not allowing me to commit even after configuration?

This question seems like a duplicate but it’s really not. Just a slight difference that keeps on repeating. git keeps on telling me: “please tell me who you are”, even after setting it up. when I run git commit, this is what I get…. $ git commit *** Please tell me who you are. Run […]

Start a git commit message with a hashmark (#)

Git treats lines starting with # as comment lines when committing. this is very annoying when working with a ticket tracking system, and trying to write the ticket number at the beginning of the line, e.g. #123 salt hashed passwords git will simply remove the line from the commit message. is there any way to […]

How to configure Git post commit hook

I am new to Jenkins. How to trigger a build remotely from Jenkins? Can anybody tell how to configure Git post commit hook? My requirement is whenever changes are made in the Git repository for a particular project it will automatically start Jenkins build for that project. In Jenkins trigger build section I selected trigger […]

How can I push a specific commit to a remote, and not previous commits?

I have made several commits on different files, but so far I would like to push to my remote repository only a specific commit. Is that possible?

How can one change the timestamp of an old commit in Git?

The answers to How to modify existing, unpushed commits? describe a way to amend previous commit messages that haven’t yet been pushed upstream. The new messages inherit the timestamps of the original commits. This seems logical, but is there a way to also re-set the times?

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