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git commit ignoring email in global config and using hostname instead

I have an issue similar to this where my laptop was using me<my_emal> for commits, laptop catastrophically died, got new laptop, reinstalled Wheezy, stuck old drive in new laptop and my commits now use me<local_hostname> My git config has the entries [user] name = me email = myemail I have tried the command print_env but […]

How to apply an old commit on Git?

So, I’m trying to apply an old commit by using cherry-pick, but seems more difficult than I thought. This is what the BASH looks like… –HEAD IS IN THE MASTER BRANCH- git cherry-pick 6a0c632 error: could not apply 6a0c632… hint: after resolving the conflicts, mark the corrected paths hint: with ‘git add <paths> or “git […]

Unable to Commit Changes to Git in Android Studio 1.0.2

I am using Android Studio 1.0.2 with Git on Windows 8.1 (64 Bit). I have a local Git Repository which is being pushed to BitBucket online. The VCS seems to work fine in, until I ask it to commit my changes. In The commit changes windows I can see the files that have changed . […]

Egit – staged files

I’ve an Egit repo shared between two workstations. It’s installed on Workstation A (master), while the B only acts as client. When B commits to the repo, A gets all the modified files tagged as “staged” (brown star icon). Anyway modifications on A are not visible at all, I need to perform a Hard Reset […]

Jenkis changes log trims commit comments

I’m using Jenkins to build my software projects. It has a “Changes” log where it shows all the commit comments for each commit per build. For example, build #316 and #315 had only 1 commit but build #314 had 3 commits. The problem is, Jenkins trims the commit comments to only one line. So any […]

Navigating to .git project directory

I am new to Git and I am working my way through a tutorial for beginners. Currently I am attempting to navigate to my projects root directory. The tutorial is mainly for people who use a Mac and currently I am using Windows so it can get a bit confusing. It is telling me to […]

GitHub – can I repopulate Contributions chart with missing commits?

I recently noticed that very few of my commits were showing on my Contributions graph even though they were inside of each repository. After deleting and re-adding my e-mail address my commits are now showing up. Is there a way to get my older commits (which have to correct e-mail association) to show up on […]

Overwrite my fork with origin master branch and commit as well

The reason I want to do this is to save off some in-dev work (which I’ve branched off of my fork, and now my fork is safe to overwrite) I’ve followed the step from this post: do a git pull to overwrite local changes which involved: (being on my master folder) git checkout git reset […]

Which factors contribute to size of git repo

I would like to know which factors contribute to the size of a git repo, Except the data of course. Does having a long history means a big repo? Does having many branches have some affect on it? Also how do you guys handle your commits? I read that each commit should have at least […]

Proper comment codes for GIT version control?

I didn’t know how to properly ask the question and for that I apologize. Basically I want to know how can I set up eclipse to recognize the version of the project I am working on and how many revisions etc. I had this working on CVS but for some reason on GIT I can’t […]

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