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Assigning certain commands to users

I want to only allow the “git” userto be able to run git commands, I edited my sudoers file using sudo visudo and added # Cmnd alias specification Cmnd_Alias GIT_CMDS = /usr/bin/git # User privilege specification root ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL git ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: GIT_CMDS When I then try to run git commands from the git user […]

what is difference of “develop” and “origin/develop” in command git

This question already has an answer here: difference between origin/branch_name and branch_name? 4 answers

Git – Undo Overwriting a Branch

Instead of git checkout <mybranchname> I did git checkout -B <mybranchname> which has overridden the branch I wanted to switch to with the branch I was switching from. Is there a way to undo this?

Git Commands at a Glance

I need a full git command and function sheet. I’ve found the git book, which is explanatory, seen some “cheat sheets” but they are limited. And within git, there seems to be a menu of commands with brief explanations, but I want a full blown list of ALL commands, and there functions. I did see […]

sh.exe”: syntax error near unexpected token `('

All that I’m trying to do is cd into Program Files (x86) and I get this: Already in the C directory– $ cd Program Files (x86) sh.exe”: syntax error near unexpected token `(‘

launchctl git: command not found

Ok, so I am attempting to setup a auto commit on my github account using launchctl. To do this i created a sh file that preforms the git commands and a plist file that execuates the sh every 2 minutes, and the plist files fails. The sh runs fine when run outside of the plist […]

A complete listing with rev-list

I have a clone of a git repository checked out that I use to have atomation collect period metrics (KLOC, etc.) I collect these metrics once a week, but occasionally I want to go back into time and re-run the metrics (if I add a new metric, or something else in the system changes). To […]

git update submodule via windows batch file

I wrote a small batch file which updates the git submodules. My only problem is I want to review the changes after the git command but the command window closes – even if I add the “pause” command to it. See: @echo off git submodule foreach git pull origin master pause When I replace the […]

Running command with with space argument value with apache command line

I’m using apache command line library and I want to execute from java program git stash list –format=%gd:%at:%B –grep=”some text with space” this is the code commandLine.addArgument( “–grep=\”” + filter+”\””, false); it is run on windows without any problem but on linux does not. If i execute the command from terminal it is execute correctly […]

Git command error

I have updated files in my local instance and my git have 3 days old files. So i want to commit my changes for that i done following command to merge changes in git and my local instance Sudo git pull –> pulling files from git So it will give some error like i have […]

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