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How to automatically split git commits to separate changes to a single file

I’m prettyd comfortable with Git, an I’ve been using it for over a year now. Better yet, I’ve finally convinced a client to switch to it! However, I’m just plain stuck as to how to accomplish what I’m about to describe, or if it’s even possible. Even it it can be done, I wonder if […]

Fork-specific git log

Is there any way to filter a git log to the commits specific to a fork, given it didn’t keep the upstream tags? If so, how can it be done? For example, I want to know what are the commits in the Samsung Linux kernel fork didn’t come from the Torvalds Linux kernel tree. Thank […]

Unaccessible git state

And previously, I tried to experiment with my program and then, I feel like going back (checkout) to previous commit. Then, I changed something, committed.. etc.. The question is, How do I go back to the state before I checkout. I know I could git checkout the-hash, But I don’t know the-hash. git log only […]

How to safely backport specific linux kernel commits to an older kernel using git

I’m currently on a stable 2.6.32 kernel. But I need certain fixes on 2.6.33 branch to be incorporated into this 2.6.32 kernel so that I can create a custom kernel for testing purposes. I can’t apply the said fixes directly to the 2.6.32 source because they seem to have dependencies on other fixes. Is there […]

Importing old git projects to Gerrit

I am trying to install gerrit over our git repositories. We have lots of projects that saved in git repositories. After installations everything seems ok from web interface. I can see the projects from admin>projects menu. I can add users or groups to gerrit. But if I want to add access rules to project when […]

Massive git commit squashing

My company is in the middle of converting from CVS over to git. We’ve been on CVS for a long time, so there is a huge history. Too much to do by hand. Looking at the logs, there is a lot of squashing that could be done. A whole lot. What I would like to […]

Why didn't git checkout (of a past commit) change my files?

I have been building my website with a git repository for a week. So far, I have not created any branches, but I just discovered a problem on my live site which needs to be fixed. Currently, I am two commits beyond the commit that contained my site as it was when I last pushed […]

Git branch. How to assign a commit to a branch?

I have two branches. Say, the first one commit‘s checksum is 11223344, the second one has 55667788. How to assign the commit 55667788 to the first branch?

Git ghost commit

I noticed couple commits that I cannot make sense of. The commits have these properties: It is present in the master branch (e.g. git log master | grep <sha1> returns an occurrence) It has proper content (git show <sha1> indicates that the blob is not empty) It changes file/with/path/xyz Running git log master — file/with/path/xyz […]

Is there any way to semi-automatically commit?

Please bear with me here, because I’m a beginner when it comes to version control systems. I’ve decided to start with the very simple GitHub app. What I want to do is (because I work in Dreamweaver) when I save a file a window to pop-up and ask me if I want to commit, is […]

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