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Force every commit on github project to be issue-only

My teacher requested me to make this to a github project: Each time the user wants to commit something, he needs to specify an issue that was created on github to associate the commit with the issue. If he commits something without associating any issue, the system should not let the commit be done. In […]

random commit in bitbucket from unknown user

I recently made a bitbucket repository (Private, and in a team). And going to check the repository, which i created on 07/07/2014, there is a strange commit “initial commit” showing from someone called “Thomas” in 2011. I have absolutely no idea who this person is and checking the commit it seems to say they committed […]

Git – error: Unable to append to .git/logs/refs/heads/bugfix_artfXX

I have created a branch to work on a bug fix and when done with my changes tried to commit but got following error: git commit -a -m “.” error: Unable to append to .git/logs/refs/heads/bugfix_artfXX fatal: cannot update HEAD ref I read posts in stack-overflow and other websites pointing to the same problem and they […]

Does cloning a repo by a certain HASH include snapshot of included submodules?

I need help when cloning my github repo with its submodules. I am currently using this generic command : git clone –recursive ${GIT_SOURCE} -b master ${MY_DIR} and it works fine. However, I was wondering if cloning my master branch by HASH will include the submodules “snapshot” (i.e. their own commits corresponding to that particular master […]

How to include files in my Git commit with PHPStorm?

Reworded question: I use the PHPStorm IDE. During my development process I add images for testing purposes. I want to include them in my commits, so other team members can see and pull them from the repo. How do I do that? Can I configure PHPStorm to do that for me? Original question: phpstorm vcs […]

git commit ignoring email in global config and using hostname instead

I have an issue similar to this where my laptop was using me<my_emal> for commits, laptop catastrophically died, got new laptop, reinstalled Wheezy, stuck old drive in new laptop and my commits now use me<local_hostname> My git config has the entries [user] name = me email = myemail I have tried the command print_env but […]

How to apply an old commit on Git?

So, I’m trying to apply an old commit by using cherry-pick, but seems more difficult than I thought. This is what the BASH looks like… –HEAD IS IN THE MASTER BRANCH- git cherry-pick 6a0c632 error: could not apply 6a0c632… hint: after resolving the conflicts, mark the corrected paths hint: with ‘git add <paths> or “git […]

Unable to Commit Changes to Git in Android Studio 1.0.2

I am using Android Studio 1.0.2 with Git on Windows 8.1 (64 Bit). I have a local Git Repository which is being pushed to BitBucket online. The VCS seems to work fine in, until I ask it to commit my changes. In The commit changes windows I can see the files that have changed . […]

Egit – staged files

I’ve an Egit repo shared between two workstations. It’s installed on Workstation A (master), while the B only acts as client. When B commits to the repo, A gets all the modified files tagged as “staged” (brown star icon). Anyway modifications on A are not visible at all, I need to perform a Hard Reset […]

Jenkis changes log trims commit comments

I’m using Jenkins to build my software projects. It has a “Changes” log where it shows all the commit comments for each commit per build. For example, build #316 and #315 had only 1 commit but build #314 had 3 commits. The problem is, Jenkins trims the commit comments to only one line. So any […]

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