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Commits for file in remote not showing in local repo

I have a git repository where the remote is hosted in TFS and when I look at the commits for a specific file there 5 commits on my dev branch. Locally i only see 3 commits on my dev branch. I’ve done a git pull and everything is up to date. How is this possible?

Count commits since last change to file

I’m currently working on a system that automatically increments a version number. The version number is currently stored in a file using a major, minor and patch version. I thought about getting rid of the patch to prevent having to manually change the version number each time. The patch would then simply be the number […]

How to configure Jenkins to build a repository locally, then commit the output files to another repository?

So basically I already have the deploy part working in one job, using MSBuild 14.0 and the above configuration: /p:Configuration=Release /p:Platform=AnyCPU /t:WebPublish /p:WebPublishMethod=FileSystem /p:DeleteExistingFiles=True /p:publishUrl=C:\website Now what I want to is to push this folder to another repository, which has the exact file structure (I want to overwrite the files) but I can’t figure out […]

Git: How to diff two different files in different commits?

I have a repository where a number of files have been renamed from .html to .php and further edited in a number of commits since my last pull. Using git diff to shows all the html contents removed and all the php content added. Is there a neat way to have git diff detect the […]

What flow causes Github commits that are “authored” by one user but “committed” by another?

For example, this commit is claimed to be authored by mattcaswell and committed by richsalz What usage flow could have caused this? Suppose I want a commit which is authored by someone else and committed by me to appear in a repo where I’m a contributor – how would I have that?

I know a commit ID in a repo, how can I know which git project it belongs to?

I used repo forall -c ‘git log –since=xxx’ to find the latest commits. I know the commit id but I don’t know which git project it belongs to. How can I get the project name of a given commit? Thanks.

How to commit modifided files & folder in one command using git?

I have tried below but seems not working $ git commit -m “Changes” vendor/* dev/* .htaccess composer.json Error error: pathspec ‘vendor/cweagans’ did not match any file(s) known to git. error: pathspec ‘vendor/magefan’ did not match any file(s) known to git. error: pathspec ‘vendor/phpoffice’ did not match any file(s) known to git. I have multiple folders […]

Update Author Name in all Commits in git after particular date

I tried it but could not find how can I compare GIT_COMMITTER_DATE with some specific Date to update author and committer email.. This is what I have tried but I need to add date comparison in if conditions extra to update particular commits otherwise it’s picking up very old commits too.. Here AFTER_DATE is date […]

How to fix a git commit –amend on the head of a remote branch?

I make this git mistake sometimes and its incredibly annoying. I was wondering whether anyone in the community had ideas for what to do when you accidentally do a commit —amend on the head of a remote branch. Right now I end up doing a pull, diffing against my own partial change, and pushing, resulting […]

Unable to commit or push zipped files under 50 MB to GitHub using Windows Git Bash

I’m trying to solve two dilemmas here. The first is more critical and is the ultimate question here. The second is on my wish list. I added three new files to a new repository called test. test1.csv (88,507 KB) and test2.txt (330,854 KB). And one more file which is VERY SMALL in size. I called […]

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