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How to pick a commit in sub-branch and merge it into main branch?

So I have: master +commit1 +commit2 +commit3 myBranch +commitA +commitB +commitC I want to pick commitB in myBranch and merge it to master branch, what should I do?

when merging git branch, how to avoid the commits logs in a branch?

if another developer branches out on branch DEVELOPER_A, and makes a lot of commits on that branch, when he’s done, I want to merge his work onto master. but I don’t want all his small commits to show up on the master branch history, and only care about the last commit. so is there a […]

Git branch vs commit

I have master branch where i commited my last change now i run git branch test checkout test i deleted file README in the project folder then i run git checkout master and there is no README file anymore. I thought when you create new branch its like creating new commit?

Git revert is overwriting my files

Say I make a bunch of changes to my files locally, then add these changes to the staging index and then commit them. Then I realise that actually, I’ve made some mistakes, and I want to quickly undo that whole commit and get back to where I was right before I committed (ie with my […]

How I can update changes on remote git repository?

I finished to commit and push changes on remote git repository but when I view remote repository’s files, these are outdated. I’m using Git Bash. View image The red text are changes made in repositories clones. These changes aren’t reflected in the original repository’s physical file How I can do to reflect the changes?

git diff between 2 revisions included

I’m doing a : git diff –diff-filter=AM –name-only 59ade6e..c1fc4d8 The 59ade6e hash is a commit where I added all my files (my first commit). But when I execute my command it seems that it doesn’t contain these added files. How can really include my hash revision to this diff ?

Git/Github allow collaborators but keep control

I want to allow some collaborators on one of my github repos, however I would like to limit them to their own Branch. There’s only a handful of collaborators, and limiting them to their own branch would prevent erroneous commits/push’s to the wrong branch. Is there a way to do this? Am I going about […]

how to merge to a local branch after checking out to a previous commit

I am working on a local branch VISS. Then I decided to check out a previous commit: git checkout 98ea3c8042c39e I made some important changes to the code. and then I committed again. Now I need to go back to my branch VISS keeping these changes. What should I do if I want to: Go […]

Pushing files on one git-branch

I have a website on a server and I want to begin sharing my work and so I am working with git. I am very new to it. So on the remote server, I made a “git init” and a git commit to move all the work on the .git directory (always on the remote […]

(Heroku/GIT) Comments added to commit command not appearing in activity

Me and a friend are creating an app for facebook. So to keep organized, when we do something and push it to heroku, we add a comment to the commit command such as: git commit -am “changed logo” The problem we’re having is that in the heroku website, in the activity log, we get messages […]

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