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GitHub for Mac – Staging is not working correctly (Changes not staged for commit)

I was using the GitHub for Mac application, and as of recently, it’s been throwing this error back at me: On branch master Changes not staged for commit: (use “git add <file>…” to update what will be committed) (use “git checkout — <file>…” to discard changes in working directory modified: bin/plugin.yml modified: src/plugin.yml Untracked files: […]

Git: Check for possible conflicts before commiting or pushing to remote repository

This question already has an answer here: What's the simplest way to get a list of conflicted files? 11 answers

git keyword expansion after commit

I am using keyword expansion like the one described in the book Pro Git. However, after a commit one needs to do, for example, rm file git checkout file to have the correct keyword expansion in the working files (since smudge is applied only after checkout). How do I make the keyword expansion happen automatically […]

git-svn — Why are other branches' commits mixed in with trunk commits on master?

I’m tracking a svn repository using git. A merge was done on 2014-01-09 (producing commit A) and another on 2014-02-12 (producing commit B). When I git checkout master; git log, I see the commits for the merges, but I also see, for instance, a commit on 2014-02-04 (C) made against a branch (which was merged […]

Cherry pick specific commit and recover only deleted files?

I have a branch (Branch A) which added about 300 files, I then merged this into master. The merge broke master so I removed all 300 files and committed the removal of these files. I then proceeded to go back into Branch A and fix the override, but merging this branch will not bring these […]

push to the top leaving middle two commits

Let’s say I have following commits cccc[recent] bbbb aaaa Now I have bugs in cccc and I have rolled back to aaaa by git reset –hard aaaa and I have worked here,this all happened in bugs branch Now when I try to push the cmmits to the bugs branch it is telling ! [rejected] bugs […]

How to bring back my changes from some commits to the index?

This is my top commit history: 5e1aaf7 final commit message 0356c0a add Toyota to Cars.txt 5498f0f add some cities to Cities.txt e811024 add Cities.txt I need to get changes from those commits to the index and commit them with one or more commits.

git push non for all the commits

I have a problem about using git push on my project. I’ve 7 commits to push, but they are so big for my internet connection that I can’t complete the command. So I’d like to push the oldest commit, than the second, and so on. What are the commands to see the commit’s name and […]

How do I cleanup Git Commits messed up by Rebase

Here’s what the commit history looked like before I mucked it up: A B C [master] \ D E F G H I [refactor] Here’s what my current commit history looks like: A ————— E B C F D [master branch] \ B C D E F G H I [refactor branch] Here’s how I […]

git commit –author does not require password?

My situation is the following: there are 2 people who have access to a private repo and work together on the code. But one guy has wrote a code on other guy’s computer and now wants to commit for his name not for the name of that other guy. I have seen here how to […]

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