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Git/Github allow collaborators but keep control

I want to allow some collaborators on one of my github repos, however I would like to limit them to their own Branch. There’s only a handful of collaborators, and limiting them to their own branch would prevent erroneous commits/push’s to the wrong branch. Is there a way to do this? Am I going about […]

how to merge to a local branch after checking out to a previous commit

I am working on a local branch VISS. Then I decided to check out a previous commit: git checkout 98ea3c8042c39e I made some important changes to the code. and then I committed again. Now I need to go back to my branch VISS keeping these changes. What should I do if I want to: Go […]

Pushing files on one git-branch

I have a website on a server and I want to begin sharing my work and so I am working with git. I am very new to it. So on the remote server, I made a “git init” and a git commit to move all the work on the .git directory (always on the remote […]

(Heroku/GIT) Comments added to commit command not appearing in activity

Me and a friend are creating an app for facebook. So to keep organized, when we do something and push it to heroku, we add a comment to the commit command such as: git commit -am “changed logo” The problem we’re having is that in the heroku website, in the activity log, we get messages […]

getting last committed code from git

I committed some code and pushed it to my github account.Then ,I modified the code on my machine.I did not add it to the index or commit it.Now I want to remove all those modifications and make the code on my machine the same as what I committed earlier..I am somewhat confused by the various […]

Commit message prefix in git

I have a requirement to prepend “ticket:N” to commit messages, where N is the number of the ticket I’m working on. But I keep forgetting about the prefix and remember about it only 5-6 commits later, so –amend won’t help. Is it possible to set some warning, so git will warn me every time I […]

Can GITHub commits be pushed to a new branch? Or are they already committed to the original?

I’ve made some changes to my local version of the code and committed them, but I want to push them to a new branch. I’m worried that when I push my changes, they’ll all affect the master branch. Is it a problem that I’ve “committed” my changes? Or will those commits only be applied to […]

How to remove a commit

I would like to delete the commit 9dfd73, the one highlighted. As you can see it’s not a branch. It’s the result of a detached head. I tried to make a branch on it and then delete that branch using git branch -D 9dfd73, but that deleted the branch, leaving the commit. Any ideas? UPDATE: […]

A repo-wide rebase of a commit

Consider this line of commits. foo: a => b => c => d \bar: => e => f => g I start out with branch foo and occasionally create the new branch bar from foo. Now, as I am working on commit h in branch bar, I realize that I made a mistake in commit […]

GitHub for Mac – Staging is not working correctly (Changes not staged for commit)

I was using the GitHub for Mac application, and as of recently, it’s been throwing this error back at me: On branch master Changes not staged for commit: (use “git add <file>…” to update what will be committed) (use “git checkout — <file>…” to discard changes in working directory modified: bin/plugin.yml modified: src/plugin.yml Untracked files: […]

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