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Remove all .gitignore files of my folder

Is there a way for finding and deleting all .gitignore files ? I must delete them before upload my project folder.

How can the Git command be executed on Windows through Gradle?

So I have the following code snippet: def getVersion = { -> def stdout = new ByteArrayOutputStream() exec { commandLine ‘git’, ‘describe’, ‘–tags’ standardOutput = stdout } return stdout.toString().trim() } and whenever I call getVersion(), I get the following error: * What went wrong: A problem occurred evaluating root project ‘ForgeWorkspace’. > Process ‘command ‘git” […]

git -C command bug

I don’t know if this is the expected phenomenon of git but I think I may have found a strange bug. I have a script that copies file from specific commit to another location example git -C C:\Users\testDir show ${hash of the commit}:test.csv > C:\Users\anotherTestDir\test.csv This works as expected EXCEPT when I only have one […]

What is the git command to erase all changes and revert to the state of your last commit?

I made a lot of unhelpful changes, and would like to revert to the state my repo was in before any of the changes. Is there a git command for doing that? Thanks!

Git Bash Open Command Windows

I’m extremely new to the command line and just programming in general. I use windows, and I’m doing prep work for viking code school. In one of the lessons it asks us to use the ‘open’ command in Git Bash (we were to download Git Bash if we weren’t on Linux or Mac) which will […]

How to make a patch ignore the file index using “git apply”?

I’m trying to apply a .patch file to my source, but it fails because my file index (10655) is older than the patch index (10755). Now I know that I can just modify the patch’s file index but I would like to know if there is any way using git to make a patch ignore […]

One GIT command to rule them all (gacp: git-add-commit-push)

I would really love a specialized git alias / bash function that can do the following. git add -A git commit -m “$MESSAGE” git push origin master All with a single command. gacp > My message CONTENTS OF COMMIT CONTENTS OF PUSH Can this be done? Could someone share some sample code? Is there a […]

Golang: Executing a command with it's arguments

I’m trying to execute a command using go. executableCommand := strings.Split(“git commit -m ‘hello world'”, ” “) executeCommand(executableCommand[0], executableCommand[1:]…) cmd := exec.Command(command, args…) But here is what I get error: pathspec ‘world”‘ did not match any file(s) known to git. exit status 1 This is because -m gets ‘hello only and not ‘hello world’ since […]

git alias to delete local and remote

I’m trying to write an alias to delete both a local and remote branch at the same time, but I can’t figure out why the syntax is not working. In ~/.gitconfig, I’ve tried the following aliases, but each produces the same result, which is unexpected: [alias] nuke = !sh -c ‘git branch -D $1 && […]

“Git Log” command in Powershell – unable to terminate process

When I type git log in PowerShell it prints what looks like a normal response. But at the bottom it doesn’t show the normal working directory that prompts me for a new command, it just shows : (a colon) and no command works; not quit, not ctrl z, not ctrl c, it just prints another […]

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