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What is the meaning of colored lines in commit graphs drawn by Eclipse?

I’m trying to understand some parts of the GIT graph in Eclipse. We’ll refer to commiters as G, A, R, J and K. In this case, we have two branches : master, and agfa (dev branch). Commit 5cc4355 : What does the green line means? It’s not a new branch, so I guess it means […]

Transfer code from one computer to another via Git

I have some code I have not committed nor pushed to the branch I am working on on a local computer because the code is not working yet. However, I simply want to move that code from one computer to another without affecting the branch. How would I do so? For example, my code is […]

Netbeans: How to show all (git) commits than will be pushed?

How to show all (git) commits than will be pushed within Netbeans ? Netbeans 7.3 simply pushes everything without showing a list of all commits first (like IntelliJ IDEA does).

Git (assembla) – Syntax to refer to a previous changeset in a commit message

Does git have any official syntax that can be inserted into commit messages to reference previous changesets? E.g.: Oops. Adding files accidentally missed out from #7557bd82e2d0c7335319392b4bcb178ce0b9620f Or does Git not bother defining these, and leaves that up to the tool that is used to display the messages (e.g. Github or Assembla)? In which case, does […]

git push commit to different branch

Sorry, this maybe a stupid question, but I just couldn’t figure it out the problem. I have cloned a branch via git (bitbucket), changed some files, commited these and pushed them back to the remote origin. Now I want to push this commit to a different branch which is partly ahead and behind of the […]

Is there any git management GUI?

I want to edit git history: change commit‘s authors (someone they’re marked incorrectly) etc. Is there any GUI for git, focused not on “pull & push” current commit, but on history editing? P.S. I use linux, so linux clients are preferrable, but i can start wine for it

Why does `:Wq` in VIM cause my commit to fail later?

Often when I’m finished writing a commit message in VIM, I type :Wq<ENTER> instead of :wq<ENTER> because I’m holding down the shift key to type the colon. This causes VIM to respond with E492: Not an editor command: Wq. This is all fine so far, I just retype :wq<ENTER> to save the commit message and […]

How do I get all refs that point to a commit in git?

Is there any way to get a list of refs (including tags, branches, and remotes) that point to a particular commit in git?

git: “Warning: Changing a readonly file”

When I go to commit changes to a branch using, git commit -a vim is opened and I go to insert my commit message. I get this warning in the terminal: W10: Warning: Changing a readonly file In order to continue with the commit, I have to force write using :x! in vim, but otherwise, […]

How to revert a 'git filter-branch -f –env-filter'

I am quite a newb regarding git and usually git commit, pull and push are the only commands I do. Recently noticed that my commits were set to a default name and email and wanted to change it. Stupidly I ran this which I found in a post somewhere: git filter-branch -f –env-filter “GIT_AUTHOR_NAME=’Newname’; GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL=’newemail’; […]

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