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Managing files through Git that will never be committed

I have a few files on my machine that will always be different from those that are in our Git repository (an ASP web.config file that has different settings for my local box from our production servers, and a .rds file for reporting services that has my individual credentials in it for connecting to our […]

Keep a commit locally to clone in Git

I have two repositories. I started a project locally on my development machine, later cloned it to a testing environment on the customers server. I mimic the environment on the customers server, but for that I need to have some files (and some lines in some other files) to be only present on my local […]

Git: send-email without commit

I have a project where I made changes, and want to send them to another user, using git send-email feature. I found that it works by sending patches (created by git format-patch of each commit). Is it able to send just diff‘s ? I don’t want to commit first, and then send the patch. Does […]

How can I commit / remove a file starting by “:”?

Someone in my team pushed by mistake a file named “:w:w” (looks like he tried to edit a file with VIM) but now, we can’t remove it in any way. I tried with git add \:w\:w but when committing, git returns an error saying that no file matches ‘w:w’ Is there a way to do […]

Git contains between arbitrary commits

I was wondering if there is a generalized method for finding if a commit is a parent to another. git branch –contains <hash> Is almost what I want. It lists all branches that contain the commit, but I want to know if an arbitrary commit “contains” another commit. My temporary hack is to create a […]

How to partition a git commit in two, based on same parent?

I’m on branch foo, with parent A: —A—foo I want to partition the changes from A to foo into two branches, both based on A. I believe I can do half the job like this: git checkout -b halfFoo git reset HEAD~ # Only choose half the stuff. git add -i git commit That gives […]

what git function allows me to approve/deny each change a commit will make?

what git function allows me to approve/deny each change a commit will make? I remember seeing this when I first started gitting, but can’t seem to find it now… I know I’ve done it once, where it gave a list of single letters, and each letter was a different aprove/deny/skip function. Does anyone know what […]

LibGit2Sharp get all commits since {Hash}

Is it possible to get all commits since a specified commit using LibGit2Sharp? I’ve tried the following.. but it didn’t work: using ( var repo = new Repository( repositoryDirectory ) ) { //Create commit filter. var filter = new CommitFilter { SortBy = CommitSortStrategies.Topological | CommitSortStrategies.Reverse, Since = repo.Refs }; /*Not Working if (shaHashOfCommit.IsNotEmpty()) filter.Since […]

git shelving to remote repository

I would like to know if it’s possible to use git with the following workflow: locally clone a remote repository make local changes commit them locally save them remotely so as not loose changes and in case I want to continue work on another workstation go on like this, until the feature is completely finished […]

Move remote branch tip from one branch to another

I did a rebase –onto to move a previous commit (c4) from master to a feature branch. But I had already pushed master to the remote origin. So currently now I have c1 – c2 – c3 – c5(master HEAD) \ c4(feature HEAD) – c5(origin/master HEAD) I realize that fixing this will screw up anyone […]

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