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Undoing an old commit

Is possible I undo some old commit? For instance: 23-03-2015: Last Commit 22-03-2015: Previous Commit … 12-03-2015: Changed Login method 11-03-2015: My old Login method I’m working over my Last Commit, and on Changed Login method I replaced my login method to another one, but for any reason, I need back to my old method, […]

how to recreate old commits that got missing and unreachable at repository move

I have moved from gitorious to gitlab and when doing the first push to gitlab, forgot to also push all my tags. In the old repository, some commits were only reachable due to them having a tag at their commit chain tip. Since the new repo didn’t get tags pushed, these commits are now unreachable […]

Smartgit Integrate Develop not available – Bitbucket # commits behind | # commits ahead

I am using Smartgit and Bitbucket to commit my code. I did not check in code for many weeks and now I am so many commits behind. I am working from my own branch say branch x; not the Develop branch. My problem is I need to get caught up on those many commits behind […]

Correct procedure to use pending branch changes in a new branch

You submit a pull request to merge Branch A into master. While this is pending (1 hour or so) and you want to use the pending features of branch A while you are waiting, you make Branch B Should Branch B be a branch off of Branch A or should Branch B be a branch […]

How to get top committers who make certain percentage of the commits?

I want to show top committers who have commits above the 20% of the all commits in the repository. Example: Total commits: 100 user1: 35 user2: 30 user3: 25 user4: 10 Expected Output: 35 user1 30 user2 25 user3

How do I commit live code using GIT?

Our repo folder/tree contains the following folder/files inside: db/ -> this is where we store our db.sql src/ -> this is where we store our Drupal Site Files settings_.cmd -> file that contains DB username and passwords etc setup.cmd -> file that deploys the DB to localhost. Ok so when I deploy the drupal site […]

Git list all commits pushed from specific machine

I want to track all commits pushed from specific pc. Commits may contain different user name as different person work with the pc. Can anyone know how to list all commits pushed from single pc.

Git pull change log

After pulling from a git server, I’m trying to get a list of all changed files. I don’t need any specific parts of code, just a list of files (with some kind of indication as to wether it’s been added, removed or changed). I first looked at using git log, but that appearantly only returns […]

Git takes username from global settings instead of local one

I have changed username and email in local repository that differes from global settings. Now my local /.git/config has new lines: [core] … [user] name=user2 email=email2@aaa.com I do project checkout, edit some file, add, commit, push. I was expecting that new change will be registered by user2. But instead of that I see that my […]

How to remove selected commit log entries from a Git repository while keeping their changes?

I would like to remove selected commit log entries from a linear commit tree, so that the entries do not show in the commit log. My commit tree looks something like: R–A–B–C–D–E–HEAD I would like to remove the B and C entries so that they do not show in the commit log, but changes from […]

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