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Visual Studio 2013 – Force renamed project files to commit automatically

I have a project under git version control in Visual Studio. However when I change the name of files, These files do not get included for commits automatically. I know how to manually include them, but I am looking for an automatic solution. For example: In the pic, next to the two files I circled […]

List commits and files changed under commit

I was wondering if there is a way to view the commit information and the files changed in the commit when using grep. To retrieve the commits when searching for a string in the commit messages I use: git log –graph –pretty=format:’%Cred%h%Creset -%C(yellow)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr) %C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset’ –abbrev-commit –grep=<SEARCHING_STRING> Then I get the commit id […]

Why did the changes of a git commit disappear after other 2 commits (where I did not change the affected file)?

What I did: I detached the head of my working branch MOODLE_27_STABLE. I then created a new branch called patterns new, checking out the detached head state with checkout -b patterns_new I then changed the file db/upgrade.php on 20th of october: Link to this commit, I call it A Then, 2 commits later suddenly those […]

Git2go: How to handle simple merge conflicts

For a simple live coding environment I’m writing a git add, commit and push function, which is working fine, except of the case of conflicts, when two users code in the same part of a file. It performs the conflict analysis correctly and loads the result: // Live-Editor, Processing / Javascript fill(130, 52, 130); <<<<<<< […]

How can i merge a git commit from a different branch?

Collaborating with a dev, i want to merge a selected commit from his branch into mine and push it to production.

Git conext menu change? Where is git commit, etc

If I remember right you could choose in the installation process of git for Windows you could choose Git GUI and Git Bash or a intelligent context menu which offers you git commit for example. Since I miss git commit in the context menu I tried reinstalling GIT but there is no such option any […]

How do I “merge” two separate git repositories of the same website without losing commit data?

I have two separate git repositories for the same version of a single website. domain.com-1.0 domain.com-2.0 Version 2.0 was completely redone from the ground up. There is no bridge between the two repositories. I would now like to merge the two into a single repository, but maintain the separation. I have already tagged domain.com-1.0 in […]

How to remove a file from a git commit to push to svn

I replaced a folder and all its contents with a symlink. That is removed the folder and added a symlink, in a single git commit. Git commit happened normally. However when I try to push to the upstream svn, it complains that the file exists. Now, how do I amend my commit to not contain […]

git “lost” my commit, sort of, log giving conflicting results

Something really strange here I cannot figure out. Last night I committed some files. About lunch time today I realised that the files has “lost” all the changes I’d committed yesterday. I went back through the git log results and sure enough the commit was there. I checked the contents by doing a git diff […]

Import previous commits using git-svn

What I have done so far: git svn init http://example.com/svn/trunk (latest revision is 1000) git svn fetch -r1000 git svn rebase My repo is up to date and I have in the logs all commits since rev. 1000. How to import the history since revision 800? How to checkout to the revision 800?

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