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Moving all commits beyond initial commit off master

i have been developing committing on the master branch, and would like to move all commits beyond the “initial commit” to a separate development branch, and keep the master for release versions. right now, my tree looks like this: master: A – B – C – D – E – F i would like it […]

Removing a specific commit in the git history with several branches?

I know how to remove a specific commit from the git history with git rebase –interactive. My question concerns the more complex case with a history like this: A–X–B–C–D \ E–F where I would like to remove the commit X. The issue is that in this case there are two or more branches with parents […]

Remove an unreferenced commit from git repository

I have a git commit history like this: U / A—B—C—D—E master Nothing points to the commit U, but I know its hash. How can I completely remove this commit from my repository as if it never existed? I’m the only person using this repo. I tried using git rebase, but that can either delete […]

Git: Best way to add only some parts of a file from another branch?

Let’s say you have a branch master and another branch production, both containing a version of the file prog.py, as well as many other files. Imagine that you modify many files in the production branch, including prog.py. Now, what is the best way of having only some changes made on prog.py in the production branch […]

Perform an empty commit with mercurial

With with Mercurial queues extension, I can make an empty commit with some commit message like so: hg qnew patch_name -m “message” Is there a way to do this without Mercurial queues? I tried simply: hg commit -m “message” but hg just says “nothing changed” and doesn’t do the commit, and I don’t see any […]

Retroactively sign git commits

Recent versions of git (>= 1.7.9) support signing individual commits with GPG. Is it possible to retroactively sign all commits within a tree?

Use the commit message in a CVS pre-commit hook

Is it possible to use the commit message in a pre-commit hook in CVS? The CVS server is running remotely, and I access it using pserver. Ideally, I want to allow the commit if the files pass the filter or the commit message contains certain text. I don’t have a choice to use another versioning […]

What are the good criteria for committing changes to repository?

I’m currently using git for managing several projects, however, one question has been bugging me recently: what is the good tone for committing modifications to the master branch and to secondary branches? Should it be ‘commit when it compiles’, ‘commit when it works’, or something else? Thanks.

Proper Commit Messages

What are commit messages for? I’ve always been writing them as an explanation of what I did, but I’ve recently gotten into a discussion about it with a colleague who writes commit messages explaining why he did. Which one is right, or is there another answer entirely? NOTE: I have absolutely no idea if there […]

git hook for legit commit message (#123 good message)

I need to make sure commit messages are some what legit else reject it. The commit message should be like “#123 fixing missing bracket” I want to make sure it begins with hash, there is an integer (no 123a), and the message is at least 10 words. Nice to have: the message would not be […]

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