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Maintaining a clone of a git repository

I want to make a clone of a github repostitory in a (self-hosted) bitbucket server and from time to time pull the latest changes from the github repository. In our clone we’re going to do some experimental stuff which will never leave our repository. To illustrate; with fossil I’d make sure that our repository and […]

Is any way to git shallow clone in SourceTree

I am now working with a little large repository. My current solution is shallow clone in the Terminal first, and then drag my folder into SourceTree, is there any way to setting in the SourceTree ??

how to ignore .gitignore action when cloning?

I wanna to ignore .gitignore action when cloning ? for example) Repository has following files. A.txt B.o .gitignore <- .gitignore defines *.o So my local repository has only A.txt when cloning. But I want to have A.txt B.o .gitignore when cloning. Thank you thenducks!

Clone SVN Repo to Git (with all revisions) Using Tortoise Git?

I am brand new to Git, and I make making the leap from SVN. Is it possible to clone all of the revisions and files (basically the whole repo) from SVN to Git using Tortoise Git? If so, could someone instruct me as to now I can do this? Thank you for your time.

Create “duplicate copy” of github repository

I see answers to similar questions and I’m sure I may just not be familiar enough with Git and Github terminology to know if they apply to my question. What I need to do is to clone an existing Github remote repository (a private repo under another person’s username that I have contributor access to) […]

Can't clone git repo

When I try to do a git clone with the following command: git clone git@git.skycareehr.com:skycare/skycare.git skycare I get the following error message: Initialized empty Git repository in /media/psf/Sites/skycare/.git/ fatal: Unable to create temporary file: Cannot allocate memory fatal: index-pack failed [root@centos Sites]# remote: Counting objects: 67251, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (24305/24305), done. As you […]

Git clone “permisssion denied (publickey)”

I am trying to clone from Github to my server. I have created the public key and put it in deploy keys on the repository. I have used ssh-add to add it on the server, but am still getting this error: permisssion denied (publickey). ssh -T git@github.com works. What am I missing? To clarify: I […]

xslt cloning with partial data

I would like to clone a node with some of the data of the core-node. The values left and some other data should be put into another clone. This is the easiest described by an example. Xml code example to manipulate: <root> <element> <number>13245</number> <info> <desc> <value locale=”en”>some text in en</value> <value locale=”es”>some text in […]

codeplex – Could not resolve host: nopcommerce.codeplex.com

I am trying my hardest (and failing) to clone nopcommerce from codeplex, but for what ever reason I always get the following output from typing: git clone https://git01.codeplex.com/nopcommerce nopCommerceGit which results with the following output: Cloning into ‘nopCommerceGit’… fatal: unable to access ‘https://git01.codeplex.com/nopcommerce/’: Could not res olve host: git01.codeplex.com I have set my global name […]

Cloning public repository on GitHub using SourceTree

I want to clone SFML (this git) with SourceTree and it seems to be stuck? This is the SourceTree output: git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false clone –recursive https://github.com/SFML/SFML.git C:\Users\admin\Documents\SFML Cloning into ‘C:\Users\admin\Documents\SFML\’… I see the loading bar but nothing happens. No errors, nothing. It just keeps loading and nothing happens (but I see network activity). […]

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