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Restore deleted files from commit

I’ve just done the following series of steps and I don’t know how to recover my files. git add file.txt git commit -m “Message” rm file.txt git commit -am “Message” Ideally I should have pushed my changes after step 2 and then delete but I forgot. Is there a way to recover the file? Many […]

Changing lots of git commit messages

Apparently I mistyped my email a long time ago, whenever I was setting up git, and so my email has been incorrect in many repositories (I typed a 0 instead of an o). I sign all of my commits, so in almost every commit in every repo for years it’s said signed off by: <xxx0@foo.bar> […]

Why does GitHub invite me to enter two commit messages instead of just one?

This may be a basic question but I thought it would be worth asking. On GitHub, when you add a file to a repository by clicking the plus sign next to the repository’s name, you get a text area where you can enter the contents of the file, followed by two commit messages: However, when […]

What is the difference between local repository and index?

What is the difference of the git add and git commit in simple words?

git commit to remote repository not working

Not understanding why my commit to remote git repo is not working. So I clone a branch from the remote repo git clone -b MYBRANCH git@ I modify a file called test git diff shows the change diff –git a/test b/test index e69de29..9ccc327 100644 — a/test +++ b/test @@ -0,0 +1,3 @@ +changed. + + […]

Can I remove these 2 commits in GIT?

Having the structure shown in the picture, Can I delete the commits 0ec08281 and 21736a48? I think that maybe I could do it using rebase but I’m afraid of deleting also the last commits. Edit: I forgot to mention that the commits were pushed to the remote server. However now I’m the only one with […]

Git – removing a commit from branch and keep progress

I know how to reset to a previous commit using git, but what is the proper way to remove a previous commit while still remaining at the current commit? For example, I have commits w, x, y, z, but I want to remove x from the current working branch/tree/head/remote and still keep the rest of […]

What is the convention for committing ugly code to a git repository?

My current usage of git could be described as “commit early and often”. I certainly attempt to make each commit a single logical unit (as discussed in good commit criteria). However, I’m often iterating a design and wish to save each stage. If I come up with something ugly but functional, I want to commit […]

Allow two users to commit with their usernames on the same machine

I am trying use a VM with a friend of mine for developement purposes. But since I have initialized the git repository and installed the git program, all commits are registered as my work. Is there a way for us to commit and possibly include a user parameter to understand who did what on that […]

How to do a git commit with a subject line and message body?

I want to improve the way I do git commits and I’ve been reading around the web. I followed the site here http://chris.beams.io/posts/git-commit/ and this lead me to https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Customizing-Git-Git-Configuration where I can set my default editor, but I still don’t understand how I edit the subject line separately from the body of the commit. I’m […]

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