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git svn clone creates empty git repository?

I’m trying to use this command to pull the last 100 revisions from an SVN repo into a local git repo (on Windows). git svn clone http://… -r 100 For some reason, the resulting checkout is empty other than the .git folder. But without the -r parameter it works fine (although checks out everything since […]

Cloning a single path of a bare git repository

I am trying to add a post-commit hook to a bare repository, such that whenever a commit is made the changed files are automatically installed in a (hardcoded) directory. Is there a way to fetch a single file from the repository? git–clone does not appear to allow for specifying a path, and any other commands […]

git push all remote branches to a new origin

Say I have a repo cloned from Remote A and now I want all Remote A branches to clone to Remote B repo. I have tried to use git push –mirror but it didn’t work. How can I solve this?

Change Git branch on SSH remote before cloning

I am trying to clone a repo from an SSH remote like this: git clone “ssh://user@project.example.com/var/www/git/www” This works OK but using this command I am actually cloning the “master” branch of the repo, but instead I want to clone another branch which is called “dev2”. How do I achieve that?

GoDaddy outbound SSH with Git clone issue

I followed this tutorial on how to enable git on a GoDaddy server. Only when I reached the bottom did I notice the mention about GoDaddy blocking outbound SSH access when doing something like a clone command. Sure enough, I get an error when trying to perform a clone with a remote repository. fatal: cannot […]

How do I force git to always use the master branch?

I have some Xcode project I’m trying to clone from GitHub using git, and it has external submodules as well. Whenever I try to clone, it keeps putting these external submodules as well as every folder in the project on “(no branch)” instead of master. This is what I’m doing in Terminal: git clone git@github.com:******.git […]

Local git repo force updated from a remote git repo. (thick-client deployments)

Update: I think this is related to an issue with the windows git client msysgit. Sorry to trouble you guys. http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/issues/detail?id=379&colspec=ID%20Type%20Status%20Priority%20Component%20Owner%20Summary I’m looking for a way to keep several client boxes in synch with a remote git repo. Forcing updates from the remote repo and abandoning anything that may have changed on the client boxes. […]

How to Clone all repositories into Team from Bitbucket using GIT

i want to know if it’s possible to clone all repositories in a team from bitbucket since git. Thanks in advance.

cloning a private bitbucket repository given access to me

I need to clone a repository from Bitbucket that I was given access to by another user. I tried this: git clone myusername@bitbucket.org:repositoryOwnerUserName/repo.git It gave me an error message: Permission denied(publickey). How I can clone this repository?

Cloning a tree in git

I am new to git. I have accidentally removed part of the history for our project on git. Now, I want to set the head to the latest stable release. The issue is the tree to which i want to set the HEAD to is not accessible from it commands, but i can access it […]

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